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Rural Alaska Shipping Information

All non-perishables prices listed on our web site include the cost of delivery by USPS†Priority†Mail†to Alaska Zip codes 995, 996 and 997

All perishables listed on our site include the cost of delivery to Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage. Transportation charges beyond Anchorage are not included in the price listed.

Transportation Cost is Determined by:

Your air freight transportation cost is based on the destination, speed of delivery, the commodity, weight, dimensions and how the shipping is paid for. Sometimes itís cheaper to send more then less.

Why? Because of the minimum charges most carriers charge can really increase your shipping cost. Itís best to check with the air carriers for rates & minimums before you decide to order your perishables. Hopefully, by doing this first it will save you on your shipping costs later.

Mailbox Groceries Alaska can make the necessary arrangements to have all of your merchandise delivered to almost anywhere on earth. We have a full service packaging facility located between Samís Club and Costco Wholesale in south Anchorage.

Shipping Options from Anchorage

Different modes of transportation available from Anchorage with the average delivery time and what they can transport: (all information is from the carriers)

Priority Mail 3 - 5 days†† Non-Perishable† Products only

USPS Bypass Mail - 2 to 7 days††† All Food Products 1000 lbs min. per order. For more information call 1-907-346-1999 or bypassmail.com

General Air Freight 3 to 5 days / Priority Air Freight 1 to 4 days All Food Products
Scheduled air carriers located at Ted Stevens International Airport.

Air Charter Service with prior arrangements Same Day Service All Food Products

Fed EX / UPS Call them for Destinations and Schedule†† All Food Products

Barge / Steam Ship Call them for Destinations and Schedule All Food Products*

*Horizon Lines - Serving Dutch Harbor, Northland Service - Serving Bethel, Nome, Naknek, Dillingham

Truck - Call for Destinations and Schedule All Food Products

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