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Birthday Combo



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Mailbox Groceries Alaska

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MBG AK Birthday Combo Save $4.96

Combination includes the following below


2  Cake M ix (Yellow,Rainbow Chip or White)

2  Cake Frosting Creamy Rainbow Sprinkle or Confetti 16oz                   

2  Pie Crust Mix 11oz

1  Pie Filling Blueberry or Blackberry 21oz

1  Pie Filling Cherry 21oz

1  Laffy Taffy145ct  or  Skittles Starburst & Lifesaver Gummies 80ct

Also included at no charge !


24 Birthday Candles

12-16 Birthday Napkins

12  Balloons




Mailbox Groceries AK LLC has the right to use the product that's available within the choices given to complete this combo.