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Emmonak Grocery Pack Over 160Items



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Savings of $100.57
1   Old Fashion Oats 9-10lb
1   Quaker Oats Instant Multipack 52ct
6   Sailor Boy Pilot Bread 2lb
1   Minute Rice 72oz
1   Mac & Cheese 6/7.5oz
1   Marshmallow Mateys 32oz-38oz
1   Coco Dyno Bites 32oz -42oz
1    Fruity Dyno Bites 32oz-42oz
1   Hersheys Low Fat 2% Milk 12/32oz
1   Hersheys Whole Milk 12/32oz
1   25% Less Salt Spam 8/12oz
1   Chicken White Meat 6/12.5oz
1   Chili Orig w/ Beans 12/15oz
1   Chunk Light Tuna 12/15oz
1   Prego Pasta Sauce 2/60-67oz
1   Spaghetti 8/1lb
1   Grated Parmesan Cheese 24-30oz
1   Sweet Corn 12/15.25oz
1   Green Beans 12/15.25oz
1   Stewed Italian Tomatoes 8/14.5oz
1   Applesauce 4/47.25oz
1   Pear Halves 8/15oz
1   Mandarin Oranges 12/11oz
6   Corned Beef 12oz
Sale price includes Priority Mail  postage delivered to zip codes 995/996/997

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