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Cat Food Proactive Health Weight & Hairball Control 14 lb nq



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Iams Cat Food Proactive Health Indoor Weight & Hairball Control 14 lb nq

Good for life.
Complete and balanced nutrition formulated for weight control in indoor cats one year and older.
35% less fat than Iams Original.

  • Healthy Weight Control
  • Digestive Care
  • Immune System Health
  • Healthy Teeth
  • Soft, Shiny Coat

  • L-carnitine helps burn fat and build lean muscle to gradually return your cat to a healthier weight. 
    Natural fiber gently moves hair through the digestive system. 
    Essential antioxidants help build a strong immune system. BIams Daily Dental Care helps reduce tartar build-up to keep the whole mouth healthy. 
    Vitamin-rich fish oils for healthier skin and shinier coat.