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Go Lean Toasted Berry Crumble Cereal 14 oz



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Kashi's Go Lean Toasted Berry Crumble Cereal 14 oz

Whole Grain Stamp: 18g or more per serving.
Exchange: 2 carbohydrates, 1/2 fat & 1 protein. Starting your day off with a nutritious and satisfying breakfast is the smart way to jump start a healthy you. And with Kashi® GoLean Crisp!® Toasted Berry Crumble it just got even tastier! We designed our cereal with 9 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber--that's twice the protein and fiber of the average of leading cereals**--to help keep you feeling full longer!* And to make sure that your taste buds are just as satisfied, we combined a deliciously light and crispy whole grain cluster with a naturally sweet blend of cranberries and wild blueberries and then toasted them all to perfection. So add it all up and Kashi GoLean Crisp! is sure to keep you good and satisfied! You'll feel great knowing that you won't have to give in to temptation because with the uniquely light, yet satisfyingly crisp clusters of GoLean Crisp!, you've got the perfect breakfast, topping for yogurt or anytime snack to ward off those cravings--so enjoy! Our GoLean® Philosophy: At Kashi, we believe that everyone has the power to make positive, healthy lifestyle changes. But staying committed to healthy eating and exercise isn't easy. That's why we developed our GoLean® family of products, an assortment of delicious, convenient food options, to be an easy part of your commitment to a healthier, leaner you. What Makes GoLean Effective? Each GoLean product is designed with our unique combination of protein and fiber to help you stay satisfied. And they have the great taste and texture of real foods made with whole grains and all natural ingredients, so you look forward to enjoying them. Protein: GoLean products provide a good source of protein from soy. Protein helps give you a lasting feeling of satisfaction and is essential for muscle development. Fiber: Each GoLean product is high in fiber. Fiber helps you feel full longer, helps keep your digestion system running smoothly and helps maintain blood sugar levels that are already within the normal range. Whole Grains: GoLean products are made with whole grains, known in nature for their phytonutrients. Eating more whole grains and fiber-rich foods helps manage hunger and is associated with a healthier body weight.

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