Guarantee & Returns

Thank you for using our mail order service. Mailbox Groceries Alaska LLC. is here to provide businesses, schools, lodges and residents of Rural Alaska with major brand food products, competitively priced with fast delivery via USPS, marine and air freight to over 226 communities through out Alaska.


We promise to do our best to satisfy you if a problem should arise pertaining to our service or merchandise.

Mailbox Groceries Alaska LLC. has a 100% guarantee on all nonperishable merchandise.

All merchandise delivered to the carrier of the customers choice are guaranteed to be in good condition when delivered to the carrier.

Our guarantee does not cover any merchandise lost or damaged during shipping.


Within 14 days of the time that you receive your order, and if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, Mailbox Groceries Alaska LLC. offers to replace or refund the cost of the merchandise.

To help to insure a prompt replacement/reimbursement we ask that you contact us at 1-800-248-4419 before returning your merchandise.

Once the returned merchandise is received by Mailbox Groceries Alaska LLC. you will be contacted at the phone number, email or post office box address given to us when you called to let us know that you were returning your merchandise.

Within 14 days from the time that we receive your returned merchandise Mailbox Groceries Alaska LLC. will send you a check, credit your credit/debt card (if this was the method used to pay for the returned merchandise), or replace the returned item. This will be determined once the returned merchandise is received by Mailbox Groceries Alaska LLC.

Please be aware that our customers always choose the mode of transportation USPS, marine and air freight in which to have their merchandise shipped. Mailbox Groceries Alaska LLC. guarantees that all merchandise delivered to the customers’ carrier of your choice is in good condition when it is delivered to them.