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Misc Bread Products

Biscuits Buttermilk Grands 12 ct AF Only ( 2 lb )
Pillsbury Grands Buttermilk...

Bread Roasted Garlic 2 pk Fresh Baked AF Only ( 3 lb )
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Cinnamon Rolls w/ Crm Frosting 12ct (2.5lb) AF Req
Rhodes Cinnamom Rolls w/ Crm...

Crescent Rolls Original 8ct AF Req (8oz)
Please note that the price...

Grands Flaky Layers Buttermilk Biscuits 8 ct AF Req (16.3oz)
Pillsbury Grands Flaky Layers...

Grands Homestyle Orig Biscuits 8ct AF Req (16.3oz)
Pillsbury Grands Homestyle...

Pretzels Soft King 20 ct AF Req (7lbs)
Super Pretzel' Soft King...

Soft Dinner Rolls Warm & Serve 6 ct AF Only ( 1 lb )
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Zucchini Cakes 16 ct AF Only
Frankly Fresh Naturally...