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Autumn Wheat Cereal 16.3 oz



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Kashi's Atumun Wheat Cereal 16.3 oz

Organic whole wheat biscuits baked with natural sweetness. Fall in love with Autumn Wheat any time of year! Golden strands of organic whole wheat woven with the right touch of natural sweetness, those tasty organic bites are baked to perfection. 100% Whole Grain Stamp: 50g or more per serving. Exchange: 3 carbohydrates.
Discover: Hard Red Winter Wheat. This hearty wheat is sown in the autumn when leaves change colors and harvested during the heat of summer. The whole wheat berries are separated from the freshly cut golden sprigs and then steamed, shredded and woven. When baked, the toasty strands of wheat create a light puffy texture with hearty, whole grain taste. Organic Promise™: You can put your faith in the quality and purity of Kashi® Autumn Wheat® Certified Organic cereal, because our growers follow farming methods that restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony. They also avoid the use of conventional synthetic pesticides and genetic modification. That's our promise to you.
Our Commitment: Kashi friends, since 1984, Kashi has cared about making foods with the health of people and planet in mind. We've stayed true to our seven whole grain roots and remain passionate about providing a progressive and holistic approach to nutrition. Now we're taking our mission a step further. Today, only 1% of U.S. cropland is organic and around 70% of packaged foods contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms). At Kashi, we want to do our part in creating a more balanced food system. We're still small at heart, but big enough now to make a meaningful impact. Our Commitment: By the end of 2015 over half our food will be Non-GMO Project Verified.* But we won't stop there. We'll continue to increase the use of organic and non-GMO ingredients where possible while making sure to continue to provide the positive nutrition you expect from us. Why 2015? There simply aren't enough non-GMO and organic ingredients, and it takes time to partner with farms to convert conventional farms. Once we obtain these ingredients, we need to make sure the nutrition and taste of the food are consistent with the high quality you expect from us. Best of Health! --The Kashi Family.