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About Us

The #1 Alaskan Shipper of Groceries to Rural Alaskans

You work hard. Shopping should be easy. Mailbox Groceries Alaska is here to help make shopping easy on you.

With our large selection of major brand foods, the competitive pricing and fast delivery from Anchorage it doesn't get any better. Did I mention our round the clock internet ordering and our office with the most friendly and helpful customer service you will find anywhere. We are your Alaskan family owned contact for all of the grocery products you and your family desires. If you don't see what you are looking for in our catalog - please let us know and we will do our best to try to get it for you.

Our shipping faculity is located close to the Ted Stevens International Airport so we can get merchandise to you the people that live and work in rural Alaska in the shortest amount of time possible - No more are you are forced to pay astronomical prices at the village store or you have to wait for three to five weeks for your mail order to come from one of the large out of state business' that barges your orders to Anchorage and then mails your order from Anchorage. Our rural customers are always sharing with us, how they appreciate how fast we get their orders out to them. Our delivery time they tell us is at least one half the time it takes to get any order they have ever placed from one of the large out of state companies.

So sit back, relax and shop the easy way at Mailbox Groceries Alaska, then enjoy your family and friends because before you know it your grocery order will be delivered to your village post office.

Our business philosophy is "treating each customer the way we would like to be treated", ensuring customer satisfaction on every order. And if you are ever in Anchorage please come by and meet the crew. We are located at 1761 E 64th Ave.  Just give us a call at 346-1999 and we will be happy to give you directions and the coffee is always on.

All non-perishable groceries on our website include postal charges to your 995, 996, and 997 remote Alaska locations.

All perishables and non-mailable items listed prices include delivery to Ted Stevens International Airport but do not include any air frieght charges. All air freight charges are always an extra charge.

As " Your Best Value Provider" all Alaskan internet grocery store we have all the bases covered when it comes to food deliveries to any village spanning Alaska's 570,374 square miles.

If for some reason parcel post mail or air freight doesn't work for you, We can offer a number of other methods of transportation, including priority mail, bypass mail, air charter, railroad and barge service.

We thank you and look forward to working with you. Please feel free to e mail us via the contact form or call us at 907-346-1999.