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Strawberry Fields Cereal 10.3 oz



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Kashi's Strawberry Fields Cereal 10.3 oz

Organic crispy rice & wheat flakes with berries. Whole Grain Stamp: 18g or more per serving. Exchange: 3 Carbohydrates & 1 Protein. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International. At Kashi, our mission is to change healthy eating from effort to enjoyment. For over 25 years, we've been dedicated to making all natural, high quality foods with positive nutrition and great taste. We hope living healthy also makes you happy!
We bring you this tasty organic cereal as close to nature as you can find in look, flavor, texture and aroma. Our simple recipe combines organic strawberries and raspberries with lightly toasted rice and whole wheat flakes. Each ingredient is harvested for peak flavor and handled with care every step of the way. Organic Promise®: You can put your faith in the quality and purity of Kashi® Strawberry Fields® Certified Organic cereal, because our growers follow farming methods that restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony. They also avoid the use of conventional synthetic pesticides and genetic modification.