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Selawik Quick & Easy Grocery Pack



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Mailbox Groceries Alaska

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Selawik Quick & Easy Pack Savings $21.20


Package includes the following below


1  Gatorade Thirst Quencher Powder makes 36qts( Glacier Freeze)

Strawberry Jam 2/32 oz ( Glass )

1  Peanut Butter Creamy 80-96oz

1  Yukon Pilot Bread 8lb

1 Chunk Light Tuna 12/7oz

1  Mayonnaise 64oz

5  Deluxe Mac &Cheese Orig Cheddar

1  Hot & Spicy Bowls 18ct

1  2% Low Fat Milk 12/32oz ( Blue)

1  Marshmallow Mateys 38oz

1  Coco Dyno Bites 32-42oz

1  Fruity Dyno Bites 32-42oz


Mailbox Groceries AK LLC has the right to use the product that's available within the choices given to complete this package.