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Friday 14 June, 2024
Product Name Model Manufacturer inc. $
Baby Products Misc.
Baby Bottles Clr/Tinted 3/9oz nq 414587k Major Brand 10.81
Pedialyte Freeze Vty Pops 34 oz 70074002460k Pedialyte 14.06
Pedialyte Oral Electrolyte Powder Vty Pack 8 ct ( 2.4 oz ) 70074560915k Pedialyte 18.28
Baby Supplies
Baby Beverage/Electrolyte Sol.
Baby Bottles Clr/Tinted 3/9oz nq 414587k Major Brand 10.81
Pedialyte Electrolyte Solution Strawberry 33.8oz 453984 Pedialyte 11.41
Pedialyte Electrolyte Solution Grape 33.8oz 453985 Pedialyte 11.41
Pedialyte Freeze Vty Pops 34 oz 70074002460k Pedialyte 14.06
Pedialyte Oral Electrolyte Powder Vty Pack 8 ct ( 2.4 oz ) 70074560915k Pedialyte 18.28
Baby Formula
Similac Adv w Iron (Blue Can Cond Liq)13 oz 7007456974dk Similac 15.15
Enfamil Neuropro Ready To Feed Formula Bottles 6/2oz 9000040 Enfamil 18.49
Pediasure Banana Shake 6/8 oz ( Blue ) 70074580531w Pediasure 27.31
Pediasure Vanilla Shake 6/8 oz ( Blue ) 7007458050w Pediasure 29.82
Similac Sensitive Orange 12oz 70074575414k Similac 29.96
Similac Advance Blue 12.4 oz 70074559582k Similac 32.87
Enfagrow Milk Formula Toddler Next Step 36.6oz 1101956 Enfagrow 47.48
Enfamil Gentlease Infant Formula 19.9 oz 875119 Enfamil 49.10
Good Start Soothe Pro Non GMO Infant Formula Stg 1 30.6oz 549498 Gerber 62.03
Good Start Gentle Pro Non-GMO Infant Formula Stg 1 32oz 37765w Gerber 67.38
Enfamil Neuropro Infant Formula Gentlease 2/20oz 1393414 Enfamil 79.86
Enfamil Infant Formula NeuroPro 2/20.7oz 1680260 Enfamil 82.54
Pediasure Enteral Formula with Fiber 24ct 8oz 67403 Pediasure 84.99
Enfamil Gentlease Infant Formula 2/17.6oz 875154 Enfamil 88.81
Baby Food
1st Food Prunes Org 4oz Jar 522757 Beech Nut 3.86
2nd Foods Turkey & Turkey Gravy 2.5oz Baby 15000012175dk Gerber 4.48
2nd Foods Beef & Beef Gravy 2.5oz Baby 15000012144dk Gerber 4.48
1st Foods Peaches 2/2oz Baby 1500007130dw Gerber 4.50
1st Foods Green Beans 2/2oz Baby 15000071127dw Gerber 4.50
1st Foods Apples 2/2oz Baby 15000071318dw Gerber 4.50
1st Foods Bananas 2/2oz Baby 15000071356dw Gerber 4.50
1st Foods Pears 2/2oz 15000071349dw Gerber 4.50
1st Foods Sweet Potatoes 2/2.25 oz - Baby 1500007118dk Gerber 4.50
1st Food Chicken/Chicken Broth Org 2.5oz 333494dk Beech Nut 5.13
2nd Foods Butternut Squash 2/4oz 15000004170dk Gerber 5.32
2nd Foods Bananas 2/4oz Cups Baby 1500007605dk Gerber 5.32
2nd Foods Banana Orange Medley 2/4oz Cups Baby 1500007671dk Gerber 5.32
2nd Foods Peaches 2/4oz Cups Baby 1500007640dk Gerber 5.32
2nd Foods Applesauce 2/4oz Cups Baby 1500007607dk Gerber 5.32
2nd Foods Sweet Potatoes & Corn 2/4oz Cups Baby 1500007679dk Gerber 5.32
2nd Foods Sweet Potatoes 2/4oz 1500000418dk Gerber 5.32
2nd Foods Carrots 2/4oz 1500000411dk Gerber 5.32
2nd Foods Pears 2/4oz 1500000434dk Gerber 5.32
2nd Foods Green Beans 2/4oz 1500000412dk Gerber 5.32
Gerber Puffs Strawberry Apple 1.48oz 154520 Gerber 6.36
Gerber Puffs Blueberry 1.48oz 154529 Gerber 6.36
Gerber Puffs Peach 1.48oz 154525 Gerber 6.36
Gerber Puffs Banana 1.48oz 154521 Gerber 6.36
Baby Snack Teether Wheels Banana Cream 1.48oz 1545111 Gerber 6.36
1st Food Single Grain Cereal Oatmeal 8oz 500701dk Gerber 6.50
Baby Snack Biscuits Arrowroot 5.5oz 155962 Gerber 6.78
Gerber Snacks Animal Crackers 6 oz 15000595dk Gerber 7.30
Graduates Crawlers Yogurt Strawberry Melts 1 oz 15000047306k Gerber 8.18
Toddler Jammy Sammy Blueberry and Oatmeal Snack Bar 5/1.05oz 502475 Plum 8.66
Baby Cereal Oatmeal Lil' Bits Banana Strawb 8oz 500703dk Gerber 8.66
Toddler Jammy Sammy Peanut Butter and Straw Snack Bar 5/1.05oz 502433 Plum 8.77
Teething Wafers Strawb Apple Spinach 12/2ct, 1.7oz 54964 Gerber 9.39
Teething Wafers Banana Peach 12/2ct, 1.7oz 54962 Gerber 9.39
2nd Food Multigrain Cereal 8oz 157003dk Gerber 10.44
Gerber Cereal Rice Single Grain 16 oz 1500000714dk Gerber 10.84
Soothe N Chew Snack Teething Sticks Strawb Apple 6/.53oz 46187 Gerber 11.90
Soothe N Chew Snack Teething Sticks Banana 6/.53oz 46088 Gerber 11.90
Oatmeal Organic for Babies 8 oz ( Green top ) 15000125028k Gerber 12.68
Gerber Yogurt Melts 4ct 593947dk Gerber 23.50
Gerber Lil Crunchies 6 ct 7394026mk Gerber 26.64
Gerber Puffs Vty 8/1.48 oz 6741498mk Gerber 42.10
Baby Wipes
Wipes Baby Natural Care Flip Top Pack 56ct Flp 36000188400dw Huggies 8.87
Huggies Nat Care Baby Wipes Care Pop ups 56-64ct nq 3600031811k Huggies 9.95
Baby Wipes Natural Care Unscented 3/56ct nq 31890k Huggies 20.36
Pampers Sensitive Wipes 168ct nq 900171 Pampers 20.36
Huggies Nat Care Baby Wipes Refills 168ct nq 36000360080w Huggies 25.59
Pampers Sensitive Wipes 504ct nq 900172 Pampers 48.06
Huggies Nat Care Baby Wipes 560ct nq 36000360073w Huggies 53.81
KS Baby Wipes 900 ct nq 394485c Kirkland Signature 68.07
Pull Up Bed-time Underpants S/M, 15ct nq 900011dw Parent's Choice 19.42
Pampers Swaddlers Diaper Sz 5 58ct nq 74969w Pampers 58.45
Pampers Swaddlers Diaper Sz 4 66ct nq 74968w Pampers 58.45
Pampers Swaddlers Diaper Sz 3 78ct nq 74967w Pampers 58.45
Pampers Swaddlers Diaper Size 1 96ct nq 74964w Pampers 58.45
Pampers Swaddlers Diaper Sz 2 84ct nq 74965w Pampers 59.55
Pampers Swaddlers Diapers Sz 6 50ct nq 74971w Pampers 61.64
Underwear Nighttime Boys L/XL, 34ct nq 40533dw Goodnites 64.76
Underwear Nighttime for Girls L/XL 34ct nq 62825 Ninjamas 67.18
Pampers Baby Dry Diapers Sz 7 84ct nq 79466 Pampers 68.99
Underwear Nighttime for Girls L 34ct nq 53361 Goodnites 72.62
KS Diaper Sz 2 174ct nq 41111112dc Kirkland Signature 73.14
KS Diapers Sz 1 192ct nq 4111111dc Kirkland Signature 73.14
Huggies Pull Ups B/G 3T-4T 116ct nq 891422c Huggies 78.34
Huggies Pull-Ups B/G 2T-3T 124ct nq 861710c Huggies 78.34
Huggies Pull Ups B/G 4T-5T 102ct nq 1126126 Huggies 78.34
Huggies Little Snugglers Sz 2 174ct nq 955486c Huggies 78.36
Huggies Little Snuggler Diaper Sz 1 192ct nq 360946c Huggies 78.36
Huggies Little Movers Plus Diaper Sz 3 192ct nq 842020dc Huggies 90.38
Huggies Little Movers Plus Diapers Sz 6 120ct nq 842203dc Huggies 90.38
Huggies Little Movers Diaper Sz 5 144ct nq 524701dc Huggies 90.38
Huggies Little Movers Plus Diapers Sz 7 96ct nq 2955522 Huggies 90.38
Huggies Little Movers Plus Diaper Sz 4 174ct nq 524690dc Huggies 90.38
KS Diaper Sz 6 132ct nq 52785c Kirkland Signature 94.04
KS Diaper Sz 3 222ct nq 636161c Kirkland Signature 94.04
KS Diaper Sz 5 168ct nq 520775dc Kirkland Signature 94.04
KS Diaper Sz 4 198ct nq 520765dc Kirkland Signature 94.04
Bagels in the Mail
Everything Bagels 6ct Mailed 25319mkp Thomas 10.46
Blueberry Bagels 6ct Mailed 25504dmkp Thomas 10.46
Cinnamon Raisin/Swirl Bagels 6ct Mailed 29208dmkp Major Brands 10.46
Plain Mini Bagels Pre Sliced 10ct 15oz 21657 Thomas 10.75
Everything Mini Bagels Pre Sliced 10ct 15oz 219786 Thomas 10.75
Whole Wheat Bagels 6ct Mailed 72945353dkmp Major Brand 10.93
Blueberry Mini Bagels 12ct 16oz 219786 Franz 11.48
Plain Bagels 6ct Mailed 172667dkmp Major Brand 12.91
English Muffins 24/2oz 349338c Thomas 20.37
Bagels Mini Plain 2/10ct 30oz Mailed 1737537mp Thomas 20.89
Muffins Air Freight
English Muffins Sour Dough 6 ct AF Req 73130025113wp Oroweat 9.18
English Muffins 100% Whole Wheat 6 ct , 13.75oz AF Req 73130000677dwp Oroweat 9.49
Blueberry Muffins 2/6ct AF Req, 5lb 243113cp Kirkland Signature 17.29
Chocolate Muffins 2/6ct AF Req, 5lb 243115cp Kirkland Signature 17.29
Poppy Seed Muffins 2/6ct AF Req (5lb) 243116cp Ks 17.29
Apple Crumb Muffins 2/6ct AF Req, 5lb 24317p   17.29
Muffins in the Mail
English Muffins Sour Dough 6ct Mailed 73130025113wmp Oroweat 8.87
English Muffins 100% Whole Wheat 6ct Mailed, 13.75oz 73130000677wmp Oroweat 8.87
Mini Muffins Choc Chip 4/5 Packs 8oz Mailed 888109110154dw Major Brand 9.92
Mini Muffins Blueberry 4/5ct (8.27oz) Mailed 24300044427w Major Brand 9.92
English Muffins 10ct Mailed 7415c Franz 10.08
Muffins Ind Wrapped Double Chocolate 8/4oz 1600548 Schwartz Brothers 22.29
Muffins Ind Wrapped Blueberry 8/4oz 1600565 Schwartz Brothers 22.29
Muffins Ind Wrapped Almond Poppy 8/4oz 1600564 Schwartz Brothers 22.29
Chocolate Chip Muffins Little Bites 20/1.65oz 186747 Entenmann's 28.20
Muffins Mini Chocolate Chip 16/3ct 41.6oz 1333847 The Worthy Crumb 28.29
Muffins Mini Blueberry 16/3ct 41.6oz 1333848 The Worthy Crumb 28.29
White Bread Sliced 20oz 11110230010dk Major Brands 8.35
Wheat Bread 100% Whole 20oz 11110230065dk Store Brands 8.66
Garlic Bread in Foil Bag 16oz -20 oz AF Req 900192p Bakery Fresh 8.69
Sweet Hawaiian Bread 24oz 10878dkp Franz 9.29
White Bread AK Grains "Denali White" Sliced 22.5oz 72220900590wmp Alaska Grains 9.92
Nine Grain Sliced Bread 24 oz 72220001433dw Franz 9.92
Healthy Muti Grain 45 Cal Bread 20oz 7294571588dk Sara Lee 10.44
Country White Bread 24oz 300614dk Oroweat 10.75
Buttermilk Bread Sliced 24 oz 72220000542dw Franz 10.75
Wheat Bread 100% Whole 16oz 72945715899dk Sara Lee 10.96
Healthy Multi Grain Bread 24oz 3000367 Oroweat 10.96
Wheat Bread 100% Whole Org 24oz 72220008586dw Franz 10.96
12 Grain Bread 24 oz 73130000264dw Oroweat 10.96
Honey Oat & Nut Bread Sliced 24 oz 72220008487dw Franz 10.96
White Bread Whole Grain Sliced 20 oz 72945705449dk Sara Lee 11.17
White Bread Texas Toast Thick Sliced 24oz 72226 Franz 11.60
Rye Bread Dill 16oz 300685dw Oroweat 11.80
White Bread Artesano 20oz 61241dkmp Sara Lee 11.80
Rye Bread Jewish 16oz 7313002539dk Oroweat 11.80
Rye Bread Russian16oz 7222090071wmp Major Brand 11.80
Pita Flatbread Greek 12/2.83oz Mailed 668460cmp Papa Pita 11.97
Cracked Wheat Bread Sourdough Round 24 oz 72220000146k Seattle International 13.05
Cinnamon Swirl Raisin Bread 16 oz 731300019dk Sunmaid 13.89
Good Seed Bread 27oz 2703dk Dave's Killer Bread 13.89
Bread White Mountain 18oz (GF) 7294dmk Franz 15.66
Wheat Sandwich Thins 18ct 5904dc Oroweat 16.71
White Bread Twin Pack 64oz 589616dc Franz 21.93
Oatnut Bread Whole Wheat 2/32oz 8470dc Oroweat 21.93
Wheat Bread 100% Whole 2/32oz 721992c Franz 21.93
Country Potato Bread 2/32 oz 402114dc Oroweat 21.93
White Bread Done Right Org 2/25oz Mailed 973920cmp Dave's Killer Bread 22.97
Powerseed Bread Thin Org 2/24oz Mailed 986273cmp Dave's Killer Bread 22.97
White Bread Keto 2/18oz (Zero Net Carb) 1403314cmp Franz 23.09
Buttermilk Bread 2/32oz 1866dc Oroweat 23.29
21 Whole Grain Bread Org 2/27 oz 512447c Dave's Killer Bread 24.01
7 Grain Bread 2/20oz (GF) 103421cmp Franz 25.98
Buns and Rolls Air Freight
French Sandwich/Hoagie Rolls 6ct ,18.5oz AF Req 7304206dkp Major Brand 9.49
Soft Dinner Rolls Warm & Serve 12ct AF Only ( 1 lb ) 70022004706dk Rhodes 11.19
Rolls Hawaiian Sweet Rolls 32ct AF Only 691301cp King's Hawaiian 12.49
Butter Croissants 12ct AF Req , 4lb 33336dcp Croissants 15.72
Buns and Rolls in the Mail
Hot Dog Buns 8ct Mailed 1004727dkp Store Brands 6.99
Hamburger Buns Classic 8ct Mailed 72220001808dk Franz 7.30
Buns Sweet Onion 8 ct 72220001983dw Franz 9.81
French Sandwich Rolls 6ct, 18.5oz Mailed 7304206dkmp Major Brand 10.75
Hoagie Rolls White 6ct 14.5oz Mailed 2274dkmp Store Brands 10.96
Hot Dog Buns 6"/ 24 ct 36oz Mailed 559c Franz 13.03
Hamburger Buns 4.5 ' Sesame 24 ct 63c Franz 13.90
Hamburger Buns Plain 24ct 9639dc Major Brand 14.62
Sandwich Rolls 12ct, 36oz 49013dc Kirkland Signature 15.14
Hamburger Buns Brioche 12/4.5", 31.3oz 956170c Franz 16.17
Rolls Hawaiian Sweet Original 32ct In the Mail 691301mc King's Hawaiian 18.28
Tortillas Air Freight
Corn Tortilla 7" 36 ct AF Req 60378dcp Taco Loco 7.01
Flour Tortilla 8" 36 ct AF Req (4lb ) 9225dcp Taco Loco 13.79
Flour Tortilla 10" Aprx.40 ct AF Req ( 7lb ) 208429dcp Mission 16.57
Tortillas in the Mail
Tostadas Hard Shell 22ct, 12.8oz Mailed 6191dk Guerrero 9.71
Corn Tortilla 7" 36 ct in the Mail 60378cmp Taco Loco 10.54
Tortillla Corn White 80ct Mailed 64060kp Guerrero 10.94
Tortillas Corn White Super Soft 30ct Mailed 73731060025w Mission 11.99
White Corn Tortillas 80ct Mailed 48564060009w Guerrero 19.09
Flour Tortilla 8" 30ct in the Mail (4lb) 9225dcmp Taco Loco 24.00
Flour Tortilla 10" Aprx. 40 ct In the Mail 208429dcmp Mission 29.07
Cakes Air Freight
Chocolate Cake w Choc Mousse Filling 10" (4lb) AF Req 1343114cp Kirkland Signature 25.44
Mousse Cake Tuxedo Choc Bakery Fresh 3.5lb AF Req 40706cp Kirkland Signature 29.87
Cake Half Sheet Serves 48 8-10lb AF Req 945106cp Kirkland Signature 54.99
Full Sheet Cake Edible Image 15-20lb AF Req 92501wp Store Brands 129.99
Fresh Cookies in the Mail
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Fresh 10ct-16ct Mailed 11110215437kmp Store Brands 10.60
Choc Chip Cookies Fresh 10ct Mailed 11110215413kmp Store Brands 12.35
Choc Chunk Cookies Fresh 24Ct Mailed 37220c Kirkland Signature 25.24
Cookie Vty Fresh 24ct Mailed 34423c Kirkland Signature 25.36
Donuts and Pastries
Snoball Chocolate Cake Coconut Marshmallow Covered 2ct 3.5oz 901009 Hostess 4.29
Baby Bundt Cakes Lemon Drizzle 8ct, 10oz 911525 Hostess 8.23
Donettes Frosted Chocolate Mini Donuts 10.75oz 888109150020dw Hostess 9.38
Donettes Powdered Mini Donuts 10oz 888109150044dw Hostess 9.38
Cosmic Brownies with Chocolate Chip 13.1oz 243106dk Little Debbie 9.71
Danish Apple Bear Claw 6ct 16.5oz Mailed 9000592 Great Value 9.92
Danish Cherry Cheese 6ct 16.5oz Mailed 9000591 Great Value 9.92
Danish Cheese 6ct 16.5oz Mailed 9000593 Great Value 9.92
HoHos Chocolate Cakes Rolled w Crmy Filling 10ct, 10oz 911006 Hostess 10.14
Swiss Rolls Twin-Wrapped Pk 12ct 24300041303dw Little Debbie 10.34
Cupcakes Frosted Orange w Cream Filling 13.5 oz 888109110079dw Hostess 10.54
Coffee Cake Cinn Streusel 8ct, 12oz 888109110048dw Hostess 10.54
Zingers Raspberry 10ct 10604dw Hostess 10.54
Zingers Vanilla 10ct, 12.7oz 911059 Hostess 10.54
Ding Dongs Chocolate Cake w Creme Filling 10 ct 330871dw Hostess 10.54
Twinkies Vending Packs 10 ct 45000003162dw Hostess 10.96
Donuts Old Fashioned 6 ct (12oz) 72220220322dw Franz 11.48
Donuts Raspberry Filled 6ct (12oz ) 72220220414dw Franz 11.48
Donuts Frosted Chocolate 6 ct ( 12 oz ) 72220220346dw Franz 11.80
Brownie Bites 32oz 9751 Sugar Bowl Bakery 15.98
Pecan Tarts Fresh 16ct 16.2oz 9874607wmp Major Brand 18.07
Waffles Belgian Strawberry 12ct/1.92oz 1622273 Universal Bakery 18.07
Cinnamon Rolls Petite 30oz 912241c El Camino 21.41
Big Texas Cinnamon Roll 12/4oz 924488 Cloverhill Bakery 21.99
Honey Buns Jumbo Glazed 12/4oz 1699638 Cloverhill Bakery 25.99
Croissant Cheese 8/5oz Mailed 1455391 Bon Appetit 25.99
Danish Berries and Cheese 8/5oz Mailed 1455380 Bon Appetit 26.99
Donettes Vty Pk 32/3ct 48oz 982431 Hostess 27.49
Danish Apple 8/5oz Mailed 1455279 Bon Appetit 29.99
Twinkies & Cupcakes 32ct, 47.13oz 332077c Hostess 30.83
Danish Vty Pk 20/2oz 1738548 Svenhards 37.61
Lemon Real Fruit Pie 4.25oz 700206dk Store Brands 4.27
Apple Real Fruit Pie 4.5oz 700201dk Store Brands 4.27
Cherry Real Fruit Pie 4.25oz 700203dk Store Brands 4.27
Blackberry Real Fruit Pie 4.5oz 700202dk Store Brands 4.27
Apple Pie Lightly Glazed 16ct 4oz 1408143 JJ's Bakery 24.49
Cherry Pie Lightly Glazed 16/4oz 1408144 JJ's Bakery 24.49
Baking General
Marshmallows Jet Puffed Mini 10oz 6996611minik Kraft 4.48
Baking Cup Cake Paper Cups 50 ct 080087dk Major Brand 5.21
Marshmallows Jet Puffed Reg 12oz 6996611k Kraft 5.21
Baking Soda 16 oz 3320001110dk Major Brand 5.53
Baking Powder 8.1 oz 1990000320dk Clabber Girl 6.40
Corn Starch 16 oz (GF) 76172007104k ARGO 7.01
Cake Birthday Candles 24-36 ct H08-01152km Cake Mate 7.22
Dream Whip 2/2 cup Envelopes 2.6 oz 43000259085dw Kraft 8.66
Tapioca Minute Microwavable 8oz 22802 Kraft 9.07
Baking Cocoa Powder Natural Unsweetened 8oz 34000052004dk Hersheys 11.80
Paste Almond Pure 8 oz 41642001499dw Solo 13.57
Food Color and Egg Dye 4/.25oz Vials 5210007107dca Store Brands 14.13
Corn Husks 8 oz 448900826k ElGuapo 15.98
Corn Starch 3lb 1752247 Clabber Girl 15.99
Baking Cocoa 23 oz 77908ds Hersheys 16.19
Baking Powder 4lb 925991 Clabber Girl 26.99
Baking Soda 13.5lb 55652c Arm & Hammer 33.38
Cornmeal Yellow Medium 25lb 4525893 Quaker 87.25
Baking Pans
Loaf Pans and Lids Eco Foil 8"x3.8"x2.4" 3ct nq 220398k Handi-Foil 11.55
Loaf Pans and Lids Mini Eco Foil 5.7"x3.3"x1.8" 5ct nq 222018k Handi-Foil 11.55
Butter, Oil & Shortening
Buttery Spread with Real Yogurt Orig , 15 oz AF Req 1534004p Brummel & Brown 9.89
Lard 16oz Tub 005010050350dw Armour 9.92
Canola Oil Pure Natural 48oz 5150025151k Store Brands 11.80
Crisco Baking Sticks Veg Shortening 3/1 cup, 20oz 51500251881dk Crisco 15.25
Coconut Oil Pure 30oz 87351k Store Brands 15.41
Sesame Oil 100% Pure 5oz 11152032634dk Sun Luck 15.66
Shortening Butter Flavor 3 lb 5150024241dk Crisco 18.80
Vegetable Oil 40 oz 2700061286k Major Brand 19.37
Olive Oil Extra Lt 16.9oz Plastic Bot 60107w Bertolli 19.84
Crisco Baking Sticks Butter Flvor Shortening 3/1cup 1.40 oz 51500251959dk Crisco 20.17
Grapeseed Oil 24oz 400013k Pompeian 20.54
Crisco Shortening Original 3lb 5150024234dk Crisco 21.93
Olive Oil Extra Light 25.36oz 41790004304w Bertolli 22.71
Sun Coconut Oil Organic 25.4 fl oz 900526dk La Tourangelle 25.24
Vegetable Oil 1gal (128oz) 900084 Store Brands 27.16
Crisco All-Vegetable Shortening 6 lb 45550dc Crisco 31.34
Vegetable Oil Pure 1.25Gal (160oz) 9310 Wesson 35.59
Peanut Oil 128oz 85471 Store Brands 38.35
Vegetable Oil 2/3qts 906420c Kirkland Signature 38.53
Coconut Oil Org 84oz 1045706c Kirkland Signature 38.53
Ghee Clarified Butter 56oz Mailed 480084 Nanak 39.99
Avocado Oil 2L 1129578c Marianne's 40.36
Canola Oil 2/3qts 906410c Kirkland Signature 40.74
Olive Oil Extra Virgin 2 L 466354dc Kirkland Signature 41.99
Corn Oil 100% Pure 10qts 25825c Mazola 66.59
Pan & Grill Oil 35lbs 71014c Kirkland Signature 93.71
Canola Oil 35 lb 858585c Ventura 96.55
Soybean Salad Oil 35lbs 71011c Kirkland Signature 97.68
Frying Oil Creamy Liquid 35lbs 71012c Kirkland Signature 99.69
Olive Oil Pure Unrefined 2/3L 1074184 Kirkland Signature 102.09
Peanut Oil 35Lbs 71013c Kirkland Signature 131.66
Sugar and Other Sweeteners
Pure Cane Sugar Cubes 126ct (1lb) 1580005011dk C&H 8.35
Brown Sugar Pk 2lb 1580006232dk C&H 8.98
Powdered Sugar Confectioner 32oz 37219 Store Brands 10.34
Equal Classic Low Cal Sweetener 115ct 10931dk Equal 11.48
Granulated Sugar 4lb 1580003063dk C&H 12.35
Sweet n Low Zero Cal Sweetener Packets 250ct 4480107dk Sweet N Low 12.53
Pyure Sugar Substitute Granular Packets 80ct (2.82oz) 6003015dw Stevia Pyure 15.66
Truvia Baking Blend Nat Sweetner w Sugar 1.5 lbs 13600000745k Truvia 16.50
Powdered Sugar (Confectioner's) 7lb 57926c C&H 17.09
Splenda Sweetener Granulated 9.7oz 72277621004dk Splenda 17.35
Sugar Brown 7lb 737901c C&H 18.94
Sweetener Nat 100% Zero Cal 9.7 oz 44800750062w Stevia 19.09
Agave Nectar Sweetener Amber 23.5 oz (Org) 15800030560w C&H 19.37
Pyure Sugar Substitute All Purpose Granulated 12oz 6003596dw Stevia Pyure 19.84
Nectresse Natural No Calorie Sweetner Canister 5.9 oz 722776532461k Splenda 20.31
Splenda Brown Sugar Blend 16 oz 72277623032k Splenda 20.75
Granulated Sugar 10lbs 222dc C&H 24.38
Brown Sugar Granulated Organic 7.5lb 1582259 Kirkland Signature 26.11
Blue Agave Nectar Sweetener Org 2/36oz 427895c Kirkland Signature 26.50
Stevia Extract in the Raw 9.7 oz 4480075006k Stevia 29.69
Granulated Cane Sugar Fine Organic 10lb 901991c Kirkland Signature 30.02
Pure Sugar Cane 8/22 oz Ct 48431c N Joy Sugar 34.77
Sugar in the Raw 500 Packets 51817c Sugar in the Raw 36.15
Splenda No Cal Sweetener 1000ct 856255c Splenda 40.74
Sugar Packets 2000 Ct 53378c C&H 44.09
Granulated Sugar 25lb 57903dc C&H 56.49
Brown Sugar 25lb 801465dc C&H 57.99
All Purpose Flour 2lb 42003w Store Brands 7.94
Coconut Flour 16oz (GF) H08-01124k Bob's Red Mill 11.29
All Purpose Flour 5lb 78742370064w Major Brand 11.35
Rye Flour Dark Organic Stone Ground 20oz 39978003133dk Bob's Red Mill 11.48
Corn Meal Yellow 40 Oz 5000025045dk Albers 11.80
Flour All Purpose Self Rising 5lb 9000194 Store Brands 12.53
Tapioca Flour Finely Ground 16oz (GF) H08-01123k Bob's Red Mill 12.99
All Purpose Baking Flour Baking (GF) 22oz H08-01131k Bob's Red Mill 12.99
White Bread Flour Unbleached 5lb 515502dk Stone Buhr 13.24
Bread Flour Unbleached 5lb 204105k Major Brand 14.25
Brown Rice Flour 24oz (GF) H08-01120k Bob's Red Mill 14.93
All Purpose Flour Wheat 5lb 53002djb Store Brands 14.93
Enriched Flour 10 lb 11110854544k Major Brand 18.12
All Purpose Flour 10 lb 001600010410k Store Brands 20.58
Whole Wheat Flour Stone Ground 100% 5lb 802993k Bob's Red Mill 20.58
All Purpose Baking Flour (GF) 44oz H08-01121k Bob's Red Mill 23.95
Quinoa Flour Finely Ground (Org) 4 lb 1105210c Honeyville 26.33
Instant Corn Masa Flour 4.4lbs 3729791447k Maseca 27.16
Bread Flour (Gold) 10lb 1600010430dk Gold Medal 27.47
Almond Flour Finely Sifted Gluten Free 3lbs 1046116c Kirkland Signature 29.54
All Purpose Flour Flax & Ancient Grains 5lb 803341c Premium Gold 30.02
All Purpose Flour 25lb 93941dc Conagra 48.06
All Purpose Flour Organic Unbleached 2/10lb 1485523 Major Brand 48.29
Bread Flour 50lb 405c Ardent Mills Harvest 80.31
Almond Flour Super Fine Gluten Free 25# 9000021 Major Brand 243.99
Active Dry Yeast 3/.25 oz 40100009282w Fleischmann's 4.38
Fleischmann Active Dry Yeast 4oz 2020837ug Fleischmann's 15.13
Yeast Active Dry (Red Top Jar) 4oz 17929000219k Red Star 16.19
Bread Mix
Cornbread Mix Honey 15 oz 41449300115dk Krusteaz 7.83
Cornbread Mix (GF) 20 oz H08-01125k Bob's Red Mill 10.08
Beer Bread Mix Traditional 18oz 308003k Firenza 11.97
Bread Mix 16oz (GF) H08-0112k Bob's Red Mill 14.25
Homemade Scone Mix 14 oz 650043143174k Katie Reilly's 16.38
Bread Mix Quick Pumpkin Spice 68oz 1357190c Krusteaz 27.16
Muffin and Biscuit Mix
Muffin Mix Cranberry Orange 18.6oz 41449301402k Krusteaz 8.98
Muffin Mix Banana Nut 15.4oz 41449402260k Krusteaz 8.98
Muffin Mix Wild Blueberry 17.1oz 4144930013dk Krusteaz 8.98
Muffin and Quick Bread Mix Cinn Streusel 13.9oz 16000474109k Betty Crocker 11.35
Muffin Mix Blueberry Protein Packed 14oz 90131dk Kodiak Power Cakes 14.62
Bisquick Baking Mix 96 oz 107148dc Bisquick 19.51
Biscuit Baking Mix Basic 25lb 10002c Krusteaz 66.73
Cake Mix
Lemon Supreme Cake Mix 15.25 941103dk Duncan Hines 5.06
White Cake Mix 15.25oz 16000409811dk Major Brand 5.06
Butter Pecan Cake Mix 15oz-16oz 16000409842dk Major Brand 5.06
Yellow Cake Mix 15.25oz 16000430549dk Major Brand 5.06
Carrot Cake Mix 15oz-16oz 16000409873dk Major Brand 5.06
Devil's Food Cake Mix 15oz-16oz 16000409828dk Major Brand 5.06
Party Rainbow Chip Cake Mix 15oz-16oz 16000409972dw Major Brand 5.06
Red Velvet Cake Mix 15.25oz 16000428997dk Major Brand 5.06
German Choc Cake Mix 15.25oz 16000409927dk Major Brand 5.06
Vanilla Cake Mix 15.25oz 16000409910dw Major Brand 5.06
Choc Fudge Cake Mix 15.25oz 16000409897dk Major Brand 5.06
Strawberry Cake Mix 15.25oz 60028dk Major Brand 5.06
Spice Cake Mix 15.25oz 409815dw Betty Crocker 5.06
Pound Cake Mix Lemon 16oz 910821 Krusteaz 8.29
Pound Cake Mix Vanilla Glazed 16.5oz 47555 Krusteaz 8.29
Pound Cake Mix 16oz 45410 Betty Crocker 8.49
Muffin Mix Cinnamon Swirl Crumb Cake 21 oz 41449111407dk Krusteaz 8.98
Angel Food Cake Mix 16 oz 16000440302dk Betty Crocker 9.71
Yellow Cake Mix 15oz (GF) 16000277915k Betty Crocker 13.57
Cake Mix Vty 6 pk CMV6A Betty Crocker 29.23
Cookie and Cupcake Mixes
Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix 7.5oz 45707dk Betty Crocker 5.74
Cookie Mix Sugar 17.5oz 9000028 Pillsbury 6.79
Oatmeal Choc Chip Cookie Mix 17.5oz 30790dk Betty Crocker 7.83
Peanut Butter Cookie Mix 17.5oz 30570dk Betty Crocker 7.83
Choc Chip Cookie Mix 19 oz(GF) 16000277946dk Betty Crocker 14.62
Dessert and Brownie Mix
Brownie Mix Supreme Orig 16oz 13976dk Betty Crocker 8.66
Mug Treats Hot Fudge Brownie w Topping 4ct, 13.9oz 13565k Betty Crocker 9.21
Mug Treats Rainbow Chip Cake w Frosting 4ct, 13.9oz 613563k Betty Crocker 9.21
Jello No Bake Cheesecake Oreo 12.6oz 8123dk Jell-O 9.71
Lemon Bar Mix 19.35oz 107905dk Krusteaz 10.02
Brownie Mix Choc 18.5 oz 41449302522dk Ghirardelli 10.44
Brownie Mix Supreme Walnut 16.5oz 81341dk Betty Crocker 10.44
Brownie Mix Caramel Turtle w/ Walnut18.5oz 930252 Ghirardelli 10.44
Jello No Bake Strawb Cheesecake Dessert Mix 19.6oz 4300003699dw Jell-O 11.29
Jello No Bake Orig Cheesecake Dessert Mix 11.1oz 4300021710dw Jell-O 11.29
Jello No Bake Cherry Cheesecake Mix 17.8 43000217047dk Jell-O 11.49
Brownie Mix 16oz (GF) 16000277939dk Betty Crocker 14.62
Brownie Mix Chocolate 120oz 847909dc Ghirardelli 25.65
Dessert Combo SWT1011 Mailbox Groceries Alaska 66.47
Pie Crusts Air Freight Only
Pie Crusts Unroll and Bake 2/9" 15oz AF Req 82377kp Store Brands 7.18
Pie Crusts Unroll, Fill and Bake 2ct 14.1oz AF Req 2876kp Pillsbury 7.84
Pie Mixes, Crusts and Fillings
Pie Crust Mix 11oz 080085dk Major Brand 4.62
Pie Filling Apple 21oz 21273dk Store Brands 6.76
Pie Filling Strawb 21oz 5110007960dw Store Brands 7.99
Pie Filling Cherry 21 oz 21275dk Store Brands 8.23
Pie Filling Blueberry 21oz 21274dk Store Brands 8.23
Pumpkin Pure 100% 15 oz 15721dw Libby's 8.35
Pie Filling Lemon Creme 21 oz 51100890350dw Duncan Hines 8.87
Pie Filling Blackberry 21oz 5110007912dw Major Brand 10.89
Cake and Pastry Filling Poppy Seed 12.5 oz 41642001109dk Solo 11.23
Pie Crust Ready Crust Graham 6 oz 9 oz 7891317028w Keebler 12.28
Pumpkin 100% Pure 29 oz 3900451dk Libby's 13.05
Pumpkin Pie Mix 30 oz 15722dk Libby's 13.57
Pie Filling Vty Pk (SB,BB,Ap&Ch) 4/21 oz 5110007wma Major Brand 28.21
Pumpkin Canned Pure 3/29 oz 938545c Libby's 30.29
Frosting and Decorating
Frosting Chocolate Creamy 12-16 oz 42179dk Major Brands 4.80
Frosting Strawberry Creamy 16oz 13050074 Major Brand 4.80
Frosting Rainbow Sprinkle/Funfetti Creamy 16oz 1600043768dw Major Brand 4.80
Frosting Crmy Supreme/Dk Chocolate 12-16 oz 21481dk Major Brands 4.80
Frosting French Vanilla/Vanilla Creamy 12-16 oz 21489dk Major Brands 4.80
Frosting French Vanilla/Vanilla Whipped 12-18 oz 42187dk Major Brands 4.80
Frosting Cream Cheese Creamy Homestyle 12-16 oz 42208dk Major Brands 4.80
Frosting Whipped/ Creamy White 12oz 42189dk Major Brands 4.80
Frosting Coconut Pecan Supreme Creamy 12-15 oz 21483dk Major Brands 4.80
Decorating Sprinkles Chocolate 2.7oz 71169710109dk Store Brands 6.57
Decorating Sprinkles Rainbow Stars 2.46oz 71169710550dk Store Brands 7.30
Decorating Sugar Green 3.5oz - 4oz 71169710253dk Store Brands 7.62
Decorating Sugar Red 3.5oz-4oz 71169710208dk Store Brands 7.62
Decorating Gel Red .67 oz 71169740038k Betty Crocker 8.72
Decorating Gel White .67 oz 71169740045k Betty Crocker 8.72
Decorating Gel Black .67 oz 71169740076k Betty Crocker 8.72
Decorating Gel Blue .67 oz 71169740021k Betty Crocker 8.72
Decorating Gel Pink .67 oz 71169740014k Betty Crocker 8.72
Frosting Sugar Free Crmy Supr Choc Fudge 15 oz 51500553022dw Major Brands 8.97
Decorating Icing Purple 4.25 oz 71169730107dk Betty Crocker 9.39
Decorating Icing Red 4.25 oz 71169730039kk Betty Crocker 9.39
Decorating Icing White 4.25 oz 71169730046dk Betty Crocker 9.39
Decorating Icing Pink 4.25 oz 71169730022dk Betty Crocker 9.39
Decorating Icing Green 4.25 oz 71169730053dk Betty Crocker 9.39
Decorating Sprinkles Nonpareil 10 oz 71169710154dk Major Brand 9.92
Decorating Cookie Icing White 8 oz 7116970004dk Betty Crocker 10.44
Decorating Cookie Icing Red 8 oz 71169700032dk Betty Crocker 10.44
Decorating Cookie Icing Green 7 oz 71169700056dk Betty Crocker 10.44
Sprinkles Confetti Parlor Perfect 9 oz 71169714008dk Betty Crocker 14.92
Frosting Vty 6ct (W,V,CC,2C,RC) CFV6A Major Brand 25.64
Enhancements and Flavors
Caramel Bits Unwrapped 11oz 73406dw Kraft 6.26
Baking Bar Semi Sweet Chocolate 4oz 747599618260w Ghirardelli 7.06
Maple Extract Imitation 1oz 1111002059k Store Brands 8.34
Chocolate Chips Morsels Minis Semi Sweet 10oz 98612 Nestle 9.68
Baking Soda Pure 4lb 321170k Arm & Hammer 9.71
Corn Syrup Light 16 oz 761720051108dw Karo 9.71
Toll House Premier White Morsels 12 oz 28000210106k NESTLE TOLLHOUSE 9.77
Gel Food Assorted Colors Classic 2.7 oz 71169760005dk Betty Crocker 9.92
Semi Sweet Morsels 12 oz 2800021580k Nestle 9.95
Maple Imitation Flavor 2oz 50102 Major Brand 9.99
White Chocolate Baking Bar 4oz 43000252208dw Major Brand 10.44
Milk Chocolate Toffee Baking Bits 8oz 34000061525w Heath 10.92
White Choc Chip 11oz 89858dk Store Brands 10.92
Vanilla Flavoring Imitation 8oz 1909k Store Brands 10.92
Coconut Flakes 14 oz 4300027678dk Bakers 11.28
Baking Chips Mini Semi Sweet 12oz 747599610271w Ghirardelli 11.59
Almond Bark Chocolate Flavor 24 oz 72591991760w Great Value 11.59
Baking Chips Classic White 11 oz 4759961065w Ghirardelli 13.43
Molasses Full Flavor 12oz 24000335139k Brer Rabbit 15.41
Chocolate Chip Morsels Semi Sweet 4.5lb 1331846 Kirkland Signature 24.70
Chocolate Chip Morsel Semi Sweet 51% Cacao 4.5lb 807473 Kirkland Signature 27.88
Molasses Original 24 oz 72400712494dk Grandma's 29.47
Honey Totally Unprocessed 2lb 720054222301dnp Really Raw Honey 66.72
Salt Iodized 26oz 2461003k Morton 5.07
Salt Plain (Non Iodized) 26oz 2461001k Morton 5.11
Thyme Leaves Dried .75oz 52100001330cr Store Brands 6.29
Garlic Minced Wet 4.5 oz (Glass Jar ) 70969000069k Spice World 6.42
Parsley Flakes .05 oz 52100001303cr Store Brands 6.47
Bay Leaves .12 oz 52100001256k Store Brands 6.52
Chili Powder 2oz 52100001263k Store Brands 7.30
Basil Leaves .62 oz 52100001255k McCormick 7.40
Oregano ground .75 oz 52100001298w Major Brands 7.43
Alum Powder 2.37 oz 1111000309k Store Brands 7.50
Cinnamon Ground 1.75oz - 2.5oz 11110682529k Store Brands 7.62
Celery Seed 1.87-1.9oz 52100001262k Store Brands 7.94
Mustard Ground 1.5oz 111584 Store Brands 7.94
Sesame Seed Jar 2.125oz 68394k Store Brands 7.97
Cinnamon Ground 2.37oz 52100001266k McCormick 8.17
Garlic Salt 3.75 oz 52100001282k Store Brands 8.19
Sea Salt Pure 30oz 384732c Kirkland Signature 8.38
Garlic Chopped 4.5 oz 70969000083k Spice World 8.61
Cayenne Pepper Ground 1.5oz-2.25oz 52100001260cr Store Brands 8.70
Celery Salt 3.75oz-5.25oz 52100001261k Store Brands 8.70
Curry Powder 1.62 oz-2oz 52100001275k Store Brands 8.70
Onion Powder 2.12oz - 3.25oz 52100001296k Store Brands 8.70
Lemon Pepper 2.75oz -4.25oz 21500000741k Store Brands 8.70
Garlic Minced in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4.5 oz 70969001028k Spice World 8.88
Dill Weed .56oz- .75oz 11110623034k Store Brands 9.04
Garlic Minced Wet 8oz (Glass Jar) 709699 Spice World 9.04
Garlic Powder 2oz-3.4oz 1110303 Store Brands 9.04
Cumin Ground 1.62oz -2.5oz 52100001272k Store Brands 9.25
Mustard Seed 2.62 oz 52100001292k Store Brands 9.47
Garlic Minced Shaker 3oz 52100001280k McCormick 9.69
Pepper Red Crushed 1.1oz -1.5oz 52100001305cr Major Brands 9.72
Mustard Ground 1.75oz 52100001291k Major Brands 9.77
Meat Tenderizer Unseasoned 4.5 oz 52100001288k Store Brands 9.80
Garlic Minced in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 8oz 549726 Store Brands 9.80
Ginger Ground 1.5oz-2oz 68284 Store Brands 9.80
Nutmeg Ground 1.1 - 1.62 oz 52100001293cr Major Brands 9.86
Garlic Powder 3.12oz 52100001281k McCormick 10.13
Lemon Pepper 2.25 oz - 3.25 oz 52100001285k Major Brands 10.13
Cream of Tartar 1.5oz 52100001325k McCormick 10.13
Cinnamon Sticks .75oz - 1oz 11110683991k Store Brands 10.13
Garlic Pepper 2.6oz 5210007143k Lawry's 10.13
Onion Powder 2.2oz 4010000262k Spice Island 10.35
Garlic Salt 5.25oz 5215935 Major Brand 10.35
Coriander Ground 1.4oz-1.5oz 102375 Major Brand 10.41
Salt & Pepper Shaker Set 5.25oz 24600010443k Morton 10.51
Black Pepper Fine Ground 12.3oz 164981c Kirkland Signature 10.60
Cinnamon Ground Saigon 10.7oz 20155c Kirkland Signature 10.66
Salt Coarse Kosher 3lb 1700k Morton 10.66
Ginger Ground 1.4oz - 1.5oz 52100001283cr Major Brand 10.70
Old Bay Seasoning 6oz 7032800523k Old Bay 10.77
Rosemary Leaves .82oz 1111068413k Major Brands 10.84
Cloves Whole 1.25oz 52100001268k Store Brands 10.88
Paprika 1.75 oz 52100001301k Major Brands 11.18
Black Pepper Coarse Ground 12.7oz 164998c Kirkland Signature 11.21
Cinnamon Sticks 1 oz 3483k McCormick 11.21
Thyme Ground .7oz 52100001328k Spice Island 11.29
Meat Tenderizer Seasoned 5.75oz-7.5oz 52100001289k Store Brands 11.43
Celery Salt 3oz-4oz 215089 Major Brand 11.43
Turmeric Ground .95 - 1.5 oz 52100001327k Major Brands 11.55
Pumpkin Pie Spice 1.12 - 1.5 oz 52100001312k Major Brand 11.80
Dill Seed 1.5 oz 52100001276k Store Brands 11.93
Chili Powder Dark 20 oz 1408c Mccormick 11.98
Garlic Minced Squeeze Bottle 9.5oz 70969004203w Spice World 11.98
Cilantro Dried .35oz-.5oz 52100001265k Major Brands 12.30
Cream of Tartar 2.75oz-2.85oz 11110684387k Store Brands 12.30
Cayenne Pepper Ground 2.3oz 4002757 Spice Island 12.53
Onions Chopped Organic 11.7 oz 263423c Kirkland Signature 12.84
Garlic Salt w Parsley 11oz 215450 Lawry's 13.06
Sesame Seeds Toasted 18oz 833530 Rodelle 13.29
Garlic Granulated 16.6oz 251813c Kirkland Signature 13.40
Pepper Red Crushed 10oz 1428c Kirkland Signature 13.48
Marjoram 0.3 oz 40100002511dk Spice Island 13.89
Parsley Flakes 2.7oz 108858 Store Brands 13.89
Cloves Ground 1.70oz - 2oz 52100001269k Store Brands 14.16
Sage Ground .6 - .75 oz 52100001315k Major Brands 14.37
Paprika Smoked 8.5oz 1421c Mccormick 14.50
Cumin Ground All Natural 14 oz 411172c McCormick Gourmet 14.50
Seasoning Salt 42oz 203506c Johnny's 14.93
Onion Granulated 19.5oz 411155 McCormick 15.66
Pepper Tellicherry 3.2 oz 921223c Kirkland Signature 15.73
Garlic Powder 8oz-9.25oz 318532sv Major Brand 15.79
Onion Powder Shaker 7.62oz 38706dw McCormick 15.79
Poppy Seed 1.25 - 2 oz 52100001308k Major Brands 15.98
Salt Pink Fine Grain 5lbs 1605917 Kirkland Signature 15.98
Onions Minced 6.25 oz 52100001295k Store Brands 16.70
Sea Salt w Grinder 4.05oz 75626k Store Brands 16.70
Garlic & Herb Seasoning 17.6oz 1089563 Spice Island 16.71
Garlic Salt w Parsley 33 oz 152865c Lawry's 16.89
Cardamom Ground 2oz 52100001259cr Major Brands 17.96
Pepper White 1.85 oz 52100001307k Major Brands 18.07
Tellichery Black Peppercorns 14.1 oz 164950c Kirkland Signature 18.36
Garlic Minced Wet Californian 48oz 581871c Kirkland Signature 18.62
Old Bay Seasoning 24oz 882050 Old Bay 18.99
Star Anise .6oz 144102 Morton & Bassett 19.96
Allspice Whole 1.5 oz 40100002030dk Spice Island 20.16
Real Salt ' Natures First Sea Salt' Fine 26oz 18788102502n Redman Trading Co. 20.89
Pickling Spice Mixed Shelf Stable 14oz 760645 Monarch 21.29
Black Pepper Ground 6oz 521301 McCormick 23.12
Cayenne Pepper Ground Plastic Shaker 16oz 760611 Monarch 27.47
Oregano Dried Leaves Plastic Shaker 5oz 760397 Monarch 28.20
Thyme Ground 12 oz 343074fsa* Culinary's 28.64
Salt Non-Iodized Table Salt 25 lb 6754c Morton 28.77
Parsley Flakes 11oz 447701fsa Culinary's 33.17
Black Peppercorns Whole 18.8oz 464314k Store Brands 41.11
Onions Chopped 4.25 lb 1062642 Olde Thompson 43.99
Rock Salt Coarse 50lb 900066amf Major Brand 107.14
Mushroom Gravy Mix .75 oz 9000316134dk Store Brands 2.50
Turkey Gravy Mix .87 oz 900031613dk Mccormick 3.12
Brown Gravy Mix .87oz 9860dk Major Brand 3.12
Pork Gravy Mix .87oz 9000316133dk McCormick 3.23
Country Gravy Mix Sausage Flv 2.64oz 19723k Major Brand 3.44
Country Gravy Mix Orig 2.64oz 19722dk Major Brand 3.44
Au Jus Gravy Mix 1 oz 9690dw McCormick 3.75
Country Gravy Mix Sausage Flv 2.75oz 41460398832dw Pioneer 3.75
Turkey Gravy 12oz 51000107756dk Major Brand 4.90
Beef Gravy Canned 10.5oz 22450dk Campbells 5.21
Country Sausage Gravy 15 oz 39000600200dw Libby's 5.97
Gravy Mix Brown 21 oz 848005c McCormick 14.13
Mushroom Gravy Mix 6/.75oz 16136mk Store Brands 14.36
Country Style Gravy Peppered 1.5lb 900083w Morrison 15.52
Brown Gravy Mix 6/.87oz 98606mka Mccormick 15.98
Au Jus Gravy Mix 6/1oz 96906mwa McCormick 17.97
Country Gravy Mix Orig 6/2.75oz 19728k Major Brand 18.41
Country Gravy Mix Sausage Flv 6/2.64oz 19726mk Major Brand 18.41
Country Sausage Gravy #10 779552dc Chefmate 25.07
Beef Gravy Canned 6/10.5oz 224506mka Campbells 28.89
Mixes and Seasonings
Grill Mates Marinade Mix Mesquite 1.06oz 2578 McCormick 2.81
Grill Mates Marinade Mix Brwn Sugar Bourbon 1.25oz 1384 McCormick 2.81
Sloppy Joe Canned Sauce 15oz 44212 Manwich 3.03
Sloppy Joe Sauce 1.31 oz Mixes 9000316141dk McCormick 4.17
Italian Seasoning .95oz 1001856k Store Brands 5.49
Capers 3.5oz 11110825278k Store Brands 6.54
Grill Mates Smokehouse Maple 3.5oz 5210057411dk McCormick 7.30
Seasoning Salt 4.75 oz 22400607126k Johnny's 7.95
Crab Boil Mixed Spice and Seasoning Boil in Bag 3oz 9000034 Zatarain's 7.99
Crab Boil Concentrate 4 fl oz 9000035 Zatarain's 8.29
Liquid Smoke Hickory 3.5oz Bottle 17745dk Wright's 8.35
Steak Seasoning Chicago 2.5oz 47611k Weber 8.44
Italian Seasoning 2oz 1000317k Store Brands 8.49
Mrs Dash Garlic and Herb Seasoning Salt Free 2.5oz (Lt Blue) 502108k Mrs Dash 8.58
Mrs Dash Extra Spicy Seasoning Blend 2.5oz (Red) 50210k Mrs Dash 8.58
Mrs Dash Onion and Herb Salt Free 2.5oz 22400605114k Mrs Dash 8.58
Mrs Dash Original Salt Free 2.5 oz (Yellow) 22400605112k Mrs Dash 8.58
Mrs Dash Table Blend Salt Free 2.5oz (Dk Grn) 22400605113k Mrs Dash 8.58
Shake n Bake Orig Chicken Seasoned Mix 4.5oz 435788k Shake n Bake 8.66
Shake n Bake BBQ Glaze Seasoned Mix 6oz 435794k Shake n Bake 8.66
Shake n Bake Orig Pork Seasoned Mix 5oz 435789k Shake n Bake 8.66
Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper Salt Free 2.5 oz 22400605111k Mrs Dash 9.09
Creole Seasoning 8oz 7199800001k Tony Chachere's 9.37
Steak Seasoning Montreal 3.4 oz 52100002453k McCormick 9.55
Everything Bagel Seasoning 11.5oz 1264776 Olde Thompson 10.17
Hunters Blend 8.5 oz 22400607122k Johnny's 10.41
Cajun Seasoning Perfect Pinch 5oz 9000037 McCormick 10.89
Poultry Seasoning .65 oz -1.06 oz 52100001310cr Major Brand 11.18
Salad Elegance 5oz 22400607125k Johnny's 11.58
Pork Chicken Seasoning 4.75 oz 22400607124k Johnny's 11.70
Steak Blend Seasoning 12.8oz 1510694 Kinders 12.39
Italian Salad Dressing and Recipe Mix 4/.7oz 97825dk Good Seasons 12.84
Sriracha Seasoning 15oz 1586679 Kirkland Signature 14.99
Curry Powder 16oz 223368 McCormick 15.98
Pork Rub 3.46 oz 52100009247cr McCormick/Spice Island/Krogers 15.98
Spaghetti Sauce Mix 6/1.37oz 9046mka Major Brand 16.81
Seasoning Salt Goldrush Blend 13.5oz 1248005 Alaska Seasoning Salt 17.65
Montreal Steak Seasoning 29 oz 433677c McCormick 23.26
Swedish Meatballs Seasoning and Sauce Mix 6/2.11oz 57336dmk McCormick 24.35
Beef Stew Seasoning Mix 6/1.5oz 214360k McCormick 24.35
Meat Loaf Seasoning Mix 6/1.5oz 5219550 Mccormick 25.73
Fajita Seasoning Mix 6/1.12oz 2121dk Mccormick 26.11
Beef Stroganoff Sauce Mix 6/1.5oz 38506mwa McCormick 26.28
Turmeric Ground Shelf Stable 16oz 760769 Monarch 27.49
Bag'n Season Chicken Orig 6/1.25oz 900159 McCormick 31.34
Whole Eggs Powdered Mix 71 servings 2 lb 4000921w Augason Farms 99.99
Pizza Crusts Mixes and Sauces
Pizza Sauce Homemade Style 14oz Jar 36255dk Ragu 5.99
Pizza Crust Thin 12inch, 10oz 7313001257dk Boboli 13.05
Pizza Crust Baking Mix GF 16 oz H08-01129k Bob's Red Mill 17.96
Pasta Sauce
Pasta Sauce Meat Flv 24 oz 2700042240dw Hunt's 6.16
Pasta Sauce Four Cheese Flv 24oz 270501 Hunt's 6.16
Pasta Sauce Garlic & Herb Flv 24oz 270500 Hunt's 6.16
Ragu Sauce Roasted Garlic Parmesan 16oz (White) 362217dk Ragu 8.66
Prego Sauce Roasted Garlic Parmesan 24oz Jar (Red) 10546w Prego 10.08
Alfredo Sauce Creamy 15oz 21929dk Bertolli 10.75
Ragu Sauce Chunky Mushroom and Green Pepper Sauce 24oz 362441 Ragu 10.96
Ragu Sauce Chunky - Garden Combination 24 oz 3620000444dk Ragu 10.96
Ragu Sauce Chunky Tom Garlic & Onion 24oz Jar 362440dk Ragu 10.96
Ragu Old World Sauce Traditional 45oz 3620001401dw Ragu 11.80
Marinara Pasta Sauce No Sugar Added 24 oz 20662000200dw Newman's Own 13.50
Ragu Old World Style Sauce Meat Flv 45oz 36214dk Ragu 14.93
Spaghetti Sauce #10 Can 3575dc Major Brand 26.11
Marinara Sauce 2/28oz Jar 1234826c Rao's 27.13
Pasta Sauce Tomato Herb & Spice 3/32oz 5331 Classico 29.31
Prego Trad Pasta Sauce 3/45 oz Lo Sod 266811dc Prego 29.77
Marinara Sauce Org 3/32oz 159491c Kirkland Signature 35.83
Herb & Garlic w Lemon Juice Marinade 12 oz 11110726179k Store Brands 8.47
Marinade in-a-Bag Classic Orig 12oz 7332dk J.L Kraft 8.98
Marinade in-a-Bag Sweet Teriyaki 12oz 7331dw J.L Kraft 8.98
Caribbean Jerk Marinade Sauce 12 oz 2150004209dk Lawry's 9.53
Herb & Garlic w Lemon Juice Marinade 12 oz 21500048019w Lawry's 9.85
French Dip Sauce Concentrate 8 oz 22400607127k Johnny's 10.06
Kalbi Marinade 12oz 50202 Kalbi 10.17
Steakhouse Marinade 16 oz 74609054498k KC Master Piece 10.60
Steak & Chop w Garlic & Cracked Pepper Marinade Sauce 12oz 21500042178dk Lawry's 10.60
Worcestershire Sauce 10 oz 5160000001k Lea & Perrins 11.78
Lemon Pepper w Lemon Juice Marinade 12 oz 11110726216k Major Brand 12.28
Seafood Lemon Butter w/ Dill Sauce 8.4 oz 4123401131dk McCormick 12.84
Heinz 57 Steak Sauce 20oz 1300052680dw Heinz 17.74
Worcestershire Sauce 2/20 oz 935109c Lea & Perrins 25.06
A1 Original Steak Sauce 2/20oz 329217c A-1 25.40
Starters Broth and Stock
Noodle Soup Mix with Real Chicken Broth 2/2.45oz 210104dk Lipton 5.63
Broth Chicken 32 oz (Org) 71923dk Pacific Organic 12.74
Broth Beef 32oz (Org) 305444 Pacific Foods 12.74
Chicken Broth 12/14.5 oz 208551c Swanson 32.32
Chicken Stock Organic 6/32 oz 516822c Kirkland Signature 38.78
Bone Broth Chicken Organic 6/32oz 1452258 Kirkland Signature 39.47
Bouillon and Base
Chicken Bouillon Cubes 25ct 3.25oz 9207053dw Store Brands 6.80
Beef Bouillon Cubes 25ct 3.25oz 1083767dk Store Brands 6.80
Better Than Bouillon Chicken Base 8 oz 98308002024w Superior Touch 15.04
Better Than Bouillon Beef Base 8 oz 98308002031ca Superior Touch 15.04
Better Than Bouillon Vegetable Base 8 oz 98308002826ca Superior Touch 15.04
Better Than Bouillon Reduced Sodium Chicken Base 8 oz 98308227717ca Superior Touch 15.04
Bouillon Base Vegetable Red Sod Org (Green) 21oz 7656 Better Than Bouillon 16.91
Bouillon Base Chicken Red Sod Org (Orange) 21oz 287780c Better Than Bouillon 17.25
Bouillon Base Beef Red Sod Org (Red) 21oz 287783c Better Than Bouillon 17.25
Better Than Bouillon Red. Sodium Beef Base 8 oz 98308227731ca Superior Touch 18.99
Knorr Chicken Bouillon 2.53lbs, 287 servings 1406204 Knorr 19.20
Chicken Bouillon Cubes 32oz 338597 Member's Mark 28.99
Beef Bouillon Cubes 32oz 338598 Member's Mark 28.99
Crumbs and Breading
Bread Crumbs 8 oz 41390050046k Panko 7.94
Panko Japanese Style Seasoned 8oz 76132040016ns Major Brand 7.94
Fish Fry Seafood Breading Mix Seasoned Crispy 10oz 5600010k Louisiana 8.19
Fish Fry Seafood Breading Mix New Orleans Style 10oz 5600275k Louisiana 8.19
Bread Crumbs Italian Style 15 oz 41196891027k Progresso 9.53
Bread Crumbs Plain 15 oz 41196891089k Progresso 9.53
Panko Bread Crumbs 48oz 835581c Kikkoman 19.90
Tempura Batter Mix 5 lbs 1243c Krusteaz 24.00
Juice and Extracts
Pure Lemon Extract 1 oz 1111066995k Major Brands 8.38
Real Lime Juice 100% 15oz 900135w ReaLime 8.49
Lemon Juice 100% from Concentrate 32 oz. 11110702074k Store Brands 10.24
Lemon Juice 100% 2/50.7oz 1091275c Zesty Lemon 20.63
Realemon Juice 2/48 oz 326156c Realemon 21.20
Fried Onions Crispy Orig 6oz 22020k French's 12.63
Fried Onions Crispy Caramelized 6oz 94146k French's 12.63
Tomatoes Sun Dried w/ Italian Herbs in Olive Oil 8.5 oz (Prod) 35342770083k Bella San Luci 18.63
Ethnic Foods
Fried Rice Seasoning Mix .74 oz 70033dk Sun-Bird 3.07
Bamboo Shoots Sliced 8 oz 76132170027dk Sun Luck 5.82
Wasabi Prepared in Tube 1.52oz 20021 S & B 7.95
Chili Garlic Sauce 8 oz 0741003k Lee Kum Kee 8.76
Kung Pao Sauce 14oz 67042 P. F Chang's 10.00
Coconut Milk 13.5 oz 44738018432k Chaokoh 10.21
Hoisin Sauce 20 oz 742812700616k Lee Kum Kee 10.66
Seaweed Sushi Wrapper 10-12ct 2301200520k Major Brands 10.81
Ginger Pickled 11.5oz 254999 JFC 11.38
Teriyaki w Pineapple Juice Marinade Sauce 12oz 2150004802dk Lawry's 11.48
Rice Seasoning Seto Fumi Furikake 1.7oz (Teal,Gold,Brown) 9000189 JFC 11.80
Rice Seasoning Katsuo Fumi Furikake 1.7oz (Orng/Gold/Yellow) 9000188 JFC 11.80
Rice Seasoning Nori Komi Furikake 1.7oz (Blue/Gold/Green) 0011152276410RA Major Brand 11.80
Sesame Ginger Marinade 12 oz 11110726209k Major Brand 11.98
Sun Luck Sweet and Sour Sauce 14.5oz 7613205019k Sun Luck 12.82
Chili Sauce 12 oz 13000001120k Heinz 12.88
Tiger Sauce ' The Original ' 5oz 75076100015k Try Me 13.57
Sweet Chili Sauce12oz 0741001k Mae Ploy 14.61
Satay Peanut Sauce 8oz 60620108dk A Taste of Thai 14.93
Sweet Cooking Rice Seasoning 10 oz 11152021409k Kikkoman 15.37
Fried Rice Seasoning Mix 6/.74oz 700336mka Sun-Bird 16.04
Pure Sesame Oil 7.3oz 3260sv Fruitful Island 16.22
Sweet Chili Sauce 25-32oz 0741002k Mae Ploy 21.93
Sausage Chinese Style 2/21oz Mailed 473590 Kam Yen Jan 23.64
Seaweed Sushi Wrapper Full Sheet 50ct 23013jb Major Brand 28.18
Guacamole Seasoning Mix 1oz 1760008554dk Store Brands 3.18
Green Chiles Diced Fire Rstd Mild 7oz 41501010068dw Ortega 4.48
Taco Seasoning Orig Mix 1oz 16145dk Mccormick 4.49
Fajitas Seasonings 1.12 oz Mixes 9000316139dk McCormick/Spice Island/Krogers 4.64
Taco Seasoning Packet Mix Salt Free 1.25 oz 605021001014k Mrs Dash 5.47
Seasoned Rice w Red Beans 8 oz 41331026666dk Goya 8.45
Green Taco Sauce Mild 15oz 101136 La Victoria 8.88
Green Chili Enchilada Sauce 28oz 72101015290dk La Victoria 9.92
Red Chili Enchilada Sauce 28oz 72101015252dk La Victoria 9.92
Herdez Salsa Verde Mild 16oz 72878275705dw Herdez 9.92
Taco Shells Stand n Stuff Corn Shells 10ct,4.7oz 46000811819w Old EL Paso 9.95
Red Taco Sauce Mild 15 oz 72101011162k LaVictoria 10.44
Picante Sauce Medium 16oz 415656 Pace 10.91
Pace Picante Sauce Hot 16oz 565019   11.98
Tortillas Corn White Super Soft 30ct Mailed 73731060025w Mission 11.99
La Victoria Suprema Salsa Mild 16oz H0901193dk LaVictoria 12.53
La Victoria Suprema Salsa Medium 16oz H0901192dk LaVictoria 12.53
Pace Chunky Salsa Mild Sauce 16 oz 140169k Pace 13.22
Pace Chunky Salsa Medium Sauce 16oz 14116k Pace 13.22
Pace Thick Chunky Salsa Med Sauce 16oz 514116 Pace 13.25
Pace Thick Chunky Salsa Med Sauce 24 oz 165111k Pace 14.84
Pace Chunky Salsa Mild Sauce 24 oz 140244k Pace 14.84
Pace Chunky Salsa Medium Sauce 24oz 565049 Pace 14.84
Pace Picante Sauce Hot 24oz 565029 Pace 14.84
Taco Seasoning 24oz 69763c McCormick 17.67
White Corn Tortillas 80ct Mailed 48564060009w Guerrero 19.09
Green Chile Sauce Flame Roasted 40oz 550505 505 Southwestern 22.74
Organic Salsa 2/38 oz 539142c Kirkland Signature 23.85
Picante Sauce Medium 2/38 oz 502863c Pace 24.46
Tamales Instant Corn Masa Mix 4.4 lbs 3729794447k Maseca 24.86
Hard Taco Shells 336 ct 1113tl Taco Loco 152.91
BBQ Sauce
BBQ Sauce Honey Chipotle 18 oz 13409515198dk Sweet Baby Rays 10.44
BBQ Sauce Buffalo Wings 16oz 912844 Sweet Baby Rays 10.75
BBQ Sauce Hickory Brn Sugar 18oz 60620107dk Sweet Baby Rays 10.96
Honey BBQ Sauce 18 oz 13409341155k Sweet Baby Rays 10.96
BBQ Sauce Sweet and Spicy 18oz 935100 Sweet Baby Rays 10.96
BBQ Sauce Spicy 18oz 347560001dk Stubbs 14.62
BBQ Sauce Mild 20.5oz 575563 Kinders 14.93
BBQ Sauce Original 18oz 347560002dk Stubbs 15.51
Japanese Barbecue Sauce 34oz 1566350 Bachan 18.07
Orig BBQ Sauce 2/40 oz 383456c Sweet Baby Rays 20.58
Sauce Ethnic
Eel Sushi Sauce 15.3oz 9000030 Nippon 16.99
Hot Sauce
Red Hot Sauce Orig 5oz 41500805016k Frank's Original 8.61
Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce 12oz 1755k Store Brands 10.29
Red Hot Sauce Orig 12oz 41500805023k Frank's Original 10.92
Hot Sauce Cholula Chili Lime 5oz 49733840118k Cholula 11.05
Tabasco Pepper Sauce Chipotle 5oz 1000770dk McILenny co 11.07
Tabasco Sauce Green Pepper 5 oz 1121000930dw McILenny co 11.17
Red Hot Sauce Buffalo Wings 12oz 41500745107k Frank's Original 11.33
Cholula Orig Hot Sauce 5 oz 49733091015k Cholula 12.28
Hot Sauce Chili Garlic 5oz 49733800112w Cholula 12.28
Tabasco Pepper Sauce 12oz 2471c Tabasco 14.64
Cholula Hot Sauce 2/12oz 262838c Cholula 20.36
Sriracha Hot Thai Chili Sauce 2/20oz 1053423 Tabasco 20.63
Sauce Red Hot 1 Gallon 6628c Frank's Original 33.12
Squeeze Bottle Horseradish Sauce 12oz 11110812001dk Store Brands 6.26
Hot Creamy Horseradish 4 oz 71828002113dk Beaver 8.47
Extra Hot Horseradish Sauce 4oz 7182800101dk Beaver 8.47
Creamy Horseradish Sauce 8.75oz 11110794093k Private Selection 8.82
Hot Cream Horseradish Sauce 12oz 71828002101k Beaver 11.61
Zesty Deli Horseradish Sauce 12oz 7182800113dk Beaver 11.98
Onion Soup & Dip Mix 2oz 410362dk Lipton 4.69
Bean Dip Original 9oz 2840078 Frito Lay 7.10
Bean Dip Hot w Jalapeno Peppers 9oz 2840088 Frito Lay 7.10
Jalapeno Cheddar Dip 9 oz 28400000024dk Frito Lay 8.04
Queso Blanco Medium Dip 15oz 28400215732dw Frito Lay 10.54
Tostitos Salsa Con Queso Med Dip 15oz 47098dk Frito Lay 10.54
Tostitos Chunky Mild Salsa 15.5oz 45597dk Frito Lay 10.54
Tostitos Avocado Salsa Dip 15oz 309448 Frito Lay 10.54
Tostitos Habanero Salsa Dip 15.5 oz 58925 Frito Lay 10.54
Creamy Spinach Dip15oz 28400070959w Lays 11.93
Smooth Ranch Dip 15oz 28400038195k Lays 12.84
French Onion Dip 15 oz 28400070942dk Lays 12.84
Cheez Whiz Cheese Dip Jar 15oz 62679dk Kraft 14.19
Nacho Cheese Sauce #10 2304dc Ortega 30.29
Dry Cheese
Cheese Parmesano Grated 8 oz 0002100061531k Kraft 12.00
Cheese Parmesano and Romano 8 oz 21000615414k Kraft 12.97
Reduced Fat Parmesano Style Grated Cheese 8 oz 21000614806k Kraft 13.79
Three Cheese Blend - 100% Grated Parmesano 8 oz 21000016990k Kraft 14.06
Parmesano Grated Cheese 24oz 60803c Kraft 16.53
Velveeta Orig 32oz 61161dk Velveeta 16.78
Clover Honey Bear 12oz 1111086170k Store Brands 10.92
Honey Spun Premium 12oz 18700000824k Bradshaw's 14.13
Honey Raw Unfiltered 48oz 1294219c Kirkland Signature 25.07
Honey Bears Organic Raw 3/24 0z 585112c Kirkland Signature 34.13
Honey Wildflower 80oz 533372c Kirkland Signature 35.95
Honey 100% Pure Raw and Unfiltered Org 32oz 9000516 Nate's Honey Co 36.04
Manuka Honey UMF 10+ 17.6oz 1175659c Comvita 63.12
Honey Totally Unprocessed 2lb 720054222301dnp Really Raw Honey 66.72
Honey Clover Shelf Stable 6/5lb 7075757 Busy Bee 276.91
Cocktail and Tartar Sauce
Tartar Sauce Squeeze Bottles 12oz 041545880dk Store Brands 6.57
Tartar Sauce 12oz 11110812018dk Kraft 7.84
Tartar Sauce Gourmet 11.5 oz 041549885dk Beaver 8.66
Cocktail Sauce Orig 12 oz 13000001137k Heinz 12.28
Cocktail Sauce Seafood 12 oz 51500286463k Major Brand 14.39
Tartar Sauce 13 oz 730076221008k Marina 15.64
Jams Jellies and Preserves
Grape Jelly Squeeze Bottle 20oz 418193w Welch's 8.82
Concord Grape Jelly 30oz 501502dk Welch's 10.96
Strawberry Preserves 13 oz 88702015607w Bonne Maman 11.05
Apricot Preserves 18oz 515675 Smuckers 11.55
Concord Grape Jelly 18oz 5150000693dw Smuckers 11.80
Strawberry Preserves / Jam 18 oz 515000068dk Smuckers 11.80
Strawberry Preserves SF 12.75oz 5150004008dk Smuckers 11.80
Wild Blueberry Preserves 13oz 88702015669w Bonne Maman 11.99
Blackberry Jam Sugar Free Seedless 12.75 oz 51500040416k Smuckers 12.68
Red Raspberry Jam Seedless 18 oz 51500012284k Smuckers 12.68
Orange Marmalade Spread SF 12oz-13.5oz 3191900503dk Major Brand 12.99
Marmalade Sweet Orange 18oz 15679k Smuckers 12.99
Raspberry Preserves 13oz 88702015652w Bonne Maman 13.57
Red Raspberry Preserves 12.75 oz (SF) 51500040010w Smuckers 13.62
Fruit Spread Strawberry Squeeze Reduced Sugar 17.4 oz 51500057155w Smuckers 13.62
Orange Marmalade 12.75 oz (SF) 51500040065w Smuckers 13.62
Strawberry Preserves Low Sugar 15.5 oz 51500016695w Smuckers 14.06
Boysenberry Preserves 28oz 858791018dk Danish Orchards 14.10
Raspberry Preserves 28oz 858791020dk Danish Orchards 14.10
Preserves Strawberry 28oz 8587910dk Danish Orchards 14.10
Strawberry Preserves 32oz (Glass) 69364dk Store Brands 15.66
Bonne Maman Four Fruits Preserve 36oz 1406552 Bonne Maman 21.41
Raspberry Jam 32 oz 515032k Major Brands 22.91
Red Raspberry Spread 42oz Org 652771c Kirkland Signature 23.41
Strawberry Organic Spread 42oz 421793c Kirkland Signature 23.41
Jelly Cups Asst 200/.5oz 937261fs** Smuckers 36.99
Peanut Butter
Jif to Go Creamy Peanut Butter Cups 8/1.25oz 5150024136dk Jif 7.83
Goober Peanut Butter & Strawberry Stripes 18 oz 051500000656dk Smuckers 9.92
Goober Peanut Butter & Grape Jelly Stripes 18 oz 051500000557dk Smuckers 9.92
Peanut Butter No Stir Creamy 16 oz 51500750353k Adams Old Fashioned 14.25
Peanut Butter 100% Creamy 16 oz ( Blue ) 51500700167k Adams Old Fashioned 16.41
Peanut Butter Crunchy 16 oz (Org) 51500710012w Adams Old Fashioned 17.14
Peanut Butter Crunchy 16 oz 51500710166k Adams Old Fashioned 17.14
Peanut Butter Creamy Unsalted 16 oz 51500740163k Adams Old Fashioned 20.08
Skippy Peanut Butter Creamy 40oz 106252 Skippy 21.77
Peanut Butter 100% Natural (Blue) Creamy 26 oz - 36 oz 51500700204k Adams Old Fashioned 25.36
Peanut Butter 100 % Crunchy 26 oz - 36 oz ( Green ) 51500710203k Adams Old Fashioned 25.36
Peanut Butter 100% Natural Creamy 36 oz ( Blue ) 51500700303k Adams Old Fashioned 25.95
Peanut Butter (Green) Crunchy 36oz 5150071030dk Adams Old Fashioned 25.95
Peanut Butter Creamy Org 2/28oz 555000c Kirkland Signature 26.64
PB Fit 'Peanut Butter Powder' Organic 30 oz 1054222c Better Body Foods 27.35
Peanut Butter Skippy Extra Crunchy 64 oz 48001905207w Skippy 28.64
Peanut Butter Jif Creamy 2/48oz 49573c Jif Extra Creamy 31.07
Peanut Butter Crunchy 100% Natural 80oz 18257c Adams Old Fashioned 32.81
Peanut Butter Crunchy 80 oz 18257c Adams Old Fashioned 34.11
Peanut Butter Jif Crunchy 2/48oz 49593c Jif Crunchy 34.13
Ketchup Spicy Tomato Jalapeno Blend Sqz Bot 20oz 9546w Store Brands 7.70
Tomato Ketchup Organic 20oz 11110858535dk Store Brands 8.87
Ezy Sqz Up Side Dwn Bottles Ketchup 20oz 6986dk Heinz 10.75
Ketchup Tomato No Added Salt 14oz 137970dk Heinz 10.96
Heinz Ketchup 44oz 13000002520mbg Heinz 14.93
Plastic Container Ketchup 104oz 21328c Heinz 25.59
Ketchup 3/44oz 130176c Heinz 33.98
Plastic Red Squeeze Bottled Ketchup 12/20oz 377891fsa Monarch 88.08
Ketchup Packets 1000 ct 64270c Heinz 101.01
Ketchup Glass Bottles 24/14oz 20032c Heinz 103.90
Spicy Brown Mustard 12oz 11230002365dk Gulden's 7.30
Squeeze Mustard 14oz -20oz 4150000025k French's 7.83
Mustard Dijon Stone Ground 12oz 11230002360dk French's 8.87
Sweet Hot Mustard 13oz 71828002095k Beaver 11.61
Sweet Honey Hot Mustard 13oz 71828002279k Beaver 11.61
Dry Hot Mustard 2oz 80370k Colman's 11.80
Sweet Honey Mustard 10.25 oz 71828011011k Inglehoffer 12.28
Yellow Mustard (Org) 9oz 92325222243k Annie's Natures 12.28
Whole Grain Garlic Mustard 7 oz 11110794079k Private Selection 12.28
Sweet Hot Mustard with Honey 10.25 oz 71828011004k Inglehoffer 12.28
Creamy Dill Mustard w Lemon & Capers 9.75 oz 71828011110k Inglehoffer 12.28
Extra Hot Jalapeno Mustard 13oz 71828002675k Beaver 12.58
Deli w Grated Horseradish Mustard 12.5 oz 71828002149k Beaver 12.58
Original Stone Ground Mustard 10 oz 71828011028k Inglehoffer 13.42
Sweet Hot Pepper Mustard 10 oz 71828011127k Inglehoffer 14.61
Dijon Mustard 16oz Jar 60050dk Grey Poupon 15.31
Dijon Mustard 2/16oz 39984c Grey Poupon 26.33
Mustard Packets 500 Ct 23040c French's 28.25
Picnic Pack Ketchup Relish & Mustard 4 pk 336296c Heinz 28.80
Easy Out Container Mayo 22oz 1111073460dk Krogers 10.02
Squeeze Bottled Mayo 11.5oz 48001025868dw Best Foods 10.08
Mayonnaise Olive Oil Dressing 30oz 120437 Best Foods 12.25
Mayonnaise Kewpie Japanese Style 24oz 1710454 Kewpie 12.49
Kraft Mayo Light 30oz 10235dk Kraft 12.84
Mayo Real Easy Squeeze 20oz 20141dk Best Foods 12.85
Light Mayo Squeeze 20oz 4800102610dk Best Foods 12.85
Sriracha Mayo Gluten Free 15oz 78895142693k Lee Kum Kee 15.98
Vegan Mayonnaise Dressing Spread 24oz 153474 Best Foods 16.91
Vegan Avocado Oil Mayonnaise 12oz 402131 Chosen Foods 21.19
Best Foods Mayo 64oz 26584dc Best Foods 23.73
Best Foods Mayo 1Gallon 9469c Best Foods 42.57
Mayonnaise Packets 200 Ct 44266c Major Brand 45.74
Salad Dressing
Italian Dressing Wishbone 15oz 321626 Wishbone 8.66
Thousand Island Dressing Fat Free 16oz 10154dk Kraft 9.92
Catalina Dressing Fat Free 16oz 10156dk Kraft 9.92
Zesty Italian Dressing Fat Free 16oz 10152dk Kraft 9.92
Blue Cheese Chunky Dressing 16oz 10165dk Kraft 9.92
Creamy French Dressing 16 oz 10158dk Kraft 9.92
Classic Ceasar Dressing 16oz 10062dk Kraft 9.92
Catalina Dressing 16oz 101588dk Kraft 9.92
Thousand Island Dressing 16 oz 21000644735dk Kraft 9.92
Miracle Whip Orig Dressing 30oz 2649dk Miracle 10.13
Ranch Dressing Light 16oz 10160dk Kraft 11.48
Buffalo Ranch Dressing 20oz 41000193354ca Wishbone 11.59
Ranch Dressing Fat Free 16oz 10155dk Kraft 12.01
Ranch Dressing Cowgirl (Org) 8oz 92325333512k Annie's Natures 13.62
Ranch Dressing Original 24oz 7110578 Hidden Valley 14.62
Croutons Seasoned 2lb 30647c Fresh Gourmet 18.07
Ranch Dry Dressing Mix 20oz 1424057 Hidden Valley 18.60
Italian Dressing by Olive Garden 2/28oz 1237428c Olive Garden 25.49
Ranch Dressing 2/40oz 717820c Hidden Valley 31.88
Black Pearl Sliced Olives 6.5oz 7299945303dk Black Pearl 6.26
Green Olives Pimiento Stuffed 10oz (Glass) 72999248039k Pearls/Lindsay 14.89
Capers Nonpareil 25 Oz 457449c Star 20.64
X-Large Pitted Black Olives 8ct 791825c Black Pearl 27.31
Pitted Kalamata Olives 52.9 oz(Glass) 105700c Tassos 30.78
Sliced Ripe Olives 2/55oz (#10Cans) 27969dc Lindsay 52.44
Pickled Jalapeno Pepper Slices 12oz 710511dk La Costena 5.74
Pepperoncini Golden Greek 16oz 400105k Mezzetta 8.69
Hot Chili Peppers 16oz 400117 Mezzetta 10.17
Italian Mix Giardinera Cauliflower,Carrots,Celery & Peppers 16oz 73214001026k Mezzetta 13.62
Jalapeno Pepper Slices 64oz 9000029 Mt Comfort 18.99
Hot Chili Peppers 32oz 400119 Mezzetta 19.60
Peppers in Garlic Oil Pickled Mildy Spicy 26.5oz 1159659 Mama Lil's 22.46
Jalapeno Peppers Sliced #10 Can 6.2lb 608266 Embasa 24.99
Sweet Relish 10oz 7157944000k Store Brands 6.71
Dill Relish 10 oz 21130473021cr Major Brands 7.57
Sweet Relish 64oz 631c Farman's 24.60
Relish Packets 200 Ct 4732c Major Brand 50.15
Pimientos Diced 4oz 87218 Store Brands 4.84
Vlasic Sweet Gherkins 16 oz 5410001110dk Vlasic 12.53
Kosher Dill Sandwich Slices Stackers 16oz 71579105205dk Vlasic 13.05
Sweet Whole Pickles/Gherkins 24 oz 4182010328dk Major Brand 13.26
Vlasic Bread & Butter Chips 24 oz 541000050dk Vlasic 13.47
Dill Pickle Spears Kosher 24oz 54160dk Vlasic 13.47
Dill Pickle Spears Zesty 24oz 54260dk Vlasic 13.47
Bread & Butter Cucumber Chips Pickles 24 oz 41820106169k Nalley's 14.06
Hamburger Dill Pickles Chips Oval 46oz 84215dk Vlasic 18.75
Baby Dill Pickles 2/33.9 oz 8989c Nalley's 20.21
Capers Nonpareil 25 Oz 457449c Star 20.64
Dill Pickle Chips Old Fashioned 128oz 33321 Pleasant Valley Farms 29.99
Soy Sauce
Soy Sauce 10 oz 41390000027cr Kikkoman 11.88
Soy Sauce Less Sodium 10 oz 4139000105dk Kikkoman 12.85
Soy Sauce 64oz 150dc Kikkoman 22.25
Soy Sauce 5Gal 182c Kikkoman 111.21
Rice Vinegar Genuine Brewed 12oz 70641000066w Marukan 12.28
Nakano Seasoned Rice Vinegar -No MSG 12 oz 73575295393k Mitsukan 12.28
Nakano Rice Vinegar Natural 12 oz 73575277252k Major Brand 12.68
White Vinegar 32oz 1300000854k Major Brand 15.69
Apple Cider Vinegar Org "with the Mother" 32oz 500132 Bragg's 16.12
Balsamic Glaze 12.85oz 1238397 Nonna Pia's 16.56
Apple Cider Vinegar 128 Oz 377903c Four Monks 24.11
Distilled Vinegar 2/1 Gallon 444438c Four Monks 27.36
Balsamic Vinegar 1 Litre 46176c Kirkland Signature 30.99
Apple Cider Vinegar Org "with the Mother" 128oz 500133 Bragg's 43.97
Deviled Ham 4.25 oz 47800000151dk Underwood 7.10
Chicken White Meat Spread 4.25 oz Pull Top Can 47800000212dcr Underwood 7.10
Basil Pesto Sauce and Spread 8.1oz 411295dk Classico 8.35
Nut Butter with Seeds 27oz 1290439c Kirkland Signature 16.66
Hazelnut Spread 33.5oz 516087k Nutella 20.46
Apricot Spread Jar 42oz 1735938 Trailblazer 23.29
Almond Butter Creamy 27oz (Org) 1109404c Kirkland Signature 23.98
Hazelnut Spread 2/33.5 oz 879520c Nutella 30.82
Strawberry Syrup Nesquik 22 oz 28000244606dw Nestle 9.39
Chocolate Syrup Nesquick 22 oz 28000245009dw Nestle 9.39
Corn Syrup Dark 16 oz 761720050101dw Karo / Great Value 9.71
Caramel Syrup 22 oz 34000003662dk Hersheys 9.71
Caramel Flavored Sundae Syrup 20 oz 5150002512dw Smuckers 10.44
Log Cabin Syrup Sugar Free 24 oz H0901196dk Log Cabin 11.80
Log Cabin Original Syrup 24 oz 43000000373k Log Cabin 11.80
Log Cabin All Table Natural Syrup 22 oz 64420900162dw Log Cabin 12.01
Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup 24oz 79129w Butterworth's 14.50
Maple Syrup 100% Pure Vermont 12 oz 74683005515dk Vermont 15.98
Mrs Butterworth Syrup Sugar Free 24 oz H0901197dk Butterworth's 17.06
Log Cabin Original Syrup 64 oz 6442090008dw Log Cabin 18.07
Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup 64oz Jug 97181dw Butterworth's 24.70
Log Cabin Original Syrup 2/64 oz 8431421c Log Cabin 25.93
100% Maple Syrup Organic 33.8 oz 386374c Kirkland Signature 27.74
Chocolate Syrup Simply 2/48 Oz 399318c Hersheys 32.15
Microwave Meals
Soup Tomato Classic Heat Sip and Go 11.1oz 277669dw Campbells 5.11
Sirloin Burger w Country Veg Soup 18.8oz 14879dk Campbell's Chunky 5.53
Chicken and Dumplings Soup Crmy Mic-wave 15.25oz 14919dk Campbell's Chunky 5.74
Hormel Compleats Chicken Alfredo 10oz 3760034986dk Hormel 7.41
Hormel Compleats Meatloaf & Mashed Potato 9oz 3760030209dk Hormel 7.41
Hormel Compleats Roast/Tender Beef & Gravy w Mashed Pot 9oz 3760008529dk Hormel 7.41
Hormel Compleats Salisbury Steak w Sliced Potatoes 9 oz 3763986 Hormel 7.41
Hormel Compleats Chicken and Dumpling 7.5oz 376387 Hormel 7.41
Eazy Mac & Cheese Cups 4/2.05 oz 2100001253dk Kraft 11.17
Rice Blend Microwaveable Bowl Chicken Flavor 2/1.9 oz 153002000122mca Rice-A-Roni 11.91
Rice Blend Microwaveable Bowl Creamy Four Cheese 2/2.2 oz 153002000292mca Rice-A-Roni 11.91
Beef Ravioli in Tom Sauce Mic-wave 6/7.5oz 47096mk Chef Boyardee 17.84
Mini ABC's and 123's w/ Meatballs Mic-wave 6/7.5oz 404716mk Chef Boyardee 20.20
Beefaroni w/ Beef in Tom Sauce Mic-wave 6/7.5 oz 64144047026wm Chef Boyardee 20.46
Easy Mac and Cheese Cups 12/2.05oz 443298dc Kraft 26.63
Canned Foods
Chili Red Beans in Chili Sauce 15.5 oz 78742370873dw Store Brands 3.44
Hot Chili w Beans 15 oz 06274dk Store Brands 3.52
Jalapeno Hot Chili w Beans 15oz 061292dk Nalley's 4.07
Chili Original Con Carne with Beans 14oz 124150 Nalley's 4.90
Vegetarian Chili w Beans 15oz 06128dk Nalley's 4.90
Cheese Chili w Beans 15oz 0612917dk Nalley's 4.90
Hot Chili w Beans 14oz 4132124150dk Nalley's 5.21
Onion Chili w Beans 15oz 061210dk Nalley's 5.78
Turkey Chili w Beans 15oz 06273dk Hormel 6.16
Hot Dynamite Chili w Beans 15oz 061211dk Stagg 6.26
Turkey Chili Ranchero w Beans 15oz 061213dk Stagg 6.89
Chili Beef No Beans Angus 14oz 900190 Hormel 7.62
Chili - No Beans 15 oz 06129dk Hormel 7.62
Vegetable Garden Chili w Beans 15oz 061214dk Stagg 7.92
100% Natural Chili Beef w Beans 15oz 71106071355dw Stagg 8.07
Chili w Beans #10 Can, 6.5lb (CD) 308266dc Cattle Drive Gold 31.34
Mild Chili w Beans 8/15oz 616312c Cattle Drive Gold 32.12
Chili w Beans #10 Can, 6.12lb 44500dc Stagg 33.43
Chili Orig w Beans 12/15oz 101986dc Nalley's 38.88
Meats Stews and Entrees
Vienna Sausage 5oz 39000086639dw Libby's 2.08
Vienna Sausage Chicken in Chicken Broth 4.6oz 9000590 Libby's 2.81
Spaghetti Mini Rings & Meatballs 15oz 64144048816dk Chef Boyardee 3.44
Spaghettios W Sliced Franks 15.6 oz 6162013dk Campbells 3.95
Spaghettios with Meatballs 15.6 oz 21051dk Campbells 4.04
Beefaroni 15 oz 6414404302dk Chef Boyardee 4.17
Spaghetti & Meatballs w Tomato Sauce 14.5 oz 6414404322dk Chef Boyardee 4.17
Beef Ravioli 15oz 404315dk Chef Boyardee 4.69
Beef Stew 15oz 24609dsv Dinty Moore 5.21
Beef Lasagna 15oz 73012343k Chef Boyardee 5.21
Mary Kitchen Corned Beef Hash 14 oz 196468dk Hormel 5.74
Tamales in Beef Chili Sauce 15 oz 37600216296dk Hormel 6.16
Libby's Corned Beef Hash 15 oz 39000085687dw Libby's 6.65
Spam Classic 12oz 37600138727mbg Hormel 7.83
Mary Kitchens Roast Beef Hash 14 oz 15339dk Hormel 8.14
Mary Kitchens Corn Beef Hash Sodium Reduced 15oz 3760040603dk Hormel 8.14
Spam Lite 12 oz 15332dk Hormel 8.34
Spam Bacon Flavored 12 oz 37600336581dw Hormel 8.66
Spam Turkey Oven Roasted 12 oz 2010013dk Hormel 8.66
Beef Stew 20 oz Pull Top Can 37600215831dw Dinty Moore 9.39
Libby's Corned Beef 12 oz 206220dra Libby's 9.58
Corned Beef Fully Cooked 12oz 5163dw Great Value 9.60
Hormel's Corned Beef 12oz 441012dw Hormel 9.67
Roast Beef in Beef Broth/Gravy 12oz 9961945818dk Major Brand 12.00
Beef Stew 38 oz 37600246873dca Dinty Moore 14.29
Pork and Beans 8/15 oz 19569dc Van Camp 22.02
Vienna Sausages 18/5 oz 424599dc Libby's 27.57
Chicken White Meat 6/12.5OZ 51070dc Kirkland Signature 28.52
Beef Stew 6/15 oz 185763dsa Dinty Moore 29.56
Mary Kitchens Corned Beef Hash 6/14 oz 1964686 Hormel 34.44
Roast Beef w Gravy or Beef Broth 4/12 oz 458184dc Kirkland Signature 35.95
Spam 6/12 oz 8378dc Hormel 37.11
Corned Beef Hash #10 (6.69lb) 7885dc Chefmate 38.13
Spam 25% Less Salt 8/12 oz 202195dc Hormel 46.59
Beefaroni, Chili, Spag & Meatball Combo 12ct BCSM12A Major Brands 49.31
Meat in the Mail
Tuna Salad w Cracker Snack on the Run 3.5oz 70777dk Bumble Bee 3.86
Chicken Salad w Cracker Snack 3.5oz 703503dw Bumble Bee 3.86
Ham Salad w Crackers Snack on the Run 3.5oz 703206 Bumble Bee 5.56
Bacon Flavored Bits 4.4 oz 52100010922k McCormick 6.12
Pepperoni Sliced 6oz Mailed 39885k Hormel 9.97
Bacon Pieces Real 2.8 oz 37600354141k Hormel 10.21
Bacon Bits Real 4.5 oz 44700029664k Oscar Mayer 10.24
Bacon Crumbled Real Original 4.3 oz 37600264266k Hormel 11.48
Beef Summer Sausage 9oz 44500330724k Hillshire Farms 13.57
Salame Dry Italian Chub 7oz 4450000201k Major Brand 15.99
Bacon Bits Crumbled Real Bacon 20 oz 933324c Kirkland Signature 24.38
Hunter Sticks Reindeer 2/8 oz in the mail 9718725c Alaska Sausage 31.73
Bacon Fully Cooked 48-50 Slices In the Mail 272086c Kirkland Signature 32.13
Canned Seafood
Tuna Chunk Light in Oil 5oz 480195 Chicken Of The Sea 4.17
Sardines in Mustard Sauce 3.75oz 20176 Beach Cliff 4.48
Sardines in Louisiana Hot Sauce 3.75oz 201199 Beach Cliff 4.48
Sardines in Mustard Sauce 3.75oz 480708 Chicken Of The Sea 5.21
Sardines in Louisiana Hot Sauce 3.75oz 480709 Chicken Of The Sea 5.21
Oysters Whole in Water 8oz 400650dw Geisha 6.57
Oysters Smoked Fancy 3.75oz 5902111 Pacific Pearl 7.13
Clams Chopped 6.5 oz 9852516100dk Snow 7.30
Crabmeat Fancy White 6oz 8660070251dca Bumble Bee 7.62
Polar Kipper Snacks 3.5 oz 009209914w Polar 7.75
Anchovy Paste 1.5oz 7087000665k Reese 8.07
Clams Whole Baby 10oz 82030070240dk Bumble Bee 8.14
Crabmeat w Leg Pieces 6oz 7175900201dca Geisha 8.34
Crabmeat Lump 6oz 4800000061dca Polar 10.01
Salmon Pink 14.75 oz 0008660000070dk Bumble Bee 10.38
Tuna Chunk Light in Water 4/5oz 480245 Chicken Of The Sea 14.29
Sardines in Olive Oil Bnl/Skl 6/4.375oz 180973c Season Brand 23.98
Oysters Smoked 6/3.7 Oz 60551c Crown Prince 24.63
Salmon Pink Wild Alaskan Bnl & Sknl 6/6 oz 890181c Trident Seafood 28.25
Tuna Solid White 8/7 Oz 360221dc Ks 31.65
Tuna Chunk Light 66.5 oz Can 8773dc Chicken Of The Sea 31.97
Tuna Chunk Light 12/7 oz 360205dc Chicken Of The Sea 32.81
Tuna Solid White 66.5 oz 4807c Chicken Of The Sea 38.41
Clams Chopped Sea 2/51 oz 38708c Seawatch 45.46
Canned Fruits
Pears Sliced in Pear Juice Conc 14.5oz 82838dk Store Brands 3.51
Pineapple Crushed in Pineapple Juice 20 oz 1111081747dk Store Brands 3.86
Fruit Cocktail in 100% Fruit Juice 15oz (SB) 111082646dk Store Brands 3.96
Fruit Cocktail in Water 14.5oz, Splenda Swtnd, No Sugar Added 900063 Store Brands 4.02
Fruit Cocktail in 100% Juice 15oz (DM) 24000167075dw Del Monte 5.01
Peach Slices/Freestone in Heavy Syrup 15.25oz 2400016717dk Major Brand 5.21
Pears Sliced No Sugar Added 14.5oz 9000023 Major Brand 5.21
Peach Slices No Sugar Added 14.5oz 24000132073dw Del Monte 5.21
Fruit Cocktail in Heavy Syrup 15.25oz (DM) 2400016704dk Del Monte 5.21
Pineapple Tidbits in 100% Pineapple Juice 20 oz 3890000513dw Dole 5.21
Peach Slices in 100% Fruit Juice 15oz (DM) 24000167136dw Del Monte 5.25
Pineapple Crushed in 100% Pineapple Juice 20 oz 3890000613dk Dole 5.29
Cranberry Sauce Jellied 14 oz 312000160658dk Ocean Spray 5.53
Cranberry Sauce Whole Berry 14 oz 11110896667dk Ocean Spray 5.53
Peach Slices 15oz (Org) 1111079049dk Simple Truth Organic 5.53
Pineapple Slices in Pineapple Juice 20oz 389143dk Dole 5.69
Tropical Fruit 15.25oz 3890009081dk Major Brand 5.89
Tropical Fruit in Lt Syrup & Passion Fruit Juice 15.25oz 72273390812dk Dole 6.37
Apricot Halves Lite 15 oz 1111082417dk Major Brand 6.57
Cherries Red Tart Whole Pitted in Water Canned 14.5 oz 41345517181dw Store Brands 7.30
Pear Halves in Heavy Syrup 29oz 9000187 Store Brands 7.65
Cranberry Sauce Jellied 14 oz 11110896636dk Major Brand 8.38
Pineapple Tidbits in Juice 20 oz 1111081756dk FM 9.28
Cherries Dark Sweet Pitted in Heavy Syrup 15oz 900189 Del Monte 9.50
Applesauce 47.3oz 11666 Major Brand 11.02
Cherries Dark Sweet Canned 15oz 41345317125dw Oregon Fruit Products 13.57
Peach Slices in Extra Light Syrup 106 oz 191891c S & W 21.83
Pear Halves #10 Can 192304dc Del Monte 25.27
Pineapple Chunks 1/#10 can 81679dc Dole 28.09
Pear Halves 8/15 oz 192300dc S & W 28.53
Peaches Sliced 106oz (#10 Can) 39040dc S & W 28.73
Fruit Cocktail in Lightly Sweetened Fruit Juice 8/15 oz 192299dc S & W 29.25
Cranberry Sauce Whole 6/14oz 896676 Ocean Spray 29.77
Cranberry Sauce Jellied 6/14 oz 963288s Ocean Spray 29.77
Peaches Sliced 6/15oz in 100% Juice 23397s Del Monte 30.29
Pineapple Chunks Gold 8/20oz 407174c Dole 30.92
Mandarin Oranges 12/11 oz 489638dc Festival 33.83
Peaches Sliced in Extra Lt Syrup 4/24oz (Glass) 512688c Kirkland Signature 39.58
Cherries Maraschino w/ Stems 128oz 1399c Royal 40.74
Mandarin Orange in Lt Syrup 6/#10 Can 768286fs Monarch 187.04
Canned Vegetables
Green Beans Cut 14.5 oz 7874236944dw Store Brands 2.81
Green Beans Cut No Salt Added 14.5 oz 7874236943dw Store Brands 3.12
Carrots Sliced 14.5oz 80776dk Store Brands 3.12
Corn Cream Style 8.25 oz (Sm Cans ) 24000014416dw Store Brands 3.12
Whole Kernel Corn 8.75oz ( Sm Cans ) 24000014409dw Major Brand 3.14
Corn No Salt Added Whole Kernel Corn 15 oz 11030dk Store Brands 3.23
Tomato Sauce Mexican Hot Style 7.75oz 723602 El Pato 3.44
Potatoes White Whole 15 oz 3809dk Store Brands 3.65
Potatoes White Sliced 15 oz 3810dk Store Brands 3.65
Peas Sweet No Salt Added 15 oz 240001630712dw Del Monte 3.69
Green Beans Cut (DM) 14oz 2400016289dw Del Monte 3.69
Green Beans Cut No Salt Added 14.5 oz (DM) 2400016287dw Del Monte 3.69
Spinach Leaf 13.5 oz 11033dk Store Brands 3.86
Hominy Golden 15.5 oz 3748dk Store Brands 3.86
Hominy White 15.5oz 3749dk Store Brands 3.86
Corn Cream Style 14.5oz 80900 Store Brands 4.07
Vegetables Mixed 15 oz 3765dk FM 4.07
Spinach Leaf No Salt Added 13.5 oz 2400016318dk Store Brands 4.07
Beets Sliced 15 oz 3681dk Store Brands 4.07
Corn No Salt Added Whole Kernel 15 oz 2400016305dw Del Monte 4.07
Whole Kernel Corn 14.5oz 24000163022dk Major Brand 4.07
Black Eyed Peas 15.5oz 171785 Store Brands 4.17
Peas & Carrots 15 oz 1111054dk Store Brands 4.17
Wax Beans Cut Non GMO 14.5 oz 2400016296dw Del Monte / S&W 4.48
Veg-All Mixed Vegetables Original 15 oz 3470000049dw Veg-All 4.48
Corn Cream Style 14.75 oz 11028dk Major Brand 4.48
Black Eyed Peas 15.8 oz 11110727800dk Major Brand 4.59
Carrots Sliced 14.5 oz 3687dk Major Brand 4.69
Water Chestnuts 8oz 17006dk Major Brand 4.69
Peas Chick Garbanzos 15.5 oz 78742099897dw Store Brands 4.90
Peas Chick Garbanzos 15.5oz 41331020633dk Goya 5.21
Sweet Potatoes Cut (Yams in Syrup) 15 oz 14678dk Princella 5.21
Peas & Carrots 14.5oz (DM) 416311 Del Monte 5.32
Lima Beans 15.25 (DM) 3657dk Del Monte 5.32
Mushrooms Pieces & Stems Canned 8oz 70475000812dw Giorgio 5.53
Turnip Greens Seasoned Southern Style 27oz 10325dw Glory 5.54
Whole Peeled Tomatoes in Tomato Juice 28 oz 11110815309dk Store Brands 6.57
Veg-All Original 29 oz 34700000602dw Veg-All 8.19
Sweet Potatoes Cut Yams ( Canned ) 29 oz 11110890399dk Store Brands 10.75
Sweet Potatoes 29 oz ( Canned Yams ) 3470009612dk Princella 10.96
Asparagus Extra Long 15oz 37100058167dw Green Giant 10.96
Sweet Potatoes Cut ( Canned Yams ) in Light Syrup 40 oz 34700093208dw Princella 11.80
Tomato Paste 8/6oz 315394jb Kirkland Signature 13.87
Asparagus Cut Spears 4/14.5oz 172650sv Store Brands 15.89
Sauerkraut 62 Oz 637c Farman's 19.93
Tomato Stewed Orig 8/14.5 oz 481001dk Store Brands 21.55
Tomato Sauce 106oz (#10 Can) 192118dc Del Monte / S&W 23.50
Tomatoes Crushed 106oz (#10 Can ) 192117dc Del Monte / S&W 23.50
Whole Kernel Corn 106 oz (#10 Can ) 1071dc Del Monte 24.34
Tomatoes Whole Peeled 102oz (#10 Can) 192111dc Del Monte / S&W 24.34
Mushrooms Sliced Org 12/4 oz 25001c Festival 24.41
Tomato Sauce Org 8/15oz 148131jb Kirkland Signature 24.52
Green Beans Fancy Cut 1/#10 1069dc Del Monte / S&W 25.38
Tomatoes Diced Org 8/14.5 oz 135235dc Kirkland Signature 25.79
Peas Sweet 8/14.5 oz 192266dc S & W 26.43
Sundried Julienne Tomatoes in Olive Oil & Ita. Herbs 35 oz 779728c Bella San Luci 29.09
Asparagus Pickled 2/33oz (Glass) 874293c Princess 34.47
Tomato Sauce Org 12/15oz 633563 Kirkland Signature 35.17
Green Beans Cut No Salt 12/14.5oz 315229jb Store Brands 36.15
Artichoke Hearts Halves & Quarters 2/33oz 518090c Kirkland Signature 37.15
Corn No Salt Added Whole Kernel 12/15.25 oz 373112km Store Brands 38.45
Whole Kernel Corn 12/15.25 oz 512690dc Del Monte 38.61
Green Beans 12/14.5oz 512691dc Del Monte 38.61
Vegetable Stew Blend 2.1 lbs 715896w Augason Farms 43.01
Tomatoes Stewed 6/10# 21105fsa FSA Signature 121.81
Potatoes Sweet Yams 6/10 # 54682fsa FSA Signature 128.33
Beans and Legumes (Canned)
Great Northern Beans 15oz -15.5oz 78742114187dw Store Brands 4.48
Kidney Beans Light Red 15 oz - 15.5 oz 78742110554dw Store Brands 4.48
Refried Beans Traditional 16oz 10632dk Rosarita 4.49
Butter Beans Canned 16oz 39400016700dw Bush's Best 4.90
Pinto Beans 15oz-15.5 oz 78742370866dw Store Brands 4.90
Navy Beans 15.5 oz 78742002248dw Store Brands 4.90
Baked Beans Original 16oz 16120 Bush's Best 5.11
Garbanzo Beans Organic 15 oz 11110847690dk Simple Truth Organic 5.21
Kidney Beans Red 15.5 oz 41331020510dk Goya 5.21
Pinto Beans 15.5 oz 41331020626dk Goya 5.21
Red Beans 15oz - 15.5 oz 78742134970dw Store Brands 5.21
Black Beans Organic 15.25 oz 11110849380dk Simple Truth Organic 5.21
Chili Beans Organic 15.5 oz 11110894199dk Simple Truth Organic 5.21
Great Northern Beans Organic 15 oz 11110849410dk Simple Truth Organic 5.21
Pinto Beans Organic 15 oz 11110849397dk Simple Truth Organic 5.21
Kidney Beans Dk Red Organic 15 oz 11110849373dk Simple Truth Organic 5.21
Black Beans Seasoned Org 15 oz 11110808639dk Simple Truth Organic 5.21
Kidney Beans Dark Red 15 oz -15.25 oz 78742370859dw Major Brand 5.21
Black Beans15oz-15.5 oz 78742075761dw Major Brand 5.32
Kidney Beans Low Sod 15.25 oz 9081dk S & W 5.32
Beans w Tomato Sauce 57 Varieties 13.7 oz 789968000023dk Heinz 10.44
Kidney Beans Low Sod 6/15.25oz 90816mka S & W 23.50
Baked Beans 117oz (#10Can) 71023c Bush's Best 24.35
Refried Beans Organic 8/16 oz 104242dc Rosarita 25.07
Kidney Beans Organic 8/15.25oz 192811c S & W 25.38
Black Beans Organic 8/15 oz 664511c S & W 27.31
Refried Beans Vegetarian #10 can 54951dc Rosarita 28.20
Garbanzo Beans 8/15.5 oz 192747c S & W 29.76
Beans and Legumes Dried
Black Beans 16oz, Dried 452405dk La Preferida 5.31
Split Pea Green ( Dry) 16oz 89617dk Store Brands 6.07
Garbanzo Beans 16oz, Dried 89689 Store Brands 6.47
15 Bean Soup 20oz, Dried 252113 Hurst's HamBeens 10.60
Black Beans Triple Cleaned 25lb 1225168c Heartland 63.12
Beans Pinto 25 Lb 26013c Major Brand 89.49
Peas Green Split Dry 25 lb 55921fsa FSA Signature 97.00
Pea Split Organic 25 lb 01225np Organic 101.90
Navy Beans Dry 25 lb 5019068 Major Brand 104.19
Peas Black Eyed 25 lb ( Org ) 0115n Mountain High Organics 128.97
Grains- Others
Barley Pearled Quick 11oz 72103dk Quaker 8.98
Chia Seeds Organic 48oz 1253040c Nature's Intent 17.67
Hemp Hearts Shelled Hemp Seeds 2lb 1388341 Kirkland Signature 21.99
Quinoa Organic 4.5 lb 129432c Kirkland Signature 28.25
Quinoa & Brn Rice w Garlic 6/8.5oz (Org) 195631c Seeds of Change 28.25
Grains- Rice
Rice Pilaf Garlic & Herb 6.3oz 510211 Near East 5.11
Couscous Mix Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil 5.8oz 5210155 Near East 5.11
Pilaf Rice Original 6 oz 72251001051dk Near East 5.11
Minute Rice Jasmine Cups Microwaveable 2/4.4oz 174031 Kraft 5.84
Minute Rice Brown Cups Microwaveable 2/4.4oz 174141 Kraft 5.84
Minute Rice White Cups Microwaveable 2/4.4oz 174140 Kraft 5.84
Minute Rice Brown 14oz 174118 Kraft 7.62
Minute Rice Jasmine 12oz 22252dk Riviana Foods 7.62
Seasoned Rice w Red Beans 8 oz 41331026666dk Goya 8.45
Long Grain Rice 5lb 84703dk Store Brands 11.80
Uncle Ben's Orig Rice 2lb 81008dk Uncle Bens 11.93
Wild Blend Rice 16oz 600430 Lundberg 12.53
Minute Rice 42oz 11820w Kraft 15.00
Minute Rice 72 oz 220726dc Kraft 18.80
Arborio Rice 2lb 191041k Rice Select 19.32
Sticky White Rice Bowls Mic-wave 12/7.4oz 1154110 Bibigo 30.82
Brown Rice Short Grain 12 lb 219890c Lundberg 37.14
Niko Niko Calrose Rice 10 lb 7613201004ns Sun Luck 37.38
Calrose Rice Fancy 25 lb 207dc Homai 55.52
Basmati Rice Premium 20lb 1324476 Kahzana 56.42
Rice California Brown 25lb 5415 Homai 57.99
Long Grain Rice 25lb 1306311c Kirkland Signature 59.35
Rice Jasmine 25 lb 114408dc Major Brand 62.11
Niko Niko Calrose Rice 20 lbs 7613201001Adns Sun Luck 69.99
Sweet (Glutinous) Rice 25 lbs 1010NS Major Brand 86.31
Rice Jasmine Thai 50lb 1350719 Emerald River 97.49
Calrose Rice 50lb 206 Homai 99.99
Jasmine Rice 50lb 841942 Kirkland Signature 112.99
Pasta and Side Dishes
Elbow Macaroni 16 oz 11110889324dk Store Brands 3.71
Fettuccine Noodles 12oz-16oz 50738dk Store Brands 3.71
Spaghetti Noodles 16 oz 11110889300dk Major Brand 4.17
Spaghetti Noodle Thin 16oz 268165 American Beauty 4.49
Elbow Macaroni Large 12oz-16oz 90664 Store Brands 4.49
Penne Rigate Whole Wheat Pasta 100% 16 oz (Org) 79893405278dca Simple Truth Organic 4.69
Spaghetti Whole Wheat 100% 16oz 33483dk Simple Truth Organic 4.69
Egg Noodles Wide Size 12oz-16oz 804686dk Store Brands 4.79
Lasagna Pasta 16oz 85027 Store Brands 4.80
Angel Hair Pasta 1lb 85068dk Store Brands 4.90
Rotini Pasta 16oz 8098dk Barrilla 5.21
Angel Hair Pasta 1lb 50106dk Barrilla 5.53
Farfalle Mini Pasta (Sm Bow Tie Macaroni ) 16 oz 76808535570dw Barrilla 6.26
Rice Sticks Maifun 6.75oz 900952 Dynasty 6.78
Farfalle Enriched Pasta 1lb 16202507087k Barrilla 7.22
Penne Rigate Enriched Macaroni 16 oz 11110801197k Major Brand 7.73
Pasta Acini Di Pepe 16oz 407078 De Cecco 8.70
Miracle Noodle Fettucini 7oz 700301dk Miracle 9.39
Miracle Noodle Angel Hair 7oz 700300dk Miracle 9.39
Miracle Noodle Rice 8oz 700302dk Miracle 9.39
Egg Pappardelle Pasta 8.8oz 51082dk Delallo 9.63
Ramen Brown Rice Noodles 1.87lbs 316689c Org Lotus Foods 19.04
Spaghetti Organic 6/1lb 137156mca Store Brands 19.84
Elbow Macaroni 6/1lb 893246mka Store Brands 20.16
Rotini Pasta made from Chickpeas 2.5lbs 1117393c Banza Chickpeas 20.58
Pasta Vty Penne,Casarecce, Gemelli 6/1.1lb (Org) 993449c Garofalo 21.97
Rotini Pasta 6/16oz 80986mka Barrilla 24.41
Vermicelli Bean Thread Noodles Org 29.6oz 960641 Long Kow 28.20
Spaghetti Noodle Org 8/1 lb Bags 654003dc Garofalo 31.34
Pasta Elbow Macaroni Enriched 10 lbs 155356c Santa Maria 39.80
Elbow Macaroni 2/10 lb 638822 Dakota Growers 49.99
Spaghetti Noodles 2/10lb 638817 Dakota Growers 49.99
Side Dishes
RAR Mic-wave Cups Creamy Four Cheese 2.5oz 153029 Rice-A-Roni 3.12
Mashed Potatoes Roasted Garlic & Parsley 4oz 2970000147dk Idahoan 3.15
Mashed Potatoes Loaded Baked 4oz 2970000148dk Idahoan 3.15
Mashed Potatoes Butter & Herb 4oz 2970000146dk Idahoan 3.15
Mashed Potatoes Baby Reds 4.1oz 2970000138dk Idahoan 3.15
Mashed Potatoes Buttery Homestyle 4oz 297141 Idahoan 3.15
Mashed Potatoes Savory Roasted Garlic 4.7oz 900013 Betty Crocker 3.15
Mashed Potatoes Rstd Garlic & Parmesan Baby Reds 4.1oz 2970000139dk Idahoan 3.15
Rice A Roni Chicken & Garlic Vermicelli Mix 5.9oz 15300430068dk Rice-A-Roni 3.74
Rice A Roni Beef 6.8oz 15300430280dk Rice-A-Roni 3.74
Rice A Roni Chicken 6.9oz 15300430235dk Rice-A-Roni 3.74
Rice A Roni Spanish Rice 6.8oz 1530043532dk Rice-A-Roni 3.74
Rice A Roni Creamy Four Cheese 6.4oz 15300439801dk Rice-A-Roni 3.74
Rice A Roni Fried Rice 6.2oz 15300430488dk Rice-A-Roni 3.74
Rice A Roni Cheddar Broccoli 6.5oz 15300430242dk Rice-A-Roni 3.74
Rice A Roni Chicken & Broccoli Vermicelli Mix 4.9oz 15300430341dk Rice-A-Roni 3.74
Rice A Roni Long Grain & Wild Rice 4.3oz 15300430471dk Rice-A-Roni 3.74
Rice A Roni Rice Pilaf 7.2oz 15300430594dk Rice-A-Roni 3.74
Annie's Shells & (Orange) Aged Cheddar 6oz 1356230084dk Annie's Homegrown 4.17
Pasta Sides Parmesan 4.3oz Pouch 412255dk Knorr 4.48
Pasta Sides Stroganoff 4oz 412548dk Knorr 4.48
Pasta Sides Chicken 4.5 oz Pouch 4100002262dw Knorr 4.48
Pasta Sides Herb & Butter 5.4 oz Pouch 4100002269dw Knorr 4.48
Pasta Sides Chicken & Broccoli 4.2 oz Pouch 4100002263dw Knorr 4.48
Pasta Sides Alfredo 4.4 oz Pouch 4100002253dw Knorr 4.48
Potatoes Au Gratin 4.7oz 1600028881w Betty Crocker 4.59
Hamburger Helper Three Cheese 6oz 16000159723dk Betty Crocker 4.69
Hamburger Helper Stroganoff 6.4oz 16000159754dk Betty Crocker 4.69
Hamburger Helper Chili Macaroni 6.6oz 16000263680dk Betty Crocker 4.69
Hamburger Helper Crunchy Taco 7.6oz 16000436732dk Betty Crocker 4.69
Hamburger Helper Lasagna 6.9oz 16000411302dk Betty Crocker 4.69
Hamburger Helper Double Cheeseburger Mac 6oz 16000263697dk Betty Crocker 4.69
Hamburger Helper Cheeseburger Mac 5.5oz 16000139251dk Betty Crocker 4.69
Hamburger Helper Beef Pasta 5.9oz 16000414204dk Betty Crocker 4.69
Macaroni & Cheese Annies 6 oz Organic 157410dk Annie's Homegrown 4.69
Hamburger Helper Potatoes Stroganoff 5oz 16000413603dk General Mills 4.69
Fiesta Sides Spanish Rice 5.6oz 41000022685dw Knorr 4.77
Scalloped Potatoes 4.7 oz 16000274891dw Betty Crocker 4.90
Tuna Helper Creamy Broccoli 6.4 oz 16000263161dca Betty Crocker 5.21
Tuna Helper - Cheesy Pasta 5.3 oz 16000263130dw Betty Crocker 5.21
Rice & Black Beans New Orleans Style 7oz 23655dk Zatarain's 5.74
New Orleans Style Red Beans & Rice 8oz 23657dk Zatarain's 5.74
Dirty Rice Dinner Mix 8oz 095359dk Zatarain's 5.74
Jambalaya Mix Orig 8oz 71429095236dk Zatarain's 5.74
Stove Top Stuffing Mix Turkey 6oz 4300028555dk Stove Top 7.30
Stove Top Stuffing Mix Pork 6oz 4300028591dk Kraft 7.30
Stove Top Stuffing Mix Chicken 6oz 4300028521dk Kraft 7.30
Stove Top Stuffing Mix Cornbread 6oz 4300028532dk Kraft 7.30
Velveeta Shells & Cheese 12oz 65893dk Kraft 7.30
Suddenly Pasta Salad Classic 7.75 oz 16000503304dk Betty Crocker 7.30
Suddenly Pasta Salad Ceasar 7.25 oz 16000509504dk Betty Crocker 7.30
Suddenly Pasta Ranch and Bacon 7.5oz 1605094 Betty Crocker 7.30
Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese Original Cheddar 14 oz 21000658862dk Kraft 7.62
Macaroni & Cheese Organic Cheddar 6 oz 2100001254dk Kraft 8.21
Macaroni & Cheese Whole Grain 6 oz 2100001721dk Kraft 8.21
Seasoned Rice Yellow Spanish Style 7oz 112662 Goya 8.45
Seasoned Rice Mexican Chicken Flv 7oz 112663 Goya 8.45
Seasoned Rice w Red Beans 8 oz 41331026666dk Goya 8.45
Instant Mashed Potato 13.75oz 1085295k Idahoan 9.39
Macaroni & Cheese 6ct 2100077436w Kraft 13.90
Hashbrown Potatoes Premium 8/4.2 oz 211769c Golden Grill 19.63
Idahoan Real Premium Mashed Potatoes 3.25lb 314154ds Idahoan 19.84
Hashbrowns Potatoes Instant 33.1oz 1677221 Idaho Spuds 21.98
Macaroni & Cheese 12ct 67137dc Kraft 25.38
Hamburger Helper Vty 6 pk ( 3 Flavors ) HHV6A Betty Crocker 26.09
Velveeta Shells & Cheese Orig 6ct 658936mka Kraft 31.86
Mashed Potato Pouches Vty 12 ct MMP12A Idahoan 32.46
Mac and Cheese Vty Org 12/6oz 985695c Annie's Homegrown 32.62
Velveeta 2/2 lb 22750c Kraft 37.23
Rice A Roni Vty 12 pk (4Flav) RRV12A Betty Crocker 40.40
Dry Soup
Cup of Noodles Asian Style Stir Fry Teriyaki Beef 3oz 40401 Nissin 2.92
Cup of Noodles Asian Style Stir Fry Teriyaki Chicken 3oz 40402 Nissin 2.92
Cup of Noodles Asian Style Stir Fry Korean BBQ 2.89oz 40404 Nissin 2.92
Cup of Noodles Asian Style Stir Fry Sweet Chili 3oz 40403 Nissin 2.92
Soup Bowl Hot and Spicy with Shrimp 3.27oz 209632 Nissin 3.65
Soup Bowl Hot and Spicy Fiery Beef 3.28oz 209633 Nissin 3.65
Recipe Secrets Soup and Dip Mix Beefy Onion 2.2oz 410408 Lipton 4.36
Savory Beef Noodle Soup Bowl 3.03oz 31146263622dw Nongshim 4.63
Chow Mein Teriyaki Chicken Flv 4oz 20871 Nissin 4.65
Chow Mein Teriyaki Beef Flavor 4 oz 0070662087237dw Nissin 4.65
Soup Secrets Chicken Noodle Soup 2/4.5oz 900103 Lipton 7.30
Ramen Oriental Soy Sauce Noodle Soup 6/3 oz 00706620100136km Maruchan 8.07
Ramen Chicken 12/3oz 89211 Maruchan 11.02
Ramen Beef 12/3oz 89232 Maruchan 11.02
Soup Mix Vegetable Beef 9oz 63123dk Bear Creek 11.48
Soup Mix Tortilla 9oz 760263000901dk Bear Creek 11.48
Soup Mix Cheddar Broccoli 10.6oz 760263000260dk Bear Creek 11.48
Soup Mix Minestrone 9.3oz 760263000109dk Bear Creek 11.48
Soup Mix Creamy Potato 11oz 760263000161dk Bear Creek 11.48
Soup Mix Chicken Noodle 8.4oz 760263000321dk Bear Creek 11.48
Soup Mix 'Darn Good Chili' 9.8oz 760263000291dk Bear Creek 11.48
Ramen Shrimp Noodle Soup 12/3oz 2373dk Maruchan 12.01
Tomato Soup Creamy 32 fl oz (Org) 5260304282k Pacific Organic 12.06
Instant Lunch Shrimp Flavor 6/2.25 oz 6162012w Maruchan 13.59
Instant Lunch Beef Flavor 6/2.25 oz 6162011w Maruchan 13.59
Instant Lunch Chicken Flavor 6/2.25 oz 6162010w Maruchan 13.59
Buldak Ramen Instant Spicy Hot Chicken Flv 5/4.94oz 21183 Samyang 17.02
Spicy Chicken Noodle 4/3.03oz 900054dw Nongshim 18.80
Buldak Ramen Inst Spicy Hot Chicken Carbonara Flv 5/4.58oz 21184 Samyang 20.99
Buldak Ramen Bowl 2x Spicy Chicken 6/3.7oz 1779961 Samyang 22.99
Ramen Tonkotsu Bowls 6/3.5oz 1407434 Nongshim 24.29
Pho Bowls Vietnamese 9/2.1oz 1332544dc Snapdragon 28.53
Cup of Noodles Chicken 24 ct 980978dc Nissin 29.42
Cup of Noodles Shrimp 24ct 180906dc Nissin 29.42
Cup of Noodles Beef 24ct 980999dc Nissin 29.42
Ramen Chicken 48ct 981000 Nissin 35.54
Ramen Beef And Chicken Noodle Soup 48 ct 113519dc Nissin 35.54
Nongshim Udon Noodle Bowl Soup 6/9.73oz 125376 Nongshim 36.05
Nongshim Shin Noodle Soup Gourmet Spicy 12/4.2oz 1414377 Nongshim 38.71
Hot and Spicy Ramen Bowl Chicken 18/3.32oz (Nissin) 907961 Nissin 40.39
Kimchi Bowl Noodle Soup 18ct (Green) 300996dc Nongshim 41.35
Hot & Spicy Bowls 18ct (Blue) 542039dc Nongshim 41.99
Bear Creek Soup Mix Vty 6ct 900135dkA Bear Creek 61.70
Canned Soups
Bean w/ Bacon Soup 11.5 oz 21016dk Campbells 4.17
Vegetable Beef Soup 10.50 oz 21010dk Campbells 4.27
Broccoli Cheese Soup 10.75 oz 210201dk Campbells 4.27
French Onion Soup 10.5 oz 21001dk Campbells 4.27
Tomato Bisque Cond Soup 11oz 51000015877dk Campbells 4.27
Chicken Gumbo Soup 10.75oz 510081 Campbells 4.27
Vegetable Vegetarian Alphabet Cond Soup 10.5oz 51000011510dk Campbells 4.27
Campbell's Cheddar and Cheese Soup 10.5oz 210102dk Campbells 4.27
Golden Mushroom Soup 10.75 oz 5100002141dw Campbells 4.27
Cream of Chicken & Herb Cond Soup 10.5oz 51000010315dk Campbells 4.27
Vegetable Soup made w Beef Stock 10.5 oz 5100001021dk Campbells 4.27
Black Bean Soup w Olive Oil, Pepper and Onion 15 oz 41331020671dk Goya 5.14
Split Pea & Ham Soup Chunky 18.8 oz 210103dk Campbells 5.53
Sirloin Burger Soup Spicy 18.8oz 21180 Campbell's Chunky 5.53
Chicken And Dumpling Soup Creamy 18.8oz 14293 Campbell's Chunky 5.53
Chicken Noodle Healthy Request 18.6oz 16775dk Campbell's Chunky 5.53
Chicken and Sausage Gumbo Soup Spicy 18.8oz 21182 Campbell's Chunky 5.53
Chicken Noodle Classic 18.8oz 103885dk Campbell's Chunky 5.53
Chicken Noodle Soup Spicy 18.6oz 21179 Campbell's Chunky 5.53
Clam Chowder Soup New England 18.8oz 51524dk Campbell's Chunky 5.63
Minestrone Canned Soup 19oz 601012 Progresso 6.11
Tomato Basil Soup 19oz (GF) 614553 Progresso 6.11
Split Pea Soup Flavored w Bacon 19oz 601051 Progresso 6.11
Chicken and Wild Rice Soup 19oz 691036 Progresso 6.11
Chicken and Rice with Vegetables 19oz 601000 Progresso 6.11
Clam Chowder Soup Traditional 18.5oz 48568dk Progresso 6.11
Tomato Soup Cond 26oz 213068djb Store Brands 6.26
Cream of Chicken Cond Fam Sz 22.4oz 21243dk Campbells 6.78
Cream of Celery Cond Soup 4/10.5oz 65698dk Campbells 11.80
Cream of Chicken Soup Cond 4/10.5oz 24868w Campbells 11.80
Tomato Soup Condensed 4 / 10.75 oz 51000129390ca Campbells 11.80
Cream of Mushroom Soup 4/10.75 oz 51000129680w Campbells 11.80
Chicken Noodle Soup 4/10.75 oz 51000129383ca Campbells 11.80
Butternut Squash Soup Creamy Organic 32 oz 5260304dk Pacific Organic 12.84
Chicken Corn Chowder Flv Soup 4/18.5oz 91414mdk Campbell's Chunky 20.16
Chicken w Rice Soup Healthy Req 6/10.5 oz 1051dmwa Campbells 20.89
Chicken Homestyle Noodle Soup 4/19oz 69144mdk Progresso Rich & Hearty 20.89
Beef Pot Roast w Country Veg 4/18.5oz 91404mdk Progresso Rich & Hearty 20.89
Loaded Potato w Bacon Soup 4/18.5oz 64104mdk Progresso Rich & Hearty 20.89
Broccoli Cheese w Bacon Soup 4/18oz 961114mdk Progresso Rich & Hearty 20.89
Tomato Soup Healthy Req 6/10.75 oz 588746mkda Campbells 20.89
Mushroom Soup Cream Cond Low Sod 6/10.5 oz 510001668146wm Campbells 20.89
Beef Barley Hearty w Veg Soup 4/18.8oz 411964mdk Campbell's Chunky 24.02
Chicken Noodle Soup 8/19oz 1014937dc Campbells 28.20
Chicken Noodle Soup 12/10.75 oz 179651ds Campbells 29.77
Tomato Soup Condensed 12/10.75oz 1227dc Campbells 29.77
Cream of Mushroom Soup 12/10.75 oz 1228dc Campbells 29.96
Campbell's Soup Vty Pk 16/10.50oz 4 Flv CSVP12Ak Campbells 54.10
Chicken Noodle Cond Soup 12/22.4oz 421315djb Campbells 74.57
Cold Cereal
Froot Loops 10.1oz-14.7oz 39118dw Kelloggs 10.01
Life Cereal Multigrain 13oz 6354dk Quaker 10.44
Lucky Charms 10.5oz-14.9oz 0001600027569dw General Mills 10.96
Cereal Chex Wheat 14 oz 16000275492k General Mills 11.05
Reese's Puffs Cereal 11.5oz 161222dk General Mills 11.48
All Bran Complete Wheat Flakes 18oz 38000596674k Kelloggs 11.55
All Bran Original Cereal 18.3 oz 38000014116k Kelloggs 11.55
Kelloggs Corn Flakes 18oz 1541dk Kelloggs 11.74
Trix Cereal 16.1oz 16197 General Mills 11.79
Simply Granola Oats, Honey, Raisin and Almonds 24.1oz 3000006720dw Quaker 11.80
Corn Pops14.6oz-19.1oz 0003800039109dw Kelloggs 12.10
Golden Crisp Cereal 14.4oz 211762k Post 12.21
Apple Jacks 14oz-19oz 39134dw Kelloggs 12.52
Cocoa Krispies 15.5oz-22.4oz 15615dw Kelloggs 12.52
Quaker Cap'n Crunch Berries 11.7 oz 13427dk Quaker 12.84
Rice Chex Cereal 12oz- 18oz(GF) 16000487949dk General Mills 12.84
All Bran Buds Cereal 22oz 38000013027k Kelloggs 12.99
Autumn Whole Wheat Biscuit Cereal 16.3 oz 18627703129w Kashi 12.99
Cocoa Puffs 10.4oz 0001600027568dw General Mills 13.05
Cheerios Chocolate 19.2oz 16000147720dk General Mills 13.05
Cheerios Apple Cinnamon Cereal 14.2oz-19oz 16000275188dw General Mills 13.05
Cinnamon Toast Crunch 12oz 8216dk General Mills 13.05
Cheerios Multigrain 18oz 160042344dw General Mills 13.57
Go Lean Toasted Berry Crisp Cereal 14oz 18627703488w Kashi 13.62
Kix Cereal 18oz 27567dk General Mills 13.89
Wheat Cereal Shredded Big Biscuit 15oz 88491218059dk Post 13.89
Chex Cinnamon Cereal 19.2oz 16000263444dk General Mills 13.89
Chex Chocolate Cereal 12.8 (GF) 16000274730dk General Mills 13.89
Honey Nut Chex Cereal 19.6oz (GF) 16000275317dk General Mills 13.89
Quaker Cap'n Crunch 22oz-25.7oz 13429dk Quaker 13.89
Golden Puffs 32oz H100041dw Malt O Meal 13.93
Golden Grahams Cereal 16.7oz- 18.9oz 16000027516dk General Mills 14.10
Fiber One Honey Clusters Cereal 17.5 16000427396dk General Mills 14.10
Oatmeal Squares Brown Sugar Cereal 21oz 36441dk Quaker 14.10
Honey Bunches of Oats with Strawberries Cereal 16.5oz 200437 Post 14.10
Cheerios Cereal Orig 18oz-21.7oz 1600027564dk General Mills 14.62
Frosted Flakes 15 oz - 19 oz 38000596551k Kelloggs 14.92
Oat Flakes & Blueberry Clusters 13.4 oz 18627510031w Kashi 14.93
Honey-Comb Corn and Oat Cereal 19oz 924164 Post 14.93
Honey Bunches of Oats w Almonds 23oz-28oz 884912014306w Post 15.02
Raisin Nut Bran 20.8oz 16000027529dk General Mills 15.14
Frosted Mini Wheats 18oz 15444dk Kelloggs 15.14
Honey Bunches of Oats w Almonds 14.5oz - 18 oz 884912014252w Post 15.14
Cheerios Frosted 13.5oz - 18.4oz 16000483651w General Mills 15.29
Corn Chex Cereal 12 oz-18oz 16000487963dk General Mills 15.66
Coco Roos 32oz H100036dw Malt O Meal 15.66
Berry Colossal Crunch w Marshmallow 32oz 42400062325dw Malt O Meal 15.66
Fruity Dyno Bites w Marshmallows 30oz 42400219637dw Malt O Meal 15.66
Cinnamon Toasters 33oz H100034dw Malt O Meal 15.66
Honey & Oat Blenders with Almonds 30 oz 42400022992dw Malt O Meal 15.66
Berry Colossal Crunch 34.5-38.5oz H100032dw Malt O Meal 15.66
Crispy Rice 36 oz H100038dw Malt O Meal 15.66
Tootie Fruities 30-33oz H100046dw Malt O Meal 15.66
Post Cranberry Almond Crunch 14oz-17oz 88491210305dk Post 15.66
Honey Nut Scooters 31oz H100050dw Malt O Meal 15.66
Frosted Mini Spooner 36oz-40oz H100049dw Malt O Meal 15.66
Apple Zings 30oz H100047dw Malt O Meal 15.66
Frosted Flakes Cereal 37oz H1000393dw MaltOMeal 15.74
Coco Dyno Bites 32 oz - 42 oz H100035dw Malt O Meal 15.74
Fruity Dyno Bites 32oz H100040dw Malt O Meal 15.74
Marshmallow Mateys 32oz-38oz H100045dw Malt O Meal 15.74
Smores Cereal 30oz 21837 Malt O Meal 15.74
Life Cereal Multigrain Cereal 22.3oz 356237k Quaker 15.76
Cookie Crisp Cereal 10.3oz 16000272965dw General Mills 15.98
Raisin Bran Crunch 22.5oz 15613dk Kelloggs 15.98
Special K Cereal Red Berries 16.9oz 15451dk Kelloggs 15.98
Great Grains Crunchy Pecans 16oz-19oz 88491212601dk Post 15.98
Great Grains Raisin-Date-Pecans 16oz-19oz 88491212611dk Post 15.98
HBO Honey Roasted Oats 28oz 88491200392dw Post 15.98
Great Grains Cranberry Almond Crunch Whole Grain Cereal 14 oz-17 884912002372dw Post 15.98
Frosted Mini Wheats Strawberry 22 oz 3800026754dk Kelloggs 15.98
Special K Granola Orig Cereal 18oz 360515dk Kelloggs 16.19
Grape Nuts Cereal 29oz 200471 Post 16.19
Frosted Flakes 24oz 38000576089w Kelloggs 16.41
Granola Ancient Grains w Almonds 35.3oz 526528c Kirkland Signature 16.66
Fiber One Honey Clusters Cereal 17.5oz 16000275782dk General Mills 17.23
Smart Start Cereal 18.2oz 15606dk Kelloggs 17.75
General Mills Cereal Cups Vty 12ct (LC/HNC/CTC/C) 797554c General Mills 21.72
Pumpkin Flax Plus Granola 35 oz (Org) 993467dc Nature Path 23.50
Granola Keto Nut Blueberry Cinnamon 22oz 1449725 NuTrail 24.87
Honey Nut Cheerios 2/27.5oz 53197c General Mills 25.09
Post Honey Bunches of Oats( Almonds ) 50oz 971230c Post 25.09
Special K Red Berries 43oz 808559c Kelloggs 25.09
Kelloggs Cereal Cup Vty 12ct (FL/FF/FMW/AJ) 1321580c Kelloggs 25.49
Cinnamon Toast Crunch 2/24.75oz 529282c General Mills 25.73
Morning Summit Cereal 38oz 1282504c General Mills 27.31
Cheerios Oat Crunch Cinnamon 59.5oz 1404912c General Mills 27.77
Quaker 100% Natural Granola 2/34.5 oz 43607c Quaker 30.44
Frosted Mini Wheat 70oz 144482c Kelloggs 37.46
Wholesome Cereal Combo 3pk WCC1021 Mailbox Groceries Alaska 72.26
Malt O Meal Cereal Vty Pack 6 ct ( MM,BCC,GP,FDB,CDB,FF ) MOMVTY6A Malt O Meal 83.30
Hot Cereal
Grits Instant 10/1 oz 30000047606k Quaker 11.05
Quick Grits 40 oz 41449056227dk Albers 11.80
Cream of Wheat 2.5 min 28 oz 1313000612dk Cream of Wheat 13.57
Wheat Original Hot Cereal 36 oz 4240000105dk Malt O Meal 17.02
Oats Quick 1 Minute 42oz 31200k Quaker 19.31
Instant Oatmeal
Instant Oatmeal Low Sugar Vty 8ct 31499dk Quaker 10.44
Fruit & Cream Vty Inst Oatmeal 8/1.05oz 30000018804dw Quaker 10.75
Maple & Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal 8/1.51oz 3001190dk Quaker 10.75
Fruit Fusion Instant Oatmeal Blueberry Balackberry 6ct, 8.4oz 577035 Quaker 11.48
Peaches & Cream Instant Oatmeal 8ct, 8.4oz 30000018002dw Quaker 11.48
Fruit Fusion Instant Oatmeal Raspberry Strawberry 6ct, 8.4oz 577042 Quaker 11.48
Original Instant Oatmeal 10ct, 9.8oz 30000012109dw Quaker 11.80
Instant Oatmeal Organic Vty Pk 8ct, 14oz 58449450009dca Nature Path 11.80
Org Oats & Flax Inst Oatmeal 8/14.1Pk 848737005000w Wild Oats Market Pl 12.28
Chia Maple & Brown Sugar Flv Inst Oatmeal 14.8 oz (10 ct) 11110017956k Major Brand 12.97
Protein Cranberry Almond Inst Oatmeal 6/2.18 oz 30000321089dk Quaker 14.10
Protein Banana Nut Inst Oatmeal 6/2.15oz 30000321096dk Quaker 14.10
Maple & Brown Sugar High Fiber Inst Oatmeal 8ct 30000261903dw Quaker 14.13
Instant Oatmeal Vty Pk 18ct -20ct 30000312094dw Quaker 19.11
Instant Oatmeal Vty Pk 20ct 30000315057w Quaker 20.29
Maple & Brown Sugar Inst Oatmeal (Org) 2/10 ct 111107191882km Simple Truth Organic 24.55
Original Inst Oatmeal 2/12ct (Org) 11110719072km Private Selection 24.55
Oatmeal Instant Vty Pk 12ct 19.8oz (HnyAlmnd/AplCnmn/MplBrwnSgr) 1686182 Quaker 25.49
Banana Walnut Flv Super Grains 6/2.46oz Cups 222916mdk Quaker 25.98
Quaker Oats Instant Oatmeal Vty 52 ct 1211336dc Quaker 26.69
Fruit and Cream Instant Oatmeal Vty 40ct 215792 Quaker 27.40
Oatmeal Instant Regular 12/42 oz 149616fsa Quaker 122.87
Steel Cut Oats 24oz 804140 Bob's Red Mill 8.66
Org Steel Cut Oats 30oz 729906119530k Nature Path 13.51
Steel Cut Oats 30 oz 30000012031w Quaker 14.13
Rolled Oats Organic GF 80oz 1380620c One Degree 29.03
Pancake and Waffle Mix
Pancake and Waffle Mix Funfetti w Candy Bits 28oz 133004dw Pillsbury 8.66
Waffle Mix Belgian 28oz 900186 Krusteaz 8.87
Waffle Mix Belgian Cinnamon Churro 21oz 40405 Krusteaz 8.87
Pancake and Waffle Mix Orig 32oz 35040w Pearl Milling Company 9.21
Buttermilk Pancake Mix 32 oz 4144900110dk Krusteaz 9.39
Blueberry Pancake Mix 25.2oz 0901177dk Krusteaz 9.71
Yorkshire Original Pudding & Pancake Mix 5 oz 813715010062k Goldenfry Foods 10.92
Buckwheat Pancake & Waffle Mix 24oz 74333683308n Bob's Red Mill 12.61
Pancake & Baking Mix 16oz (GF) 1600027746dk Bisquick 13.24
Heart Smart Pancake & Baking Mix 40oz 2107110dk Bisquick 14.62
Dk Choc Flapjack and Waffle Mix Protein Packed 18oz 90132dw Kodiak Power Cakes 14.62
Pancake and Waffle Mix 80oz 63266 Pearl Milling Company 21.55
Buttermilk Pancake Mix 10lb 1865c Krusteaz 24.69
Flapjack & Waffle Mix 4.5lbs 834603c Kodiak Power Cakes 28.25
Snack Categories
Almonds Honey Roasted 6oz 700256 Blue Diamond 8.87
Almonds Lightly Salted 6 oz 41570059821dk Blue Diamond 8.87
Peanuts Honey Rstd 12oz 66032dk Store Brands 9.37
Spanish Peanuts Redskin 12.5oz 7906dk Planters 9.92
Pecans Glazed 8 oz 10300841319w Emerald 11.74
Peanuts Honey Roasted 16oz 7345dk Planters 12.01
Cashew Nuts Halves & Pcs Lt Salted 8oz 1608k Planters 14.76
Pistachios Salt & Pepper 5.5oz 14113910194k Wonderful 15.46
Pistachio Nuts Rstd & Salted 8oz 14113912037k Wonderful 15.82
Pistachios Sweet Chili 14oz 14113912976k Wonderful 15.82
Peanuts X Large Roasted and Salted 2.5lbs 222490c Kirkland Signature 19.90
Dry Roasted Peanuts 34.5oz 7313k Planters 21.82
Walnuts Halves and Pieces 16oz 70450042103w Store Brands 22.07
Cashew Clusters 32oz 440493c Kirkland Signature 23.22
Almonds Marcona 20.7oz 504657c Kirkland Signature 23.41
Almonds Bold Wasabi & Soy Sauce 25oz 41570055373dk Blue Diamond 23.50
Peanuts Vty Pk 30/1.625oz 4flv 1153088 Sabritas 25.99
Almonds Smokehouse 25oz 13019 Blue Diamond 26.11
Peanuts Salted In-Shell 5Lb 4106c Hampton Farms 26.37
Pistachios Rstd & Salted Shelled 24 oz 569051dc Kirkland Signature 27.68
Peanuts In Shell Unsalted 5lb 717064 Sach's 28.52
Almonds Milk Chocolate Covered 48oz 376052c Kirkland Signature 28.55
Cashews,Almonds,Pecans, Brazil,Macadamia Mixed Nuts Salted 2.5lb 321063c Kirkland Signature 31.65
Almonds Sliced 5lb 1495072 Major Brand 31.81
Macadamia Clusters Salted Caramels 32 oz 297671c Kirkland Signature 32.17
Cashews,Almonds,Pistachios,Pecans Mixed Nuts Unsalted 2.5lb 5288c Kirkland Signature 32.38
Macadamias Dry Roasted 24oz 196532c Kirkland Signature 34.06
Almonds Non-Pareil Supreme 3 lb 284601c Kirkland Signature 34.13
Cashews Whole with Sea Salt 2.5 lb 18328c Kirkland Signature 36.08
Cashews Unsalted Org 40oz 1014381c Kirkland Signature 36.61
Snacking Nuts Vty 30/1.6oz 957330dc Kirkland Signature 36.88
Pecan Halves 2 lb 203444c Kirkland Signature 37.23
Walnuts Shelled 3 lb 36285c Kirkland Signature 37.23
Pistachio Nuts 3 lbs 545345c Kirkland Signature 37.23
Pine Nuts Raw , Org 1.5lb 23402c Kirkland Signature 50.75
Popcorn/Popcorn Snacks
Jiffy Pop Popcorn Butter Flv 4.5oz 144150 Jiffy Pop 6.57
Caramel Popcorn w/ Peanuts 6 oz 64144102365w Crunch n' Munch 6.83
Mw Popcorn Healthy Pop Butter Flavor 4/1.2oz 28190007210w Jolly Time 8.99
Popping Corn Simply Salt Gourmet 3 ct 27000372340w Orville Redenbacher 9.69
Pop Secret Microwave Popcorn Homestyle 3 ct 23896246802ca Diamond Foods 9.77
Buttery Toffee Popcorn w Peanuts 6 oz 64144102358w Crunch n' Munch 9.93
Cheddar Cheese Popcorn 6 oz 859040000682dk Alaska Chip Company 10.34
Mw Popcorn Nat Classic Butter & Sea Salt 3 ct 27000372319w Orville Redenbacher 10.60
Mw Popcorn 100 Cal Healty Pop Kettle Corn 4ct/1.2oz 28190001706w Jolly Time 10.75
White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn 6.75oz 28400071222dk Smartfood 10.75
Cheetos Flamin' Hot Popcorn 6.5oz 30578dk Frito Lay 10.96
Cheetos Cheddar Popcorn 7oz 32254dk Frito Lay 10.96
Lightly Salted Popcorn 4.25oz 859040000668dw Alaska Chip Company 11.33
Mw Popcorn Ult Butter 6Bags 17.41 oz 27000490143w Orville Redenbacher 12.28
Mw Popcorn Gourmet White Corn w Real Butter 6 ct 27000486283w Orville Redenbacher 13.10
White Cheddar Cheese Smartfood Popcorn 9.75oz 28400083065dk Smartfood 13.89
Mw Popcorn Nat Simply Salted 6 ct (19.74 oz) 27000489178w Orville Redenbacher 14.31
Mw Popcorn Movie Theatre Butter 6 Bags 27000490174w Orville Redenbacher 16.04
ACT II Butter Lovers Microwave Popcorn 18ct 797623w ACT II 16.19
Popcorn Kernel Seed Yellow 30oz 28190003090w Jolly Time 16.86
Mw Popcorn Smartpop Kettle Korn 10-12 ct 27000523056w Orville Redenbacher 16.86
Zebra Popcorn Caramel Corn w Choc Drizzle 24oz 1124714 Popcornopolis 17.23
Skinny Pop Porpcorn 20oz 1204386c Skinny Pop 17.35
Mw Popcorn Smart Pop w/ Butter 12/2.69oz 27000523049w Orville Redenbacher 17.59
Pop Secret Mic-wave Popcorn Homestyle Butter 12ct 23896178608w Diamond Foods 18.27
Pop Secret Movie Theater Butter 12ct 2389617850w Diamond Foods 19.59
Popcorn Kernel Seed Gourmet 45 oz 27000488140w Orville Redenbacher 19.83
Popcorn Jug 8 lb 48551c Orville Redenbacher 29.66
Mw Popcorn Movie Theater Butter 44/3.03 oz 9555c Kirkland Signature 35.83
Bulk Popcorn 50 lb 343957c Mighty Pop / ACT II 89.22
Popcorn Seasoning
White Cheddar Flv Popcorn Seasoning 2.85oz (Blue) 670171112330dw Kernel Seasons 7.62
Kettle Corn Flv Popcorn Seasoning 3oz (Purple) 670171119759dw Kernel Seasons 7.62
Cheesy Jalapeno Flv Popcorn Seasoning 2.4oz (Lime) 670171121226dw Kernel Seasons 7.62
Ranch Flv Popcorn Seasoning 2.7oz (Blue Green) 670171117885dw Kernel Seasons 7.62
Butter Flv Popcorn Seasoning 2.85oz (Yellow) 670171454546dw Kernel Seasons 7.62
Nacho Cheddar Flv Popcorn Seasoning 2.85oz (Orange) 670171114556dw Kernel Seasons 7.62
Garlic Parmesan Flv Seasoning 2.85oz 7017111011dw Kernel Seasons 7.62
Popcorn Seasoning Bacon Cheddar 2.85oz 900191 Kernel Seasons 8.25
Popping & Topping Oil Buttery Flav 16oz 60716dk Orville Redenbacher 11.62
White Cheddar Popcorn Seasoning 8.5oz (Blue) 670171252333dw Kernel Seasons 13.57
Popping Oil Butter Flavor 13.75 oz 670171881403k Kernel Seasons 14.32
Popcorn Seasoning Salt 35oz 900124dpw Major Brand 15.99
Popcorn Seasoning Vty 4pk (R,NCh,CJal,WCh) PSV4 Kernel Seasons 28.48
Popcorn Popping Oil 1 Gal 900046pw Gold Medal 50.67
Popcorn Oil Buttery Flv Topping 1 Gal 900126pw Gold Medal 51.96
Trail Mix
Classic Trail Mix 36oz 1954k Store Brands 22.23
Trail Mix Coastal Berry Blend 26 oz 560519c Wildroot Trail Mix 28.32
Healthy Trail Mix Snack Pack 24/1.2oz 1123591c Nature's Garden 29.41
Trail Mix Snack Packs 28/2 oz 288976c Kirkland Signature 30.29
Trail Mix with M & M's 4 lb 249965c Kirkland Signature 34.06
Snack Vty Box (Nuts/Trail Mix) 51ct 1377068c Kirkland Signature 63.12
Hot Fries Chesters 3.62oz 2840002825wg Chester's 5.01
Fried Pork Skin Chicharonnes Traditional 4oz 45790dk Baken-ets 6.57
Fried Pork Skin Chicharonnes Hot n' Spicy 4 oz 2840005791dw Baken-ets 6.57
Lays Stax Flavored Potato Crisps Orig 5.75 oz 284000dw Lays 7.41
Lays Stax Flavored Potato Crisps Mesquite BBQ 5.5 oz 28401 Lays 7.41
Lays Stax Flavored Potato Crisps Sour Cream and Onion 5.5 oz 24802 Lays 7.41
Lays Stax Flavored Potato Crisps Zesty Queso 5.5 oz 24804 Lays 7.41
Lays Stax Flavored Potato Crisps Salt and Vinegar 5.5 oz 24803 Lays 7.41
Pringles Potato Crisps Orig 5.2oz 3800084496dk Pringles 8.04
Pringles Pot Crisps Cheddar Cheese 5.5oz 38000847097dk Pringles 8.04
Pringles Potato Crisps Pizza Crisp 5.5oz 38000845024dk Pringles 8.04
Potato Chips Sour Cream and Onions 5.5oz 41057dk Pringles 8.04
Pringles Potato Crisps Sour Crm & Onion 5.5oz 3800084500dk Pringles 8.04
Bugles Nacho Cheese Flavor Chips 7.5 oz 16000283206k General Mills 8.98
Bugles Chips Orig Flv 7.5oz 16000283701dk Betty Crocker 8.98
Rice Snacks Popped Cheddar Cheese Flavor 6.06 oz 30000169766w Quaker 9.92
Rice Snacks Popped Apple Cinnamon Flavor 7 oz 30000169803w Quaker 9.92
Rice Snacks Popped Ranch Flavor 6 oz 30000169544w Quaker 9.92
Rice Snacks Popped Caramel Corn Flavor 7 oz 30000169797w Quaker 9.92
Munchies Cheese Fix Flavored Snacks & Chips Mix 8oz 848404 Frito Lay 10.44
Ruffles Flamin Hot Chips 8oz 2840063478dw Frito Lay 10.75
Cheetos Xtra Hot Crunchy Chips 8.5 oz 28400475dw Frito Lay 10.92
Takis Fuego Rolled Tortilla Chips Hot Chili Pepper & Lime 9.9oz 800868 Barcel 10.96
Takis Blue Heat Rolled Tortilla Chips Hot Chili Pepper 9.9oz 803747 Barcel 10.96
Sour Cream & Chives Chilkoot Chips 8oz 859040000026dk Alaska Chip Company 11.29
Doritos Dinamita Chili Limon Chips 10.75oz 65555dk Frito Lay 11.38
Fritos Chili Cheese Corn 9.25 oz 2480003923dw Frito Lay 11.38
Cheetos Puffs 8oz 0627dw Frito Lay 11.47
Doritos Spicy 9.25oz ( Red ) 2840008343dw Doritos 11.48
Simply Ruffles Sea Salted Potato Chips 8oz 28400071321dk Frito Lay 11.48
Doritos Cool Ranch Chips Flamin Hot 9.25oz 88765 Frito Lay 11.48
Doritos Nacho Cheese Chips Flamin Hot 9.25oz 51644 Frito Lay 11.48
Lays Salt & Vinegar Chips 7.75oz 28400160186dk Frito Lay 11.48
Doritos BBQ Chips Sweet and Tangy 9.25oz 69735 Frito Lay 11.48
Honey Twist BBQ 9.25oz 8408dw Frito Lay 11.48
Gardettos Orig Recipe Fam Sz 14.5oz 19360dk Gardettos 11.48
Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili 9.25oz(Purple) 2840008346dw Doritos 11.48
Munchies Flamin Hot 8 oz 28400084055w Frito Lay 11.48
BBQ Denali Grizzly Chips 8oz 859040000019dk Alaska Chip Company 11.80
Jalapeno Chips (TC) 7.5oz 5224dw Tim's Cascade 12.01
Cheetos Simply Natural White Cheddar Puffs 8 oz 28400071659w Frito Lay 12.28
Hawaiian Maui Onion (TC) 7.5oz 11594100342dw Tim's Cascade 12.53
Tostitos Tortilla Chips Salsa Verde 11oz 51819 Frito Lay 12.99
Bugles Nacho Cheese Flavors 14.5oz 25478dw General Mills 13.57
Bugles Original Flavor 14.5 oz 16000283503w General Mills 13.57
Juanitas Tortilla Chips 15oz 731216dk Juanita's 13.89
Cheetos Cheddar Jalapeno Crunchy 8.5 oz 061291101dw Frito Lay 14.13
Lays Wavy Orig 13oz 76063dw Frito Lay 14.62
Fritos Corn Chip Scoops 15.5oz 28400039024w Frito Lay 14.62
Cheetos Crunchy Chips 15oz 79015dw Frito Lay 14.62
Lays Sour Cream & Onion Chips 12.5oz 790539dw Frito Lay 14.62
Ruffles Chips Orig Party Sz 13oz 28400427302dk Frito Lay 14.62
Lays BBQ Chips 12.5oz 7902dw Frito Lay 14.62
Lays Classic Potato Chips 13oz 7601dw Frito Lay 14.62
Tostitos Restaurant Style Chips 12oz 79060dw Frito Lay 14.62
Tostitos Scoops Chips 14.5oz 7913dw Frito Lay 14.62
Doritos Cool Ranch Chips 14.5oz 4530dw Frito Lay 14.62
Doritos Nacho Cheese Chips 14.5oz 453031dw Frito Lay 14.62
Tostitos Cantina Traditional Chips 13oz 28400118958dk Frito Lay 14.62
Hawaiian Luau BBQ Chips 13 oz ( Orange ) 11594160070dk Tim's Cascade 14.62
Cheetos Crunchy Flamin Hot Chips 15oz 06129123dw Frito Lay 15.14
Jalapeno Chips Hot (TC) 13oz 5225dw Tim's Cascade 15.25
Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream Chips 12.5oz 4549dw Frito Lay 15.66
Pirates Booty Aged White Cheddar Blast Rice & Corn Puffs 18oz 630233dc Pirates Booty 15.66
Tortilla Chips Jalapeno Lime 24oz 989090 Late Of July 16.12
Tortilla Chips Multigrain Seasalt Org 28oz 1125156 Late Of July 16.71
Bugles Orig Corn Snacks 10/.87oz 21547dk General Mills 17.35
Takis Fuego Rolled Tortilla Chips Hot Chili Pepper & Lime 17oz 802975 Barcel 18.37
Stacy's Pita Chips in Sea Salt 28oz 867221c Stacy's 19.11
Tortilla Strips "Restaurant Style" Strips 3 lb 44004c Kirkland Signature 19.11
Shrimp Garlic Chips w Garlic and Butter 16oz 1398257 Naive 19.93
Harvest Snaps (Green Pea) 20oz 1241841c Harvest Snaps 20.16
Potato Chips Krinkle Cut Himalayan Sea Salt 32oz 938492 Kirkland Signature 21.41
Doritos Mega Size Bag 30oz 933402c Doritos 22.25
Frito Lay Classic Mix Chips Vty 18ct 20546k Frito Lay 23.86
Cheese Balls 35 oz 48423dc UTZ 26.42
Frito Lay Flavor Mix Chips Vty 18ct 154437w Frito Lay 27.16
Frito Lay Doritos and Cheetos Mix Chips 18ct 15446k Frito Lay 27.16
Pringles Vty Pack 27ct 19.3oz 38000846410w Pringles 30.82
Apple Chips Vend Pk Vty 20ct 1551422 Bare 33.42
Popcorner Chips Vty Pk 30ct 1632656 Popcorners 34.24
Andy Capps Cheddar Fries 12/3oz 8743ns Andy Capps 34.79
Andy Capps Hot Fries 12/3oz 204727vf Andy Capps 34.79
Chex Mix Snack 42/1.75 oz 788870c General Mills 37.52
Frito Lay Flavor Mix Chips Party Sz 28ct 15583w Frito Lay 37.58
Frito Lay Classic Mix Chips Party Sz 28ct 7928w Frito Lay 37.58
Tortilla Chips Round Gluten Free 6 lb 694225tl Taco Loco 37.77
Tortilla Chips Triangle Gluten Free 6 lb 625543tl Taco Loco 37.77
Pringles Potato Crisps Orig 6/5.5oz 1003800dc Pringles 38.65
Tim's Island Hawaiian Variety Pack 30-1.5 oz 412001c Tim's Cascade 38.71
Sun Chip Multigrain Variety 30 ct 571548c Frito Lay 40.74
Gardettos Snacks Vend Pack 42 ct 788863s General Mills 42.10
Frito Lay Classic Mix Vty Chips 30 Ct (Red) 188140c Frito Lay 42.42
Frito Lay Classic Mix Vty Pack 54 ct (Blue) 188138c Frito Lay 42.42
Frito Lay Oven Baked Chips 30ct (36.75oz) 1315832dc Frito Lay 42.42
Frito Lay Flavor Fun and Hot Mix Chips 54ct, (Purple) 1219261c Frito Lay 42.42
Pringles Grab n Go Vty Pk 36/1.36oz 1196063c Pringles 42.62
Frito Lay Sabritas Chile Limon Mix Chip Vty 30ct 1692572 Frito Lay 44.40
Frito Lay Flamin Hot Vty Chips 54ct 795432dc Frito Lay 44.40
Takis Rolled Tortilla Chips Fuego 50/1oz 1782493 Barcel 56.99
Chips Bulk
Takis Rolled Tortilla Chips Intense Nacho 50/1oz 1782496 Barcel 56.99
Takis Rolled Tortilla Chips Blue Heat 50/1oz 1751054 Barcel 56.99
Lay's Potato Chips Classic 50/1oz 874508 Frito Lay 59.99
Doritos Nacho Cheese Chips 50/1oz 874504 Frito Lay 59.99
Cheetos Crunchy Flamin Hot Chips 50/1oz 874503 Frito Lay 59.99
Cheetos Crunchy Original Chips 50/1oz 874511 Frito Lay 59.99
Fried Pork Skins Chicharonnes Hot n Spicy 15/4oz 57912fl Baken-ets 69.43
Fried Pork Skins Chicharonnes Traditional 15/4oz 57905fl Frito Lay 69.43
Doritos Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips 7/9.25oz 64203fl Frito Lay 75.75
Lays Barbecue Chips 20/2.62oz 42053fl Frito Lay 79.99
Cheetos Crunchy Cheese Flv Snack 10/8.5oz 58986fl Frito Lay 81.73
Cheetos Crunchy Flamin Hot Chs Flv Snack 10/8.5oz 58989fl Frito Lay 92.99
Chesters Hot Fries 26/3.62oz 43774fl Frito Lay 95.61
Doritos Cool Ranch Tortilla Chips 26/2.75 oz 42071fl Frito Lay 98.07
Moon Pie Mini Choc Marshmallow 12/1oz 90000189 Chattanooga Bakery 8.99
Cookies Lemon Wafers 12 oz 051547825dk Store Brands 9.39
Cookies Ginger Snaps 12oz 52895648dk Krogers 9.39
Cookies Nilla Wafers 11oz 54152874dk Nilla Wafers 9.71
Vienna Fingers Creme Filled Sand Cookies 12oz 64635dw Keebler 10.44
Nutty Buddy Cookies w Peanut Butter 12/1oz 24320k Little Debbie 11.27
Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookies 10/4pk , 10oz 44335 Lorna Doone 11.38
Chips Ahoy Chewy Reeses PB Cup Cookies 9.5oz 442991dk Nabisco 11.48
Oreo Double Stuff Cookies 14.03oz 44000028541dk Nabisco 11.48
Oreo Mega Stuff Cookies 17.6oz 44000033231dk Nabisco 11.48
Oreo Cool Mint Cookies 18oz-20oz 44000025427dk Nabisco 11.48
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies 12ct 72220805710dw Franz 11.59
Oatmeal Cookies Raspberry Filled 12ct 72220805772dw Franz 11.59
Milano Cookies Dk Choc 6oz 14100074724k Pepperidge Farms 11.59
Fig Newton Whole Grain Wheat Cookies 10oz 4400002245dw Nabisco 11.80
Fig Newtons Soft and Chewy 10oz 4400002244dk Nabisco 11.80
Fig Newton Fat Free 10oz 44000047139w Nabisco 12.28
Peanut Butter Cookies 12ct 72220805758dw Franz 12.28
Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies 12 Ct 398713dw Little Debbie 12.53
Chips Ahoy Org Cookies Fam Sz 18.2oz 3338dk Nabisco 12.82
Ginger Snap Cookies 16oz 40365k Nabisco 12.99
Pinwheels Pure Chocolate and Marshmallow Cookies 12oz 44268 Nabisco 13.05
Nutter Butter Cookies 12/1.9oz 44000088453dw Nabisco 16.12
Fig Newtons Fat Free Fruit Chewy Cookies 12/2oz 44000881450w Nabisco 17.74
Madeleine Cookies Original 32oz 1140741c Sugar Bowl Bakery 18.07
Nabisco Cookie Pk Oreo Nutter Butter Chips Ahoy 12ct, 1.71 lb 47382 Nabisco 19.51
Milano Cookies Dk Choc 30/.98oz 1243870c Pepperidge Farms 24.35
Oreo Cookies 62.8 Oz 27491c Nabisco 25.07
Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies 24/1.55oz 1535644 Nabisco 25.99
Shortbread Cookies Raspberry 36/2oz 1021622 Knott's 27.99
Cookies Animal Circus Original 30ct 1oz 1154436 Mothers 28.99
Oreo Sandwich Cookies Vty Pk 60ct 1483585 Oreo 29.74
Biscotti Classic Italian 40 oz 219854c La Dolce Vita 30.29
Fig Bar Vty Pk 40/2ct , 80oz 1618252 Nature's Bakery 31.65
Grandma's Cookies Sandwich Creme Vanilla 24/3.245 1551365 Grandma's 32.99
Grandma's Variety Cookies 33ct 333267c Grandma's 33.77
Famous Amos Choc Chip Cookies 42 Pouches 171859c Famous Amos 38.13
Cookie and Cracker Sets
Keebler Cookie Cracker Sweet n Salty Vty Pk 12/1oz 94037k Keebler 18.07
Mini Cookie Cracker Vty Pack 40ct 1223257c Nabisco 26.83
Goldfish Cracker 6.6oz 8547k Pepperidge Farms 7.69
Goldfish Whole Grain 6.6 oz 1410008578dk Pepperidge Farms 7.69
Goldfish Grahams Smores 6.6 oz 14100093626dw Pepperidge Farms 7.69
Triscuits Orig Baked Crackers 8.5oz 44000027957k Nabisco 8.32
Triscuits Red Fat Baked Crackers 8oz 44000027964w Nabisco 8.32
Triscuit Fire Rstd Tomato & Olive Oil Bkd Crackers 8.5oz 44000028008w Nabisco 8.32
Soup and Oyster Crackers 9oz 442477 Nabisco 8.58
Multi-Grain Cracker 8.4oz 700703dk Milton's 8.87
Cheez it Grooves Crispy Cracker Chips 9 oz 24100594757dw Sunshine 8.97
Cheez-It Italian Four Cheese 12.4oz 2410078914dk Sunshine 8.97
Cheeze-It Hot & Spicy 12oz 24100440641dw Nabisco 8.97
Cheez-It Cheddar Jack 12.4oz 60620109dk Sunshine 8.97
Cheez-It Pepper Jack 12.4oz 60620110dk Sunshine 8.97
Cheez it Crackers White Cheddar 12.4oz 2410078938dk Sunshine 8.97
Cheez-It Crackers Snack Mix 10.5oz 0024100493845dw Sunshine 8.97
Graham Crackers Honey Maid 14.4oz 440463k Nabisco 9.21
Better Cheddar Baked Snack Crackers 6.5 oz 44000030476dk Nabisco 9.55
Triscuits Roasted Garlic 8.5oz 4400002799k Nabisco 9.63
Triscuits Balsamic Vinegar & Basil Baked Crackers 8.5oz 44000040727w Nabisco 9.63
Ritz Crackers Honey Wheat 13.7oz 44000031169dw Nabisco 9.95
Sociables Baked Snack Crackers 7.5 oz 44000030483k Nabisco 9.95
Ritz Crackers Baked Whole Wheat 12.9oz 44000031336dw Nabisco 9.95
Ritz Crackers Roasted Vegetables 13.3oz 44000031183dk Nabisco 9.95
Flipsides Pretzel Crackers 9.2oz H10005945dk Keebler 10.02
Wheat Thins - Sundried Tomato and Basil 8.5 oz 44000030438w Nabisco 10.44
Wheat Thins Reduced Fat 8.5 oz 44000030391w Nabisco 10.44
Sandwich Crackers Vty Pack 8ct, 11.4oz 90425w Lance 10.53
Saltine Crackers 16oz 440057 Nabisco 10.67
Wasa Multi Grain Crispbread 9.7 oz 3361700703dk Wasa 10.75
Wasa Light Rye Crispbread 9.5 oz 3361732261dk Wasa 10.75
Club Cracker Orig 13.7oz 10010057dk Keebler 10.75
Wasa Sesame Crispbread 7 oz 3361700707dk Wasa 10.75
Chicken in a Biskit Baked Crackers 12oz 44000002930w Nabisco 10.92
Honey Maid Graham Crackers Fresh Stacks 6/8 ct 44000026820k Nabisco 11.33
Wheat Thins 14oz 4400000225dk Nabisco 12.01
Pilot Bread " Qaqqulaag" 2 lb Box 62593dc Sailor Boy 12.99
Animal Crackers Orig 24oz 723201 Stauffer 13.89
Animal Crackers 12/1.5oz 900080w Stauffer 14.93
Saltines Crackers 3 Lb 35439dc Nabisco 16.40
Cheez It Crackers Vty Pk 12ct 12.1oz 9000199 Cheez-It 16.71
Sea Salt Crackers 20oz 1094699c Simple Mills 17.97
Lance Peanut Butter Filled Cookies 2/8ct 901392mk Lance 18.62
Cheez-Its 48 Oz 45221c Sunshine 19.11
Lance Cracker Vty Pk 2/8ct 904332mk Lance 19.25
Rice Crackers Organic 19.9oz 1111889 Bin Bin 20.16
Rice Cracker 6 / 3.5 Oz 582053c Crunch Master 20.63
Cheez It Crackers Orig 20/1oz 94059dk   21.31
Triscuits Original Org 36oz 1062943c Nabisco 21.97
Animal Crackers 12/2oz 1668727 Happy Snacks 21.99
Graham Crackers Honey Maid 57 Oz 204529c Nabisco 22.02
Ritz Crackers 61.5oz 684362c Nabisco 22.25
Goldfish Crackers Baked Family Faves Vty 20ct 900804 Pepperidge Farms 22.55
Lance Crackers Toasty Peanut Butter 40/1.25oz 438634 Lance 22.99
Lance Crackers Toast Chee Peanut Butter 40/1.5oz 438655 Lance 22.99
Ritz Crackers Original 45/.68oz 1724209 Nabisco 24.99
Wheat Thins 40 Oz 739538c Nabisco 25.42
Crackers Multigrain Variety 4 ct , 52oz 126823c Major Brand 25.99
Animal Crackers 4lb 772756c Kirkland Signature 27.16
Goldfish Crackers 66 Oz 349529c Pepperidge Farms 28.52
Ritz Bits Cheese Crackers 30/1.5oz 455214 Nabisco 29.25
Handi Snacks Crackers n Cheese 20-30ct 4407751 Nabisco 29.99
Kellogg's Mega Vty Snack Pk 30ct, 30.1oz 11632w Kelloggs 31.34
Goldfish Crackers Baked Snack 45/1.5 oz 364774dc Pepperidge Farms 32.11
Goldfish Crackers Baked Vty Pk 45ct 46oz 1089527 Pepperidge Farms 32.11
Cheez It Vend Pack 45ct 15989k Sunshine 41.72
Yukon Pilot Bread 8lb 828923jb Sailor Boy 50.05
Royal Kreems Crackers Bulk 13.5 lb 790359jb FFV 63.94
Pretzels White Choc Covered 7.5 oz 721816dk Flipz 7.94
Pretzel Rods 12oz 503406dk Snyders 9.02
Pretzel Sticks Family Size 16oz 508009 Snyders 10.44
Pretzel Pieces Peanut Butter Filled 10oz 92088 Snyders 10.44
Pretzel Pieces Jalapeno 11.25 oz 7797508823dk Snyders 10.75
Rold Gold Pretzel Twists Tiny 16oz 47685 Rold Gold 11.48
Pretzels Lemon Cream 26oz 1601658 Creative Snacks Co 14.10
Pretzel Crisps Orig Crackers 32oz 850976c Snack Factory 20.46
Pretzels Cookies n Creme Dipped 12/4.25oz 1793864 Hersheys 39.99
Pop Tarts
Brn Sugar & Cinn Pop Tarts 8ct, 13.5oz 38000301100dw Kelloggs 9.39
Pop Tarts Frosted Blueberry 12ct-16ct 3822257 Kelloggs 11.65
Brown Sugar Pop Tarts Frosted 12ct -16ct 22263   11.65
Pop Tarts Bites Strawb 10ct,14.1oz 20308dw Kelloggs 12.53
Smores Pop Tarts 16ct 62410w Kelloggs 12.84
Cookies & Creme Frosted Pop Tarts 16ct, 20.3oz 38000235948dw Kelloggs 12.99
Pop Tarts Strawberry Unfrosted 12ct-16ct 38000304101dw Kelloggs 14.29
Choc Chip Pop Tarts 12-16ct 62420w Kelloggs 21.73
Pop Tarts Frosted S'mores & Choc Fudge 48ct (w) 38000761126dw Kelloggs 33.38
Granola Nutrition and Energy
Brownies Fudge Fiber One 90 Cal 6 Chewy Bars 5.34 oz 16000423718w Fiber One 10.43
Special K Meal Protein Bar Choc Peanut Butter 6ct 29172k Kelloggs 15.28
Fiber One Bar Choc Fudge Brownie Chewy 70 Cal 12/.88oz 16000442160w Fiber One 16.08
Chewy Oats & Chocolate Bars 10 ct 16000281660lk Fiber One 20.97
Nut Bars w Cocoa Drizzle & Sea Salt 30/1.41oz 1300509 Kirkland Signature 29.77
Soft & Chewy Granola Bars Chocolate Chip 64ct 1212860c Kirkland Signature 29.82
Protein Chewy Bars Peanut Butter Dk Choc 30ct 363305c Nature's Valley 30.83
Granola Chewy Fruit & Nut Trail Mix Bar 48 ct 1951c Nature Valley 31.29
Fit Crunch Bars Choc Peanut Butter 18/1.62oz (GF) 1082839c Robert Irvine's 32.81
Granola Bars Sweet & Salty 48 ct 1952c Nature Valley 33.24
BelVita Blueberry Biscuits 30/1.76oz 1229303 belVita 33.43
Nutri Grain Breakfast Bars 64/1.3oz 1539149 Kelloggs 33.71
Brownie and Peanut Butter Protein Bars Thin Vty 18/2.11oz 865513 Think! 35.30
KIND Healthy Snacks,Nuts & Spices Vty Pk 20ct 766531c Kind 37.61
Granola Bars Oats & Honey 48ct-49ct 1950c Nature Valley 38.05
Clif Bar Vty Pk 26/2.4oz (PB/Choc) 1532586 Clif Bar 38.69
Rx Bar Protein Vty 14/1.83oz 1266967c RX Bar 40.36
NuGo Nutrition To Go Bars 24 ct 778499c Lifestyle Evolutions 40.94
Dried Fruits
Cranberry Bites Milk Chocolate Dipped 5oz 29669 Ocean Spray 6.78
Cranberry Bites Greek Yogurt Dipped 5oz 312296 Ocean Spray 8.35
Cherries Dried Sweetened 5oz 9000599 Store Brands 8.87
Cherries Dried Tart Organic 5oz 108429 Simple Truth Organic 9.71
Pineapple Dried 5oz-6 oz 78742026077w Store Brands 10.44
Blueberries Dried 3.5oz 231554dk Mariani 10.44
Mangos Dried 4oz 330080k Store Brands 11.02
Apricot Dried Ultimate 6 oz 131479k Store Brands 12.82
Prunes Pitted Canister 16oz 302884dk Sun Sweet 15.76
Blueberries Sweet Dried 3oz - 4oz 131719k Great Value / Krogers / Safeway 16.01
Cherries Dried Tart 20oz 141960c Ks 17.67
Blueberries Dried Organic 20oz 968318dc Kirkland Signature 19.84
Dates Medjool Org 2lb 370586 Major Brand 19.84
Dates Pitted Organic 40oz 1124615c Major Brand 20.36
Apricot Dried Probiotics 40oz 1365790 Nature's Garden 22.15
Figs Sun Dried Calimyrna 40oz 3825c Happy Village 24.55
Raisins California Natural 2/36oz 289685c Sunmaid 25.57
Craisins Whole Dried Cranberries 64oz 263066c Ocean Spray 25.86
Mangoes Dried 35.2oz 1079506c Paradise Green 27.16
Plums Sunsweet Dried 56oz 553499c Kirkland Signature 29.47
Cranberries Dried 5 lb 234488fsa FSA Signature 54.59
Fruit Snacks
Fruit Gushers Tropical Fruit 6ct , 4.8oz 14732 Betty Crocker 7.65
Fruit Gushers Vty Pk 6ct, 4.8oz 14733 Betty Crocker 7.65
Fruit Flavored Snacks Vty 36oz (40ct) 615040k Welch's 18.36
Bear Yoyo's Fruit Rolls 24/16.9oz 1465298 Bear Yoyo's 22.74
Fruit By The Foot 48ct 676977c Kraft 25.93
Fruit Gushers Fruit Flavored Snack Vty Pk 42/.08oz 1016094 Betty Crocker 25.99
Fruit Leather Vty Pack 50ct 864023c Stretch Island Leather Fruit Co 26.33
Fruit Flavored Snacks 90ct 1055728c Mott's 27.70
Fruit Bars Minis No Sugar Added 24/.7oz 1361170 That's It 28.55
Fruit Snacks Funables 36/2.5oz 1564564 Ferrara Pan 32.97
Fruit Variety Snacks 90ct 919157c Welch's 34.32
Fruit Cups and Pouches
Peach Fruit Cups in Strawb Gel 4/4.3oz 03032dk Dole 7.05
Mandarin Fruit Cups in Orange Gel 4/4.3oz 03033dk Dole 7.05
Cherry Mixed Fruit Cups 4/4oz 92058 Dole 7.22
Mandarin Oranges Fruit Cups 4/ 4 oz 38900042073k Dole 7.62
Pears Fruit Cups 4/4 oz 24000393443w Del Monte 7.73
Peaches Fruit Cups 4/4 oz 24000034094w Del Monte 7.88
Applesauce No Sugar Added 6/4oz 28700116647dk Mott's 9.55
Fruit Cup Snacks No Sugar Added Vty 12pk (Pch,Pr,MO) 626811w Del Monte 19.32
Peaches Diced in Fruit Juice 12/4oz 74074 Dole 20.22
Applesauce Squeeze 24/3.17oz Org 897971dc Kirkland Signature 24.02
Fruit and Veggie Pouch Organic 24/3.2oz 1309097c Kirkland Signature 25.31
Apple Go Go Squeeze 16ct-20ct/3.2 oz 890000001158w Materne 27.31
Applesauce to Go Vty Pk 20ct 794026dc Materne 29.54
Applesauce Organic 36/4oz 7889c Tree Top 32.11
Instant Pudding and Pie Filling Vanilla 3.4oz 204726dk Jell-O 3.49
Instant Pudding Mix & Pie Filling Pistachio 3.4oz 20445dk Jell-O 3.49
Instant Pudding Mix & Pie Filling Lemon 3.4oz 320696 Jell-O 3.49
Instant Pudding Mix & Pie Filling Chocolate 5.9oz 20471 Jell-O 3.65
Pudding Chocolate 4/3.25oz 2700041110dk Hunt's 5.95
Pudding Vanilla 4/3.25oz 27000411178vdk Hunt's 5.95
Pudding Tapioca 4/3.25oz 2700041086tdk Hunt's 5.95
Pudding Butterscotch 4/3.25oz 2700041140bdk Hunt's 5.95
Tapioca Microwaveable 8 oz 4300022802dk Kraft 10.96
Pudding Snacks Chocolate & Vanilla 36 /3.5 oz 867447ds Hunt's 34.35
Jello Gelatin Dessert Blk Cherry 6oz 4300020058dk Jell-O 4.59
Jello Gelatin Dessert Cherry 6oz 4300020053dk Jell-O 4.59
Jello Gelatin Dessert Orange 6oz 4300020054dk Jell-O 4.59
Jello Gelatin Dessert Lime 6oz 4300020056dk Jell-O 4.59
Jello Gelatin Dessert Raspberry 6oz 4300020052dk Jell-O 4.59
Jello Gelatin Dessert Strawb 6oz 4300020051dk Jell-O 4.59
Jello Gelatin Dessert SF Orange .6oz 43000201480dca Jell-O 4.59
Jello Gelatin Dessert SF Blk Cherry .6oz 43000204245dca Jell-O 4.59
Jello Gelatin Dessert SF Lime .6oz 43000201497dca Jell-O 4.59
Jello Gelatin Dessert SF Raspb .6oz 43000201466dca Jell-O 4.59
Jello Gelatin Dessert SF Strawb .6oz 43000201459dca Jell-O 4.59
Jello Gelatin Dessert Berry Blue Mix 6oz 200190dk Jell-O 4.59
Jello Gelatin Desserts Asst 6 pk JELLO6A Jell-O 25.38
Sunflower Seeds Ranch Flv 5.35oz 553721443dw Big S 4.90
Sunflower Kernels Roasted Unsalted 10oz 108349 Store Brands 9.49
Hemp Seeds Raw Shelled 28oz 9099c Manitoba Harvest Foods 23.88
Sunflower Seed BBQ 12/5.25oz 4323ns David's 32.37
Sunflower Seed Dill Pickle 12/5.25oz 8712ns David's 32.37
Sunflower Seeds 12/5.25oz 757215ns David's 33.08
Sunflower Seeds Sizzlin Bacon 12/5.35oz 55003ma Big S 34.08
Sunflower Seeds Ranch 12/5.25oz 8706ns David's 36.43
Cornnuts Ranch 12/4oz 9216dns Kraft 23.50
Cornnuts Chili Picante 12/4oz 9219dns Kraft 23.50
Cornnuts BBQ 12/4oz 5048dns Kraft 23.50
Cornnuts Orig 12/4oz 5051dns Kraft 23.50
Cornnuts Vty 12/4oz (O/CP/BBQ/R) 900509 Kraft 27.68
Concession Supplies
Cotton Candy Floss Sugar Blue Rasp 3.25lb 900127pw Flossugar 22.21
Cotton Candy Floss Sugar Vanilla 3.25lb 900128pw Flossugar 22.21
Cotton Candy Floss Sugar Cherry 3.25lb 900129pw Flossugar 22.21
Cotton Candy Floss Sugar Orange 3.25lb 900130pw Flossugar 22.21
Cotton Candy Cones 300ct nq 900134pw Gold Medal 59.48
Ice Cream Cones and Bowls
Keebler Ice Cream Cones Vanilla 24ct, 3oz 30015k Keebler 9.45
Cones Sugar Ice Cream 12ct, 4oz 29835k Keebler 9.45
Waffle Bowls 10ct 12013k Store Brands 9.84
General Snacks
Shoestring Potatoes Original 4 oz ( C. Veg ) 74923405198w Pik Nik 6.69
Rice Cakes Caramel Corn 12pk 3000016910k Quaker 8.87
Rice Thins Original Snack Gluten Free 3 oz 44000036034w Nabisco 9.00
Rice Thins Sea Salt & Pepper Rice Snack 3.5 oz (GF) 44000036027k Nabisco 9.00
Shoestring Potatoes Original 9 oz 74923405273k Pik Nik 9.55
Chex Mix Snack Mix 15oz 600015980dk General Mills 10.75
Nutella & Go Pretzel Stick Snack Choc Hazelnut 4/1.9oz 980801 Nutella 11.98
Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels 24 oz 11110821027k Major Brand 15.42
Gardettos Snack Mix 10/1.75oz 19364dw Gardettos 15.66
Wafers Crispy Hazelnut Classic 12/1.59oz 1636643 Loacker 17.99
S'mores Caramel Clusters 26.3oz 1615718 Kirkland Signature 18.73
Pocky Biscuit Sticks Vty 12ct 1432124 Glico 19.28
Dot's Pretzel Twists Homestyle Seasoned 35oz 1751772 Dot's 20.16
Coconut Keto Nuts and Seed Cluster 16oz 1460457c Inno Foods 20.82
Brown Rice Rollers 16ct 1115092 Bamboo Lane 20.87
Seaweed Roasted Snack 10 / .60 oz 653919c Kirkland Signature 22.55
Aussie Bites 32 oz 1508c Universal Bakery 23.22
Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels 3.25 lb 655622c Kirkland Signature 23.29
Sesame Thins Orig 36/1.25oz 594224c Amki 24.99
Seaweed Snack Vty Pk 24/.14oz (Seaasalt/Chili Lime) 1614532 Ocean's Halo 24.99
Otter Pops / Freezer Pop 80ct-100 Ct 72392851515dw Otter Pops 25.38
Cracker Jacks Caramel Coated Popcorn and Peanuts 30/1.25oz 1659045 Cracker Jacks 25.99
Mandarin Oranges in Light Syrup 20 ct / 4 oz 650859c Golden Star 26.10
Oat Mini Bites Stuffed Vty 24/1.3oz 1438766 Bobo's 26.11
Pub Mix Snacks 36- 44 oz 506639c UTZ 27.31
Rice Krispies Treats Vty 60ct 1214025c Kelloggs 27.99
Skinny Pop Popcorn Vend Pack 28/.65oz 1026583 Skinny Pop 31.34
Nutella & Go Hazelnut Spread Breadsticks 16ct 826167c Nutella 31.95
Pistachios No Shell Vty Pk 24/.75oz 1619064 Wonderful 32.99
Chex Mix Muddy Buddies Peanut Butter and Chocolate 30/1.75oz 1748637 General Mills 32.99
Rice Krispies Treats 60 ct 217249c Kelloggs 33.43
Rice Crisps Vty Pk 36ct 1.12 lb 1371754 Quaker 36.49
Breakfast Bars
Breakfast Biscuits Blueberry 5/4ct 16000482876w Nature Valley 9.39
belVita Breakfast Bites Chocolate 5/1.76 oz 44000033323w belVita 9.39
belVita Breakfast Biscuits Cran Orange 5/1.76 oz 44000040598w belVita 9.39
belVita Breakfast Biscuits Golden Oat 5 ct 44000028275w belVita 11.93
Golden Grahams Treats Smores 16/1.06oz Bars 34173w General Mills 14.50
Reeses Puffs Treats 16/.85oz Bars 34170w General Mills 14.50
Lucky Charms Treats Bar 16/.85oz 24572w General Mills 15.69
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Treats 16/.85oz Bars 34169w General Mills 15.69
Cinnamon Breakfast Biscuits 30/1.76oz 1229285c belVita 31.56
Cinnamon Breakfast Biscuit w Almond Butter 30/1.35oz 1036671c Nature's Valley 31.94
Jerky and Other Meat Snacks
Summer Sausage 9 oz 44500330465k Hillshire Farms 12.28
Slim Jim Smoked Meat Snacks Minis 26ct 4443dw Slim Jim 12.84
Beef Summer Sausage 9oz 44500330724k Hillshire Farms 13.57
Beef Sticks Pepperoni 7.2 oz 17082890122w Jack Links 13.87
Beef Sticks Orig (9ct) 7.2 oz 17082890061w Jack Links 15.80
Beef Jerky Teriyaki 5oz 17082877307w Jack Links 16.99
Summer Sausage Orig 20oz 17082873156w Armour 18.14
Jerky Pork Fire Grilled Spicy Sesame 14.5oz 1751248 Golden Island 18.99
Beef Jerky Sweet & Hot 5.85oz 17082008527dw Jack Links 19.11
JL Beef and Mild Cheddar Sticks 10/1.5oz (CHL) Mailed 1325874 Jack Links 19.51
Premium Beef Steak Strips Jerky 12 oz 6406c Kirkland Signature 19.59
Shorty Sausages Smoked 16oz (GF) 1052757 Duke's 19.96
Beef Jerky Hot and Spicy 10oz 1373283 Old Trapper 21.49
Beef Summer Sausage Hardwood Smoked 19oz 9000027 Hillshire Farms 21.99
Beef Steak Teriyaki Tender Bites 5.85oz 17082877345w Jack Links 22.25
Beef Jerky Orig 5.85oz 17082877055w Jack Links 22.25
Turkey Jerky Orig 5.85oz 17082876263w Jack Links 22.25
Turkey Jerky Swt Teriyaki 3.25oz 17082875112w Jack Links 22.25
Pork Korean BBQ Jerky14.5 oz 605195c Golden Island 22.46
Beef Jerky Carne Seca Jalapeno 5.5oz 17082877284w Jack Links 23.22
Beef Jerky Hickory Smoked 5.85oz 17082877192w Jack Links 23.22
Beef Jerky Wagyu 10oz 1465173 Snake River Farms 24.81
Jack Links Beef Sticks Original 20/.92oz 597443 Jack Links 26.43
Beef Jerky Original 3/3.25oz 1188569 Jack Links 27.29
Beef Jerky Teriyaki 3/3.25oz 1188310 Jack Links 27.29
Old Fashioned Beef Jerky 10oz 44596130161k Old Trapper 27.31
Landjaeger Uncured Ind Wrapped 16ct 24oz 1157479c Hemplers 27.77
Oberto Jerky Vty Pk 12ct 1101304c Oberto 28.25
Jack Link's Beef Stick and Cheese 16/1.2oz 315602 Jack Links 28.29
Beef Jerky Smokehouse 16oz 1725183 Oberto 29.25
Beef Jerky Sweet & Hot 10oz-10.6oz 17082876638w Jack Links 29.41
Beef Stick Minis Orig 28/.5oz 1258564 Country Archer 29.99
J Link Peppered Steak 12/1oz 6636ns Jack Links 32.11
J Link Orig Steak 12/1oz 6547ns Jack Links 32.11
J Link Teriyaki Steak 12/1oz 6545ns Jack Links 32.11
Pork Snack Bites Korean BBQ Fire Grilled 12/1.5oz 1599199 Golden Island 32.99
Pepperoni Sticks 1.5 lb 296995c Oberto 33.44
Slim Jim Giant Smoked Meat Snack Orig 24ct 7920ns Slim Jim 37.82
Slim Jim Smoked Meat Snacks Ind Wrapped 120ct 1013287c Slim Jim 40.94
J Link Peppered Steak 12/2oz 6668ns Jack Links 43.65
J Link Orig Steak 12/2oz 6666ns Jack Links 45.11
Refrigerated Snack
Tapioca Orig Pudding 6/4 oz AF Req 1014488208000dkp Kozy Shack 9.99
Tapioca Orig Pudding 22 oz AF Req 73491530004dkp Kozy Shack 9.99
Balanced Break Snacks 12/1.5oz AF Req 230662cp Sargento 15.42
Candy Bars
Kinder Bueno Chocolate Bars 5/1.5oz 55212 Kinder Bueno 10.96
Big Hunk Low Fat Candy Bars 6/2oz 706027390046km Anabelle's 15.02
Rocky Road Candy Bar 6/1.82 oz 7060246906km Anabelle's 15.64
Kinder Bueno Chocolate Bar 20/1.5oz 1394792 Kinder Bueno 29.41
Caramello Bars 18/1.6oz 1468ns Cadbury 32.34
Reese's Fast Break 18/1.8oz 436012ns Reese's 34.94
Nutrageous 18/1.66oz 10900c Reese's 35.52
M&M'S, Skittles and More Choc Candy Vty Pk 30ct, 56.11oz 721083 M & M Mars 40.83
Mars Chocolate Bar Vty Pk 30ct 705876c Mars 40.83
Kit Kat White Chocolate 24 Ct. 5786ns Kit Kat 41.24
Ferrero Chocolate Candy Vty Pack 30ct, 51oz 1576390 Ferrero Rocher 41.27
Payday Candy Bars 24 ct 202687c Payday 43.19
Big Hunk Nougat Candy Bar 24/2oz 73900ma Anabelle's 44.92
Rocky Road Candy Bar 24ct 19290ns Anabelle's 44.92
Snickers w Almonds 24/1.76oz 1105c M & M Mars 47.33
Hershey's Candy Variety Pack 30ct 380414c Hersheys 49.50
Hershey's Chocolate Bars 36 Ct 24000c Hersheys 51.19
Hershey's Chocolate Bars w Almond 36 Ct 24100c Hersheys 51.49
Twix Caramel 36 ct 328189c M & M Mars 51.60
Mounds 36 Ct 2429ns Mounds 53.02
Butterfinger Candy Bar 36/1.9oz 1273c Nestle 54.54
Peanut Butter Cups 36 -1.5 ct 44000c Reeses 56.39
Three Musketeers Bars 36 Ct 2527s Mars 56.39
Hershey's Cookies n Creme Bars 36ct 52405s Hersheys 58.93
Milky Way Bars 36/1.84oz 1101c Mars 61.64
Kit Kat Wafer Bars 36/1.5oz 24600 Hersheys 62.69
Snickers Candy Bars 48/2.07 oz 5894c Mars 68.96
Candy Bars King Size
Hershey's Chocolate w Almonds King Size Bars 18Ct 22100c Hersheys 46.40
Hershey's Choc King Size Bars18Ct 55874s Hersheys 51.87
Take 5 Candy Bars 18ct King Size 283846ns Hersheys 52.55
Payday King Size Peanut Caramel Bars 18/3.4oz 57559ns Payday 58.51
Snicker w Almonds 24/3.23oz (King Size) 763796ns Mars 61.85
Twix Caramel King Size 24 ct 328210ns Nestle 64.78
Candy Bars Snack Size
Hershey's Minis Asst Grn 33.43oz (H/YP/RC/AJ/KK) 39997w Hersheys 24.35
Hershey's Snack Sz Asst Ylw 31.5oz (Mr.G/RPC/HwAlm) 99389w Hersheys 24.35
Hersheys Nuggets Asst 52oz 687685c Hersheys 27.06
Single Choc Candy Bars "All Choc Bag " Vty 80-90 Oz 107979c M & M Mars 40.22
Candy Boxed
Milk Duds 5oz 700021dw Milk Duds 2.88
Cherries Chocolate Covered Milk 30ct 19.8oz 9000024 Queen Anne 14.99
Cherries Dark Chocolate Covered 30ct 19.8oz 9000025 Queen Anne 14.99
Sugar Babies Candy Coated Milk Caramels 12/5oz CHA53345 Charms 28.20
Nerds Candy Grape and Strawberry 24/1.65oz 130817 Nerds Candy 29.99
Hot Tamales Theater Box 12/4.25oz 900195 Hot Tamales 32.38
Mike & Ike Candy Original Theater Box 12/5oz 900196 Mike & Ike 32.38
Mike & Ike Candy Berry Blast Theater Box 12/5oz 9000197 Mike & Ike 32.38
Whoppers 24 Ct 859223c Leaf 34.19
Runts Candy Theater Box 12/5oz WIL96967 Nestle 36.99
Junior Mints 24 Ct 8503c Tootsie 41.35
Boston Baked Beans 12/4.3oz FER10112 Ferrara Pan 47.01
Candy Bulk/Tubs
Smarties 16 oz 1120600268dk Smarties 11.48
Peppermint Soft Puffs Candy 34.5oz 20147dw Store Brands 15.66
Peppermint Candy Sweet Stripes Soft 34.5oz 11556w Bob's 21.41
Licorice Red Vines 3.5lbs 364106 American Licorice 23.42
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Minis 105ct 2lb .55oz 42600 Reese's 23.99
M & M Peanut Butter Canister 55oz 1301275 M & M Mars 24.81
Tootsie Roll Childs Play Fun Assortment 56oz-61oz 1813k Tootsie 25.98
Atomic Fireball 150ct 2.8lb 8450dns Ferrara Pan 26.11
Peppermint Candy Sweet Stripes Soft 350ct (61oz) 1054241c Bob's 27.57
Andes Mints Creme de Menthe 240ct 2.8lb 84086 Andes 27.99
Licorice Red Vines 5.5lbs 958612c American Licorice 28.73
Cry Baby Nitro Extra Sour 200ct, 3.27lb 642645 Dubble Bubble 31.01
Laffy Taffy Assorted Flavors 145 ct 594190dc Wonka 31.34
Tootsie Pops Assorted Flavors 100 Ct 2571c Tootsie 32.70
Hard Candy Assortment 48oz 900956 Snackadilly 32.70
Candy Single Wrapped "Funhouse Treats" 5.75lb 406360c Kirkland Signature 38.53
Candy Individual
Gummy Bears 65/.80oz 1159595dc Black Forest 34.99
M & M's Peanut Butter 24 Ct 6079ns M&Ms 36.28
Skittles Sour Flavor 24 ct 41242 Wrigley's 38.53
Sugar Daddy Caramel Bite Size Candy 24/1.7oz 900062 Charms 41.79
Skittles Original Fruit 36 ct 15016ns Skittles 53.26
Skittles Wild Berry 36 Ct 17949ns Skittles 54.21
Skittles Tropical Fruit 36 -2.7 oz 825767c Skittles 55.25
York Peppermint Patties 36 Ct CB2032PD York 57.99
Starburst Original Fruit Chews 36 Ct 1151ns Starburst 61.64
M & M's Plain 48/1.69oz 1232c M & M Mars 65.25
M & M Peanuts 48/1.74oz 2531c M & M Mars 65.25
Sweetart Giant Chewy 36ct /1.5 oz SUN13116MA Nestle 67.91
Candy Novelty
Apple Pops Caramel 9.4oz 77887 Tootsie 9.39
Laffy Taffy Ropes Banana 24ct 1753ns Wonka 18.36
Laffy Taffy Ropes Strawberry 24ct 1760ns Wonka 18.36
Pop Rocks Grape 24/.33oz 9000056 Pop Rocks 26.47
Pop Rocks Strawberry 24/.33oz 900057 Pop Rocks 26.47
Pop Rocks Blue Razzberry 24/.33oz 900058 Pop Rocks 26.47
Pop Rocks Cherry 24/.33oz 9000059 Pop Rocks 26.47
Pop Rocks Crackling Gum 24/.37oz 900060 Pop Rocks 26.47
Pop Rocks Cotton Candy 24/.33oz 900061 Pop Rocks 26.47
Dip N Lik Sour Triple Dip Candy 12/.85oz KOK62520 Dip n Lik 29.25
Slush Puppie Squeeze Candy 12/2.1oz KOK12218 Slush Puppie 30.29
Ring Pop Asst Party Pack 44/.05oz 200863s Ring Pop 30.61
Bazooka Vty Pk 18ct (Ring, Baby Bot, Push and Juicy Drop Pop) 900591 Bazooka 31.65
Mike & Ike Candy Tropical Theater Box 12/5oz 9000191 Mike & Ike 32.38
M&M Minis Tube 24/1.08oz 3237ma Mars 40.61
Trolli Sour Bite Crawlers 16/5oz 1167985 Trolli 41.79
Candy Specialty/Gourmet
Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares Vty 15.77oz 7475994 Ghirardelli 20.89
Dark Chocolate Acai & Blueberry Flavors 2lb 821622c Brookside 24.41
Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares Vty 23.8oz 1448017 Ghirardelli 25.76
Almond Roca 8 -12 oz 6990462k Brown & Haley 26.38
Lindt Lindor Truffles Assorted Choc 21.2oz 240640c Lindor 26.96
Chocolate Covered Raisins 54 Oz 835671c Kirkland Signature 30.58
Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Choc 48ct 21.2oz 521658c Ferrero Rocher 30.66
Gourmet Jelly Beans 49 Flavors 64 oz 12173c Kirkland Signature 34.65
Candy Bagged
Swedish Fish Soft and Chewy Candy 8oz 203598 Cadbury 6.78
Caramel Candy Ind Wrapped 11oz 703469 Kraft 7.35
Caramel Candy Caramel Filled 5.5 oz 727994919dk Storck / Werther's 7.62
Werthers Creamy Caramel Filled Hard Candies 5.5 oz 727994916dk Storck 7.62
Dubble Bubble Gum 16oz 67966w Dubble Bubble 7.73
Caramel Sugar Free Hard Candies 2.75 oz 20100007dw Werther's 7.94
Airheads Bites Fruit 9oz-11oz 900079w Airheads 8.58
Twizzlers Twists Strawb Licorice 32oz 56710w Hersheys 9.18
Starlight Mints 28oz 38453k Store Brands 9.72
Candy Corn Classic 11oz 82070 Brach's 10.75
Andes Cream Thin Mints 8.5oz-9.3 oz 900015 Andes 10.75
Reese's Mini Cups Classic Bag 10.2oz 3400045021w Reese's 11.93
M & M Choc Almond Candy 15.9oz 51160w M & M Mars 12.35
Gummy Bear 22oz 2001392 Black Forest 19.32
Skittles Orig 54oz Jar 1311391 Skittles 20.63
Airheads Asst Fruity Chewy Candy Bar 60ct 9901dw Air Heads Xtremes 21.41
M & M Caramel Candy 38oz 51179w M & M Mars 21.97
Hi Chew Fruit Chew Candy 168ct 619164c Morinaga 23.50
Party Sweets Buttermints 2.75lbs 25344w Party Sweets 23.64
Jolly Rancher Hard Candy 50oz 900026dt Jolly Rancher 24.55
Caramel Hard Candy 30oz 119517 Werther's 25.38
M & M's Milk Chocolate Candy 38 oz Bag 900960 M & M Mars 25.38
Reese's Mini Cups 35.6oz 77150k Reeses 26.34
Chocolate Kisses 35.8oz 3400013003w Hersheys 26.64
M & M's Peanut 62oz 168760c M & M Mars 26.96
Nerds Candy Gummy Clusters Very Berry 12/3oz 2721018 Nerds Candy 30.49
Chocolate Covered Raisins 54 Oz 835671c Kirkland Signature 30.58
Blow Pops 100 Ct 9949ns Charms 31.96
Airhead Bites 24/2oz 906793 Airheads 33.99
Nerds Candy Gummy Clusters 12/3oz 1721018 Nerds Candy 34.27
Gum Mints
Extra Gum Sweet Watermelon SF 3/15 ct 22000112583k Wrigley's 7.22
Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Rasp Sorbet SF 40ct Bot, 3.24oz 3400848 Hersheys 7.32
Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Peppermint SF 40ct Bot, 3.24oz 3400843 Hersheys 7.32
Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Spearmint SF 40ct Bot, 3.24oz 3400847 Hersheys 7.32
Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Arctic Grape SF 40ct Bot, 3.24oz 3400545 Hersheys 7.32
Orbit Gum Bubblemint SF 3/14 ct 22000155894k Wrigley's 7.50
Wint O Green Breath Mints 13oz 29043 Lifesavers 9.85
Breathsavers Peppermint Mints 8ct 9207c Breathsavers 11.80
Trident Wht Pppermint (Cubes) 9/16ct 323637ns Trident 19.11
Dentyne Fire Cinnamon 9/16ct 673759ns Dentyne 19.25
Dentyne Ice Arctic Chill SF 9/16pc 4989ns Dentyne Ice 19.25
Big Red Gum 10/15ct Slim 19635ns Wrigley's 19.25
Dentyne Ice Peppermint Gum 9/16pk (SF) 323609ns Dentyne Ice 19.25
Extra Gum Sweet Watermelon 10/15pc 316175 Wrigley's Extra 19.49
Tic Tac Freshmint 12 ct 514462c Tic Tac 20.33
Trident Wht Sprmint SF 9ct/16pc 293546ns Trident 20.46
Extra Winterfresh Gum 10/15pc 5110ns Wrigley's Extra 20.93
Trident Spearmint 12/14pc 4364c Trident 21.31
Juicy Fruit Gum 10/15 Sticks 274665ns Wrigley's 21.52
Doublemint Gum 10/ 15pk 274686ns Wrigley's 21.52
Trident Bubble Gum 12/14pc 800968ns Trident 22.48
Extra Gum Mint Vty Pk 18/15ct 845721c Wrigley's 24.55
Ice Breakers Duo Sugar Free Mints Strawberry 8/1.3oz 643072 Ice Breaker 24.99
Ice Breakers SF Mints Cool Mint 8/1.5oz 511998 Ice Breaker 24.99
Orbit White Spearmint SF Gum 12 Ct 126130ns Wrigley's Orbit 25.68
Trident Tropical Twist 15/14pc 667828ns Trident 25.98
Mentos Mints 15 ct 325821ns Mentos 26.08
Mentos Mixed Fruit Mints 15/1.32oz 456439ns Mentos 26.27
Orbit Peppermint SF Gum 12/14ct 618996ns Wrigley's 26.33
Orbit Wintermint SF Gum12/14ct 619003ns Wrigley's 26.33
Orbit Gum Mint Vty 18/14pc 845696c Wrigley's 26.49
Dubble Bubble Gum 300ct-340ct 756988s Dubble Bubble 28.20
Altoids Arctic Peppermint 8ct 821541ns Altoids 31.65
Altoids Arctic Wintergreen 8ct 6159ns Altoids 31.65
SodaStream Mix
SodaStream Zero Drink Mix Strawberry Watermelon 14.8oz 202700 SodaStream 11.48
SodaStream Ginger Ale Soda Mix 14.8oz 202382 SodaStream 11.48
SodaStream Drink Mix Root Beer Soda Mix 14.8oz 202383 SodaStream 11.48
SodaStream Zero Lemonade Soda Mix14.8oz 202793 SodaStream 11.48
SodaStream Cherry Cola Soda Mix 14.9oz 202786 SodaStream 11.48
SodaStream Pepsi Soda Mix 14.9oz 202762 SodaStream 12.53
SodaStream Lemon Lime Soda Mix 14.9oz 202792 SodaStream 12.53
Tonic Water Bottled 1L 78000219456dk Schweppes 10.75
Tonic Water Mini Cans 6/7.5oz 139759 Schweppes 11.62
Tonic Water 6/10oz Bottles 780357 Schweppes 15.31
Vitamin Water Zero Sugar Rise Orange 6/16.9oz 200352 Vitamin Water 18.85
Vitamin Water Zero Sugar Acai Blueberry Pom 6/16.9oz 200351 Vitamin Water 18.85
Coconut Water Org 12/11.1oz 1017308 Kirkland Signature 31.25
Sparkling Water Key Lime Vty Pk 24/12oz 1346763dc La Croix 39.96
Sparkling Water Italian 24/16.9oz 9262015 Kirkland Signature 47.71
KS Sparkling Flv Water Vty Pk 24/17oz 835484dc Kirkland Signature 51.37
Spindrift Sparkling Water 30/12oz 1222847 Spindrift 51.85
Sparkling Water Essential Energy Vty Pk 18/12oz 1692325 Celsius 52.24
Coconut Water Organic 9/33.9oz 1495250 Kirkland Signature 54.99
Sparkling Ice Vty Drink Zero Sugar 24/17 oz 1171503c Talking Rain 56.52
Distilled Water 6ct/1gal (Purple) 787423519196wmni Store Brands 57.95
Drinking Water 6ct/1gal(Green) 787423519266wmni Store Brands 57.95
Spring Water 6ct/1gal (Blue) 787423519336wmni Store Brands 57.95
Mineral Water 24/16.9oz 975416 San Pellegrino 60.33
Propel Electrolyte Water Zero Vty 24/16.9 oz 52430dc Propel 61.17
Smartwater 12-15/1L(33.8 fl oz) 631615c Glaceau 64.22
Distilled Water 6ct/1gal 710916001036wmni Major Brand 64.73
KS Bottled Water 40/16.9 Oz 10134c Kirkland Signature 66.81
Water Alkaline pH9.5 18/1L 4165934c Kirkland Signature 66.91
Arrowhead Water Sport Pack 24/23 Oz Flip Cap 4955c Arrowhead 67.82
Arrowhead Water 40/16.9oz 473558c Arrowhead 67.91
Mountain Spring Water 6 ct /3 L 711423341626wm Arrowhead 92.72
Cocoa and Frappuccino
Hot Cocoa Mix w Lucky Charms Marshmallows 6/1.38oz 200501w Swiss Miss 6.92
Cappuccino Mocha Powder Instant 16oz 9000594 Caffe D' Vita 10.75
Ovaltine Chocolate Malt Mix 31 servings 12 oz 751746dk Ovaltine 13.56
Hot Cocoa Mix Canister Canister 27.7 oz 7874215467 Store Brands 13.85
Hot Cocoa Mix No Sugar Added 13.8 oz 1570005517dk Swiss Miss 13.89
Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa 10ct K Cup 99555012507dk Swiss Miss 18.07
Hot Cocoa Mix Canister 38.27oz 2047442dk Swiss Miss 19.11
Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix 50/1.38oz 1242231c Swiss Miss 19.15
Hot Cocoa Mix with Marshmallows 30 ct ( 21.9 oz ) 70920474366k Swiss Miss 20.46